Selling your Products via Social Media Sites- 8 Marketing Tips for Sellers

A Beginners Guide for Sellers on How to Sell Products Successfully on Social Media Platforms.


Tips for Sellers on How to Increase Product while Selling via Social Media Channels.


With a growing usage of Internet, social media marketing has become a new trend to sell your products online. Sharing details about your product at the click of a button to unlimited customers are some of the notable advantages of this marketing practice.

The immediate product awareness increases your business conversion many folds than any conventional methods.


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Selling your Products via Social Media Sites- Tips for Sellers


8 Infallible Tips for Selling your Products over Social Media Platforms:


Making your Presence Felt


  • You may feel everything is fine until you test the social media capabilities. It is a hard reality to understand that the social media is intensely competitive beyond our expectations with thousands of online business and services.
  • So the point comes, how do you make yourself shine among the crowd? How do you make your customers understand or make them believe that your service or product meets their expectations?
  • You need to find a solution to this dilemma, by selling your goods and/or services effectively by using social media.


Planning and Researching


  • Marketing via social media is not a child’s play. It requires a lot of initial planning and research.
  • Assessing the behavior of your customer is a predominant factor to create in roots to the client thoughts.
  • You have to find out what are the active social media sites your customers are frequently visiting.
  • As part of developing a social media marketing strategy, you will have to find out the most effective social media sites which have the highest number of visitors that can convert to your potential customer.
  • An in-house research or an audit can be conducted to spread your word. Getting to know about your client and his preference is major building objective.



Building your Site



  • Building relationships with your customers are equally important like checking the behavioral pattern of your clients.
  • Getting acquainted with needs of your customer is necessary. What exactly do they want from your product or services? Write a good content to support your business.
  • Do not be superficial if you want to build long- term relationship.
  • Try to answer their queries by building communities over social media platforms.
  • Developing a product community and interacting with potential customers will be a good strategy to grow customer base especially when you are planning to do marketing via social media.


Make Daily Updates over Social Media Communities


  • Create a daily, weekly and monthly goals to gauge your social media marketing development.
  • Respond to questions that people are putting up, share what you find something new and exciting.
  • By doing this, you are adding value to the social media networks.
  • Pay attention to their social posts; take note of stories and trends about their preference for your post.


Main action


  • The primary objectives of all these social media engagements and exercises are to create sales.
  • If there are no sales, then obviously your strategy is not up to the mark for generating sales. So, it is better not to over complicate matters. Make it simple by staying focused on your primary objective – selling.
  • Engage some smart selling tools. Buying process needs to be straightforward. You should get right to the point. It should not be a problem to navigate from their social sites to your landing page.


Onsite action


  • Your site should have the potential to turn surfers into real buyers. So your content needs to be not only action driven but also have a strong call to action to sell your products. It will lead them to your landing page and search for what they want to buy.
  • So you have to limit on site redirections and other common link problems to get most of every click on your site. This means you should have a mobile friendly app too. Mobile presence has felt more than desktop users by various experts.
  • Mobile shopping experience from social sites has to be clear, fluid and simple. If you are a newbie, you
    have to keep tracking how your site performs on the mobile device.
  • Navigating should be comfortable with better interface features, and it should also include page speed.
  • It is also important in determining the performance of your site.
  • You can use free tools like Google PageSpeed Tools to test your speed on both devices.


Keeping abreast


  • Exploring new avenues to share and promote your services and constantly updating the previous ones is necessary to maintain your client base. It is advisable to limit yourself to two or three major social sites.
  • I would recommend you to be with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp,  Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Instead of registering with all the sundry available sites and not being able to manage, it is better to choose your sites according to the customer preference.
  • Identify people or clients who had previously associated with your business on social media.
  • Acknowledge them, or you can even reward them with discounts or other promotional gifts.
  • Ask them how you can improve your product or services. But do not tag your potential customer via social media with the only intention of promoting the products as a prime objective. Prior consent is necessary.


Get Reviews


  • Social media has crossed all the barriers and exploding in unpredictable proportions. It has become an International search engine marketing tool. So building brand loyalty has gained ground. Thus, you cannot ignore the importance of customer review.
  • You should not overlook any conversation or hint about or related to your services or products because everything matters a lot.
  • According to a recent survey, about 40% of adult consumer say that they usually check or read almost every online customer review before making a purchase, if not everything at least few.
  • When requesting for review, you should provide a link and enough details for commenting. It should clearly explain where you would like them to comment. You should show appreciation to them for spending their time and effort by writing about your business.  The idea is to develop a strong emotional bond with your customers located in remote areas.
  • As an online seller, you cannot wait for customers to write feedback for your product. You have to initiate them to write a review for your business. The seller has to be active about customer reviews.
  • There can be a mixed opinion of customers using your products. Once there is a steady flow of reviews, provide an incentive to them.
  • These kinds of social media marketing will pay a rich dividend in accomplishing your business objectives.
  • Mixed reviews with positive responses can consider as power users. They are the ones who usually drive the traffic to your site. You can thank them individually by sending emails.
  • The point is to build a relationship with them, to maintain them as your loyal buyers. For the negative response, your aim should be to build the trust again. Start again from scratch.
  • Remember there are thousands of online sellers like you, trying to lure your customer. So try to be innovative. Do not run the same promotion over many weeks. Have an end date so you can review them. If necessary repeat it.

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  • Social media is a place to connect and build trust with your potential customers.
  • You should have a plan to keep the relationship with your customers and plan to develop the customer base. It should be such that they join your email list and start receiving notifications from you.
  • You can share discount codes with your customers and unique coupon codes. At times they will be more likely to share how they are using your products or service with their social media followers.
  • You can develop emotional attachments by making them understand how you care them by offering the best promotional offers which will help you to sell products by social media marketing.

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