7 Instagram Caption Writing Tips for Beginners- How to Craft Awesomely Engaging Captions on Instagram?

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Instagram Captions: Write Amazing Instagram Captions to Attract more Engagement on your Pictures with these top 7 tips for Beginners 


When it comes to Instagram, we all know that it is all about pictures. In order to stand out and grab more followers you have to post unique pictures on your Instagram. People exist there to share & see pictures. Be it about promoting your brand, business or just sharing moments, style or so, remember the game is about appealing visuals.


Having said that all, let us also not forget the importance of content in the form of captions that does the work of bringing your audience to you. A beautiful picture, amazingly edited is of no use if the caption is not apt and attractive. Therefore appropriate caption is crucial on Instagram.

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Caption Writing Tips for Instagram Posts


Top 7 Beginners Tips to Write Awesome Instagram captions


Instagram is all about pictures and videos. Inspiring users with the colorful interface with pictures from all across. Don’t forget to write a captivating Caption for your Pictures to get an extra attention and better post performance. Follow these simple tips.This article will guide you through the tips to write good Instagram caption. Let us get started:-


1. Write a Few Ideas First


Often it happens, when we are done with some action and later when we take a look back at it, we feel that we could have done it better. Similar is the case with Instagram posts. When we are done with publishing a post that’s when the best caption strikes to your mind.

The lesson here is, do not rush into things. Sit-back, think for a bit, be creative, collect some ideas in your mind, ask your co-workers to suggest which one’s the best and then proceed.

Investing time in creating a good caption is worth it. It will interest your followers to check your post, encourage them to share it and will certainly help you get more followers.

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2. Front Load the Important Content


Ever notice that after three or four text lines captions get cut off in users’ feeds?

Now, because of this reason do not think of keeping your caption short so that the readers doesn’t have to click “more” to read it further. Instead what you can do is, front-load the important content and keep the hashtags or mention to any handles for last. Moreover use call to action at front.

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3. Put Call To Action in your Captions


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Put Call To Action in your Instagram Captions


Call to actions are the best way to get your audience/followers engaged with your post which ultimately increases the share-ability and visibility of it. When people see these CTAs with the pictures on Instagram, it propels them to do some action as mere scrolling is not much fun.


You may use CTAs like “Double tap if you relate”, “hit like if you find it funny” or “Share if you get it”, “Share your story in the comments”, “comment your views” etc.


Other than these, there are some cool ideas which can prompt people to engage like:


– Asking a question.

– Directing people to check out the link in bio.

– Tell them to tag their friends. Example:- “it’s yoga day” tag your friend who is the fittest.

– Run Instagram contest. Invite people to participate.

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4. Keep your Hashtags Limited


Hashtags brings together people looking for a common thing, common topics, similar brands, events etc and binds them in a conversation.

Anyone can reach your hashtags if your account is not private i-e the people who are looking for the hashtag you put. Hashtags are of great advantage but this doesn’t mean that you can make your post horrible by flooding it with too many hashtags.

Too many will look spammy. Therefore, it is recommended to use hashtags sensibly and sparingly. Try to keep it upto four. This will reflect genuineness of your post and attract the audience’s interest.

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5. Reflect Authenticity in your Tone


Different tones work apt for different social media. The tone you will use on LinkedIn must be different from that of what you use on Facebook or Instagram because LinkedIn is a professional network.

Therefore, go easy on Instagram. Be light and ad a bit of fun to your posts but wherever it fits. Don’t use jargons or heavy words here. Be more personable & authentic in your posts so that you are able to go in sink with your brand’s voice.

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6. Use Emoticons in your Posts


Using emojis is fun. You can find them on any smartphone easily (download emoji keyboard).

These are small cartoon like icons with different expressions and signs of things. Even top & serious brands use them in their posts. Add them at the starting of post so that it can grab attention of people.

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7. Cross Promotion across other Social Media channels


Yes, cross-promote your other social media accounts via your caption. Let them know on what other social media platforms you are present so that they can follow you there too.

This will increase your followers on all your social media accounts.

Example:- “Tweet us your questions on our twitter handle @xyz123”

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