How to Use Snapchat for Business? Social Media Marketing Snapchat Tips for Beginners

Snapchat Marketing Tips for Beginners


How Brands can Use Snapchat to Leverage their Social Media Marketing by employing one of the most popular App among the Millennials.


Social Media Marketing Tips to use Snapchat for Business Promotion.


With over 100 Million daily active users sharing more than 400 million snaps every day snap chat has emerged out to be one of the most popular social networks in the present times.

Another interesting stats for the brands is the daily video views which cross 6 Billion daily video views every day. No wonder brand are eyeing Snapchat and some have already successfully invested in Snapchat marketing.

Snapchat has witnessed a fast emergence and gained much faster popularity when compared to other social media apps. For brands targeting youth segment, Snapchat is haven as 71 % of Snapchat users are below the age of 34 years.

This app is highly popular among the millennials so the brands targeting this segment are able to do highly targetted marketing with this social network platform.

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Snapchat for Social Media Marketing for your Business



8 Successful Snapchat Social Media Marketing Ideas that help in Promoting a Business


1. Unique Content and Promotions


Snap chat has come up to be a unique marketing platform where its self-destructive feature has evolved to have provided the marketers with an altogether different opportunity to project their content within a time limit unlike Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Creating a unique content is crucial but promoting it equally important.

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2. Behind the scene and Bloopers


Followers love to watch the real people behind the curtain and nothing interests them more watching the real stories and activities happening with their favorite brands. Snapchat is a powerful tool for brands to show behind the scenes stories to the audience to connect more with them.


3. Contests and Giveaways


Giveaways and contests are great for brands to increase their Snapchat engagement and boost personal experience for the audience.

It also helps brands with a platform to engage with the audience in a way which is more interesting to them. Rather than going for a conventional marketing where the brands need to sound more professional on Snapchat the brands have to be more entertaining to the audience in a more personalized manner.


4. Discounts and Coupons


Discounts and coupons which were exclusive to the Snapchat followers have been successfully implemented by the brands and have been proved to e quite successful. Keep the discounts and coupons exclusive or some exclusive offer for Snapchat followers make them feel more privileged and increase brand loyalty.

It also ensures more engagement and helps in retention.

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5. Share Stories


Snapchat is an ultimate platform among other social media networks where brands can share their stories to entertain their followers and get their attention.

Unlike other platforms it doesn’t require brands to share their product pictures, or promotional videos, etc rather than all this it needs to come up with stories those are interesting to the followers and they get glued to and wait for another new story every now and then.

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6. Create Interest



Giving sneak peaks of upcoming events to create interest and make the event more intriguing for the followers Snapchat is the best platform. You can also use it for product launches and launch events, etc.

Many brands have employed Snapchat to launch their music videos or product to Snapchat before launching it otherwise.


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7. Videos plus Images



Snapchat is different in the way that you can combine the pictures and videos seamlessly to produce amazing stories and share with the audience. Unlike other platforms where you have an option to either share pictures or videos, in Snapchat you can create a mesmerizing combination of your favorite pictures and videos to create a snap story with them.

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8. SnapChat Advertisements


Snapchat ads are the coolest thing amongst the other social media ads. From recruiting new manpower to getting more sales and increasing following, Snapchat is becoming a star amongst the other social media networks and Snapchat ads are yielding better results than any other social media networks like, Facebook and Twitter which are the best performers up till now.


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