Instagram Social Media Tips: Get Instant Impact on your Business Marketing Goals

Last updated on November 17th, 2023 at 09:32 pm

Escalate to the Crest of Instagram Marketing with these 8 Killer Social Media Marketing Tips.


Strategies are important for any kind of work we do. Be it business or running home. Now that we are talking about social media and marketing strategies, especially focusing on Instagram, Let us take a look what all tips needed to be followed to make Instagram promotions a success.

Instagram is one of the best Social Media Sites today for business marketers. Make full and effective efforts to draw maximum out of your social marketing from Instagram. Never do the mistake of ignoring its presence and effect over the mass world over today!

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How to be successful with your Instagram based social media marketing


8 Social Media Strategies to be Successful with your Instagram Marketing Objectives:


Below are some of these Instagram marketing strategies:


1. Hashtags are Necessary-  Use them Effectively to Draw Attention:


One of the most important things that cannot be ignored are hashtags. This is the best way to reach out to the prospects. When hashtags are used, the photos and videos started showing up in the live feeds and this could grab the attention of the prospect.

Your post can be visible to those outside your followers circle. Now what needs to be given focus is the hashtags you use. There are further strategies with regards to hashtags.


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Make use of hashtags smartly on Instagram


– Use the popular hashtags that have the maximum probability of getting searched on Instagram. Say, for instance, #love #friendship #happiness #tbt #fun #smile #instagood #picoftheday #girls # boys #party etc. These hashtags will get additional followers/likers and which could be your potential customers.

– Use hashtags thinking from prospects point of view as to how they would search for the kind of product you deliver. For example, if you are into ethnic wears; In such case you can use #fashion #collection #bespoke #elegance #dress #fashionshow #bridal #desifashion #womensfashion or some designers names etc.

– Hashtags to attract new followers could be like #followforfollow #instalike #follow #followme #tagsforfollow etc.

– Use more and more hashtags so that chances to attract more traffic increases.10+ hashtags will do really well.

2. Focus on Engagement-Put all your strength to be Vastly Visible:

Social media promotion is synonymous to engagement in a way that businesses use this platform to connect to the prospective customers. There is no sense and purpose of being on social media until you are engaging with your audience.



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More Engagement on Instagram draws more Marketing benefits


For Instagram marketing, you need to establish a connection with the targeted audience or general people by liking and commenting on the pictures, videos.

You can also take active part in Instagram contests, Instagram campaigns that takes place for good causes as these would attract traffic to your page. Post videos from the events, shows you attend or organize. Pictures with famous people if you meet along with hashtags.

Let your instagram be your image that tells your visual story.

3. Establish Partnerships that may Draw Huge Attention and Engagement to your Campaigns:


Partnership can do wonders. Here we are talking about collaborating with the one who can have affect on the customers/ prospects. Say for example; If a Health drink is promoted by a sportsman, can be more impactful and attract huge traffic including his followers/fans.

A fitness product can be promoted in partnership with any fitness model, fitness freak actor, athlete similarly a cosmetic product can be promoted by models, actresses as they are admired by the crowd.

That is one strategy of influencing the customers by bringing in and linking the product to someone who can convince them about the goodness of the product and attract them towards it.


4. Keep a healthy balance between Posting and Engagement:

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You can post often but make sure the engagement part is not suffering as a result of too frequent posts. Moreover try to strike a balance between both engagement as well as posting that you can manage them optimally.

Nobody wants their feeds to be bogged down completely by one account. So do not post too much in a day. 6-7 posts a day is more than enough to get you noticed by the prospects provided the hashtags are used smartly.

Multiple posts may affect your image and lead to low interest of customers. Therefore focus on quality and not quantity.


5. Be Regular and Consistent with your Content Sharing and Marketing:


You should know who you are targeting and posting the stuff for. Also the aim behind being on a certain platform should be kept in mind. Never distract yourself from the reason for which you are on Instagram.

Creative posts, good hashtags, Awesomely attractive image captions, regular engagement will get you huge amount of organic followers and likes that can be your potential customers who were aiming to target and later who could love to purchase your stuff leading to great sales for your business.


6. Link your Instagram

Do not avoid linking your Instagram account to other accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Put the links in your bio. So that from everywhere you can gather as much traffic as possible.

7. Tools for Instagram Marketing:

You can use various tools like apps that helps you posting regularly in an easy way, scheduling your posts for the days in case you miss out someday or going to be busy. But your account should stay active with regular posts.Post scheduling is a great strategy that works wonders for any social media marketing campaigns today.

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8. Be Responsive:


Respond to the queries asked through comments or direct messages. Do not avoid or even miss out on one as you never know who can be your customer. Be polite and positive in your speech that customer should find the experience of connecting with you a pleasing one and shall come back again.

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