5 Best Email Marketing Tools 2023 for Beginners – Digital Marketing via eMail Automation

List of 5 Best email Marketing Tools that are used by Most of the Beginners Digital Marketers Today in 2023!


Email Marketing Tools: an Introduction:


As you know, email marketing is a very popular and useful branch of digital marketing. There are reports with the stats and figures that point out the fact that email marketing is highly result oriented and quite cheaper technique and method of generating leads and sales on the Internet. This is a very important subject for digital marketing and that’s why we though to publish a post on our blog on email marketing best tools in 2023.

In the series of email marketing posts- Here is a review of the 5 of the best email marketing tools for you for sending bulk or regular emails to your subscribers in your mailing list. They are great auto posting tools for generating business leads without spending much. Auto poster software are great tools for content marketing.

The emails could be in a form of regular news updates about your content (newsletters) or a promotional message to your readers.

Email marketing is incomplete without the use of such web based software programs or tools. They could be found in every wise marketers list of weapons for generating leads and sales (Direct product sales or affiliate sales) via targeted marketing.

Though, every software tool mentioned here is great for sending bulk mails to your readers or customers. But depending upon your list of subscribers or specific purpose you should choose the special one that suits best to your needs and budget!

Sending automated emails is a great free way of getting traffic to your website regularly with a small efforts in the starting.


Best Email Marketing Tools for Marketers-600x400
The Most Popular Tools for Email Marketing


List of Best eMail Marketing Tools: MailChimp, AWeber, iContact, GetResponse, MadMimi email marketing automation Programs


The listing of these Top 5 emailing tools have been based upon the following:

In terms of features, pricing, email designs, email premade templates, marketing resources, promotional tools, forms, scheduling, number of mails per month/week, number of subscribers.


Best email Marketing Tools for Beginners
5 Great Tools for your email Marketing Campaigns


#1- MailChimp


Mailchimp- Number #1 email marketing automation tool
MailChimp: pricing Table

MailChimp Features:

MailChimp combines effective email marketing with humor to create workable email marketing campaigns for its members.

It has a myriad of features that ensure that the email marketing plan succeeds beyond the expectations of the client.

For instance, you can embed sign up forms in order to collect subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SurveyMonkey and shopify, to name but a few.

Email marketing is not just about filling your subscribers in box folder with messages that go unnoticed.

It involves sending emails at times when the emails are most likely to be read, among other features.

With MailChimp’s Email Genome Project, you can know the best time to send emails if you envision an efficient marketing plan.

You also get to know how to target smarter and how to grow your list of subscribers.

Other features such as advanced analytics give you an idea of how well or bad your campaign is doing, so that you strategize accordingly. Relentless innovation shades light onto a successful future.


Mailchimp Pricing:

Depending on your budget and business level, there are three plans to choose from.

On the entrepreneur level for instance, you can send 12000 emails to 2000 subscribers for free.

If your business is growing steadily, you can choose a cheap plan for your email marketing campaign. For instance, you can send unlimited emails to u    p to 500 subscribers for only $ 10.00.

On the professional plan, you purchase credits and send emails as long as your credits can allow, without limitations. For instance, you can purchase 375,000 email credits for only $0.005 per email.



MailChimp does not disappoint in every aspect of the word. It’s effective and its features are good for optimum growth.

Create a Free account at MailChimp


#2- AWeber


Aweber- Very Popular tool for email marketing
Aweber: Pricing list


Aweber Features:

Aweber is the original autoresponder provider that offers great email marketing campaigns for its clients.

High email deliverability rate, stylish sign up forms and drag and drop editors combined with expert customer service, easy management of subscribers and email marketing API create the recipe for a successful email marketing campaign.

Email newsletters, RSS to email capabilities and App showcase add color to the already good package. Aweber also offers email marketing tracking where you are able to see who opened your mail and which links they clicked on it at what time.

Aweber Pricing:

There are three basic plans, monthly, quarterly and yearly plans, but you can have a tailor made plan that can suit your needs and specifications.

The basic monthly plan goes for only $19, the quarterly one for $49 and $149 for the yearly plan. There are specific pricing details for certain numbers of subscribers to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for at Aweber.



Aweber is a great email marketing platform that caters for businesses of all calibers and needs. It is highly recommended.

Start a free trial at Aweber


#3- iContact


iContact email marketing tool for beginners
iContact : pricing details


iContact Features:

The simplicity of iContact as an email marketing services provider is unrivalled. It offers expertly designed email templates and award-winning product and support for its clients.

It is clear that it focuses on the people, value for customers, employers and the community in general as well as custom-made features that will make the difference in your business life.

The Salesforce application among other tools makes performance monitoring a sweet piece of cake.


iContact Pricing:


There is a workable plan for every budget at iContact. Pricing depends on the number of subscribers you would like. For instance, you pay $14 per month for up to 500 subscribers and $47 per month with up to 5000 subscribers.

With most plans, you have to contact the iContact team for specifications and other details.



This is an email marketing service provider that you can trust to take you to the next level in your esteemed organization.


Take the free trial of iContact


#4- GetResponse


GetResponse Features:

If you are new to GetResponse, you will like the easy-to-use email creator and more than 500 expertly designed email templates so that you can set the wheels of your email marketing campaign into motion.

You also have access to more than 1000 iStock images to spice up your emails and the list booster application that enhances your outreach. As you grow, you will enjoy easy-breezy list import features that allow you to transfer your contacts to this platform easily.

On top of being able to segment your audience appropriately, you also have a chance to review your emails before sending them to their desired destinations.

The A/B testing feature allows you to make comparisons between your mailing versions to know which one goes well with your clients.

GetResponse Pricing:

The most popular GetResponse package is the 2500 subscriber package that goes for only $ 25 per month. Other plans include $ 15 per month for 1000 subscriber, $45 for 5000, $65 for 10000, $145 for 25000, $250 for 50000 and $450 for 100000.



GetResponse is a popular email marketing company that endeavors to meet the specific needs of its clients. It is a 4.9 star email marketing services provider.

Start your email marketing campaigns at GetResponse


#5- MadMimi


MadMimi Features:

MadMimi has a simple interface that allows its users to create emails and send them to their subscribers easily. Its theme design approach allows subscribers to create emails that have an expression that delivers exactly what it is designed to deliver.

You can save your customized themes or clone your work. Google Analytic, social media and CRM systems integration are a step in the right direction and they make email marketing effective and goal-oriented.


Madmimi Pricing:

This is perhaps the cheapest email marketing organization of the few discussed here. MadMimi offers Basic, Pro, Silver and Gold membership plans for you to choose the one that fits your needs.

The basic plan goes for $10 per month with 500 subscribers while the
Pro plan goes for $42 per month for 10000 subscribers.

On the silver business plan, it costs $199 per month to send emails to 50000 contacts and on the Gold plan it costs $1,049 per month to send emails to 350000 contacts.



If you are looking for an email marketing plan which works without breaking your bank account, you can get one at MadMimi. Remember how important it is to save a coin or two in these tough economic times.

The comparison of features and price may justify the low cost, and this means that at the end of the day, it is what you are looking for in an email marketing company that will matter.


Start MadMimi totally free


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