8 Practical Tips for Online Freelancers – How to Make your Portfolio Outstanding

Online Freelancing Tips on How to get Success with an Outstanding Portfolio


For all those who work from home or in other words working as a freelancer, it is vitally necessary to have projects to work on them.

However many times we see that some freelancers get the most exposure, and some don’t get that much. So, what are the reasons behind this? There are many reasons, and one of among them is the absence of outstanding portfolio.


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Portfolio Making Tips for any type of Online Freelancers – Stand out of the herd!


Thus, how to make your portfolio outstanding? If you are also searching for the answer to the same question, then you are at right place to get the answer to this issue. Today I will share practical tips for online freelancers on the same topic of creating outstanding portfolios.

The Portfolio making tips listed here are useful for both types of freelancers:


How to Make an Outstanding Portfolio for getting Success in your Online Freelancing Work/Business:

Online Freelancers Tips for Making Outstanding Portfolio: Whether you are a new freelancer or an established one, you can’t get success online without having an outstanding portfolio. There are examples and real success stories to back up this fact. And it does not matter whether you are a graphic s designer freelancer , Content Writing Freelancer, or SEO freelancer. You have to make yourself stand out with your portfolio.



1. Keep it Clean and Clear


Yes, it is one of the important factors to consider while you are going to make your portfolio online. Whenever you include any project in your portfolio, it should be such that it pervades clearness and throughout focus.

Thus, on that note try to keep the most important things in focus to show the potentials to maintain the clarity and hence to avoid unnecessary entities. It will not only make your portfolio impressive rather it will also help you to achieve your goals easily and quickly.


2. Avoid Overloading and Overdoing


It just means that do not try to overload it with projects and content information. Otherwise, it will look untidy. And also it will become difficult for the employer to understand what indeed you are trying to present in front of them.


But if it is extremely necessary to put the large content you can choose such a design to display information which helps you to prevent from looking untidy. For instance, you can check here to get an idea.

Yes, avoid to make it over fascinated as in every over fascinated entity there are more chances of having faults and errors. Thus, try to keep it simple along with accomplishing your goals.

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3. Provide a Proper Navigation


Yes, proper navigation is the need for all kinds of websites and portfolio websites are not an exception.

If your visitors, or say, potential buyers will not find a proper way or effective navigation to move around your site then there are high chances of not getting selected for their tasks and consequently non-achievement of your motives.

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4. Avoid Visual Jumble


If you want to make your portfolio embellished and hence are putting visual jumbles in your way, then you should avoid it unless it is helpful for your portfolio. Otherwise, unnecessarily it will only increase your burden and instead of making your portfolio professional it will make it unprofessional.

Thus, to make it easy for potential employers and also to make your portfolio sound professional to them try to avoid such jumbles.

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5. Keep Updating


It is also an important factor to keep in mind for making your portfolio stand out. It is not like that once you have created your portfolio and it is over for all. You have to keep your portfolio updating not only to make your prospects aware of your work but also to please search engines as well.

It is because search engines love fresh content updating as it is helpful to index better websites and provide ranking according to them in search engine result pages.


6. Add Practice Projects as Well


It is not necessary that to add only those projects for which you get paid. You can also add practice projects to your portfolio as well. You can do it my making a section named practice projects on your portfolio website.

It will not only help you to improve your skills, but it will also show prospects that how dedicated you are towards your work. (As you are making more and more efforts to make it best for the clients for whom you work for – “As Practice Makes a Man Perfect”).



7. Publish Reviews


We all know that whenever we go for online purchasing of any item, first we opt for reviews of that item. The same funda applies here. You can ask satisfied clients of yours to publish the review for your work. If you are very new then you should work on small level projects and make your clients very happy by offering great services and extra or bonus work. At this stage your main focus must be on gathering very happy and positive reviews for your freelance work/projects. This can be done successfully if you take only that projects for which you feel very confident in delivering good results. Another important idea is to take smaller projects and deliver them before the time line and provide extra work. I am sure no client will be too cruel to not give you positive/any reviews.

The reviews you receive will benefit you in many ways –

First, it will develop a sense of trust among prospects that you can deliver what you are promising to provide.

Second, it will again prove to be helpful for search engine rankings.

Thus, try to get best reviews from your clients and publish them.

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8. Promote Your Portfolio


It is the most important point to follow to make above 7 points work. It is because if no one visit your portfolio website then how it would become a famous and known name in your networks. Thus, to get noticed you have to promote it across different social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, Portfolio Sharing sites (like Behance, Dribbble, DevianArt, Flickr, etc.). The ways of portfolio promotion will be much similar to like you are promoting a website.

It will make your portfolio famous as well as it will also help your website to get better indexed in search engines.


Thus follow all the 7 points along with the eighth one to make your portfolio outstanding, as it will work as icing on the cake.

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