12 Instagram Beginners Tips for Marketing your Small Business Successfully

Instagram Marketing Tips for Beginners: How to do Marketing on Instagram for Promoting your Business

Using the photo & video sharing Social media Top platform Instagram to increase Business brand awareness. Find out 12 Instagram marketing strategies for your brand. A picture says it all. A thousand words can be depicted in a simple artwork or a picture. A million emotions can be felt and conveyed by pictures.

Eyes are the gateway to the soul. Human beings tend to believe more what they see.That’s where Instagram works wonders for the marketers as it has come up with an exclusive photo sharing platform.Over 400 Million monthly active users, 40 Billion plus photos shared, 3.5 Billion daily likes and about 80 Million photos per day Instagram boasts of brands like Birchbox, Mercedes-Benz, Fido, Myer, THE ICONIC, CCTV News, Maybelline, Canadian Tire, A & W, Guerlain, Quantas, Loreal Paris, John Lewis, Turkish Airlines, Ben & Jerry’s, Chobani, etc.

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Instagram marketing Tips for Business Promotion


  • Brands place themselves by sharing the moments of wonder, delight, joy and are all impressed by Instagram’s ability to increase their brand awareness.
  • Instagram is a great platform for the brands to share the stories visually with the followers.
  • Ben and Jerry’s delicious ice cream images to crafty Levis apparel all have their audience on Instagram.
  • Top brands on Instagram have experienced a higher per follower engagement rate than Facebook and twitter.


So if you understand how important Instagram is for your business and want to know what all brand promotion opportunities are available for you go through the article.

We in this article would walk you through >>


Instagram Marketing Tips for Beginners: How to make your brand more visible on Instagram


1. Build your Instagram Brand Page 


Build your Instagram brand page which appeals best to your audience. Keep the visual strategy such that the follower is quickly able to recognize you image and connect to your brand identity.

Choose right filters which you wish to use for all your images and keep to the same pattern so that it is recognizable to your followers.

Check out the following screenshots of famous brands like Birchbox and Canadian Tire to see how they use specific patterns with filters.


Birchbox Instagram Profile Snapshot


Canadian Tire Instagram Profile Snapshot


2. Profile Picture and Bio


The profile picture should be your company’s logo. Explore the other brands in your segment, your competitors or the top brand and write a cohesive bio for your business page. Here, the brand logo should be impressive and the description on your profile page should be impeccable. Make your business profile look fully professionally so that it makes good impression for the first time visitor.



3. Post Regularly on Instagram


Be regular with your post and research about the timings when your audience is most active on Instagram. Also post across the major social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare using applications like Hootsuite to increase Visibility.


4. Build Engagement to get more views and leads


Build more and more engagement with your followers by offering them engaging and interesting content. Reply on the comments. Give compliments on the pictures by others. This is only done successfully if you focus only on what your followers and fans would like to see in your posts and reels. For this you should also share content by others which is interesting and engaging for your audience. Don’t be greedy – share others and the others would share you!

Create a real engagement with your fans and followers to get the most out of your posts.


5. Collaborate


Connect with the influencers and those with more number of followers. Try to get reposts on their profiles or #Shoutouts from them to gain followers.


6. Make full use of Hashtags


Use right hashtags. Find out the hashtags used most in your industry and use them with every post for visibility. This will also get you more likes count and increase followers.


Top Business brands on Instagram


Find below the list of top 50 hashtags used on Instagram (in 2020):

1. #love – 779,786,270 posts
2. #instagood – 395,944,931 posts
3. #tbt – 308,365,700 posts
4. #photooftheday – 294,408,355 posts
5. #cute – 290,999,421 posts
6. #me – 284,470,421 posts
7. #beautiful – 273,294,200 posts
8. #happy – 269,706,137 posts
9. #follow – 244,155,819 posts
10. #followme – 243,244,681 posts
11. #picoftheday – 222,344,684 posts
12. #fashion – 216,219,869 posts
13. #selfie – 215,251,685 posts
14. #summer – 211,648,873 posts
15. #tagsforlikes – 211,563,885 posts
16. #girl – 203,785,057 posts
17. #friends – 199,825,093 posts
18. #like – 193,577,034 posts
19. #fun – 192,562,987 posts
20. #instadaily – 189,631,884 posts
21. #smile – 179,888,595 posts
22. #igers – 168,737,491 posts
23. #like4like – 166,885,578 posts
24. #instamood – 155,794,793 posts
25. #food – 153,607,566 posts
26. #instalike – 140,158,735 posts
27. #family – 139,427,733 posts
28. #nofilter – 139,269,812 posts
29. #amazing – 135,851,137 posts
30. #repost – 135,560,521 posts
31. #bestoftheday – 131,064,844 posts
32. #art – 126,766,962 posts
33. #style – 124,660,737 posts
34. #likeforlike – 123,055,554 posts
35. #life – 122,800,741 posts
36. #nature -118,794,815 posts
37. #swag – 116,383,023 posts
38. #sun – 112,910,356 posts
39. #follow4follow – 110,157,971 posts
40. #instagram – 105,351,411 posts
41. #pretty  – 104,302,505 posts
42. #tflers – 101,141,123 posts
43. #vscocam – 99,345,887 posts
44. #sky – 99,337,942 posts
45. #beach – 95,425,054 posts
46. #lol – 92,791,416 posts
47. #beauty – 92,184,687 posts
48. #music – 90,364,378 posts
49. #fitness – 90,288,101 posts
50. #hair – 90,245,202 posts


7. Follow Others Regularly


Follow more and more relevant people to get more followers. Steal your competitor’s followers. That’s what everyone does on social media.

Get more followers by liking others posts on regular basis.


8. Unique Infographics

Create a unique set of infographics which can connect with your followers and compel the others to follow you as well as keep them visiting your page.

Infographics offers information in an interesting way and they generate attraction of the viewers.


9. Create Captions Wisely


Don’t forget to take full advantage of the caption space you are given. While you plan the posts strategy with right pictures, the caption also plays a great role in attracting the audience in the perfect way.

Share the stories of joy and enthrall the audience again and again.


10. Run Contests


Keep your followers engaged with contests and gauge the engagement with analytics. Ask them to repost for you and the one which gets the maximum likes wins.

In this way you get an opportunity to showcase your brand’s name to a larger audience without appearing as if you are promoting something to them.


11. Problem Solving


Solve the problems of your audience or at least be accessible when they ask out. Everybody knows something that others don’t. By helping others you generate a certain sense of connectivity.

Post some tips, tricks and hacks from your industry which can be useful to them.



12. Make Effective use of Filters


Instagram also works on the basis of filters you use. You tend to be more visible with specific audience with certain filters. Checkout below the most widely used filters which are most popular with the brands and Instagrammers.

Read this to Learn more about Instagram Filters



Instagram Tools Recommended:

Webstagram: Finds best Hashtags for your posts.

Populagram: Find Popular hashtags, filters and people.

Schedugram: Schedule your Instagram posts.

IconoSquare: Info, analytics and followers insights.


Top 10 Locations that were the most Popular on Instagram in 2020:

Disneyland (Anaheim, USA)
Times Square (New York, USA)
Central Park (New York, USA)
Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)
Tokyo Disney Resort (Tokyo, Japan)
Disney’s Magic Kingdom (Orlando, US)
Musée du Louvre (Paris, France)
Brooklyn Bridge (New York, USA)
Disney California Adventure Park (Anaheim, USA)
Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas, USA)

Popular Cities on Instagram in 2020

New York ( USA )
Moscow ( Russia )
London (United Kingdom)
São Paulo (Brazil)
Paris (France)
Los Angeles (USA)
St Petersburg (Russia)
Jakarta (Indonesia)
Istanbul (Turkey)
Barcelona (Spain)

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