Mobile Advertising- 8 Innovative Mobile Commerce Apps for Marketers

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Innovative mobile commerce apps for Business to get more from their mobile marketing 


With the trend of mobile apps these days even e-commerce companies are bound to change their strategies. These apps have brought mobile shopping in fashion. Maximum amount of people with smartphone love shop via mobile.

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mobile commerce apps for ecommerce Businesses
Innovative Mobile Commerce Apps


Following are a few interesting & innovative mobile commerce apps that’s of great help for both business as well as customers:-

1. Product Hunt


This app allows you to search for new products with ease. In order to get more insight on product you can simply follow discussion forum that have people who are followers of the product and product manufacturer.

With product hunt app as the name indicates you can hunt for & explore new products which are matching pace with the technology. Share these & drop your vote as to which you find the best. Yo can even bookmark your favorite products.

2. Raise


If you want to purchase gift cards online then this is the app for you.The app allows you to discover & purchase gift cards of brands like Target, The Home Depot, Macy’s etc and that too with great discount deals.

Not only this if you deal in same line of business or want to do so then you can go to raise store & sell your gift cards at a price you want.

3. The Hunt


The hunt connects you to 3.5 million people who are shopping freaks.Talking about the features & ultimate purpose of this application then it has a community of people as I said above those love to shop, they help you find the product you want after having a look at the picture of the product posted by you.

Yes, herein this app if you want to shop for a certain product, you’re required to post its picture & the people will help you find it.

4. Wish


A mobile commerce market place with 50 million downloads that allow you to browse  trending fashion, accessories and electronic product at discounted rates. The products are delivered at your doorstep.

The app is getting bigger & better with great UI improvements going on. It offers you variety of products depending upon your search preferences. The app has got amazing reviews & ratings as well & that’s the proof of how cool & loved it is.

5. Peach


Peach app makes available quality goods from designer brands for auction purpose. One of the sweetest shopping experience you can get via peach app is assured.

It holds personal auctions for products for about 9 minutes. You pay the second highest offer & the product is all yours. Peach offers you the products at 80% discount rates. It can’t get any better than this.

6. Facebook


Facebook helps you connect to the world. Well, today we see people using it for commercial purpose as well. You can advertise, sell your product via this medium. People who do business have their pages on Facebook from where they inform about the availability of their products, persuade & attract the customers to but them.

With this medium you answer to the queries of customers within minutes or seconds & the best part is you can directly keep in touch with them. Facebook is proving to be a great source to boost up the sales.

7. WordPress


A very user-friendly app helping e-commerce business owners grow their business to a great extent. The app’s social media plugins allow you to alert your followers to new website updates done.

You can update your website via mobile now, share pictures, latest news, blogs & lots more. The app let’s you manage your business & website just at your fingertip. What a great deal it is !

8. Hootsuite


With HootSuite app you can manage your social media presence with the least of efforts. All you need to do is schedule the posts be it tweets, status, pictures etc & the app will take care of the rest.

Social media helps in building the image of your business. Therefore, there’s a need to stay active there & HootSuite reduces your burden as it allows you to schedule days, weeks, even months of posts at a time. Many people are aware of & using this app to increase sales & customer base.

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