Social Media Domination Beginners Tips With Psychology of Influence & Its Principles

Psychology of Influence- How to Improve Positions in the Social Networks with the Help of its Principles.


5 Tips for Applying “Psychology of Influence” in your Social Media Marketing.


Many things in life we ​​do simply because it is considered the best for most people, and especially without thinking about the value it brings to us, and whether it brings this value. Many things we do with an eye on the opinion of “authorities” that we consider smarter for some reason.

We all succumb to social impact, and it is actively used by marketers.

In 1984, Robert B. Cialdini published a book called “Influence: The psychology of persuasion”, which is very popular not only among the psychologists but also marketers. [ It is rated as 4.21 star by 140,609 ratings along with 5,072 reviews on Good Reads ]

He described some principles of influence. Now, it is a well known scientific fact that most of the human beings get influenced by the other people due to many reasons, lets not go deep in this and focus on the main theme of this article.

So, let’s try to understand these principles and find out how they are used in marketing and how they can be used to improve our performance on social networks.

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 Tips for Using “Psychology of Influence and Its Principles” in Social Media Marketing


How Psychology of Influence and Its Principles Help in Dominating Over Social Media


#1. Social Proof


The psychological phenomenon that usually occurs during non-standard situations, when people do not know how they should behave.In this case, most people suppose that others are more familiar with the situation, and therefore repeat their actions. This phenomenon is often used to manipulate the behavior of others.

Social proof indeed has a huge impact on our decisions and is probably the most popular psychological phenomenon that is used by marketers, including social networks.

You can use it to show the advantages of the company with the following data:


– Ratings, in which the company holds a leading position;
– Feedback of the current customers that are satisfied with the product or service;
– Large number of Likes and Shares;
– Company mentions in a positive way;
– Awards.

Even the usual comments on the company’s page in Instagram are credible to potential customers and encourage the purchase of goods better than any advertising.

But despite the fact that the comments and Likes affect the overall opinion about a brand, if they are received with fake SMM methods, nothing good comes out in the long run. The reputation will be undermined. So do not look for the easy way – you need to be absolutely “transparent” and be honest with your customers.



#2. Commitment and consistency


Consistency in the implementation of actions and promises is a very important condition for the preservation of image and reputation. Robert Cialdini says that the desire to take responsibility for their words is even more important for people than taking care of their own security. That is why this phenomenon has a significant psychological impact on people.


If a person performs any initial action, it often feels its incompleteness and unconsciously seeks to bring it to the end. And that is actively used in marketing: in the shops, you get a discount or points on your next purchase, and then feel the need to make it.

It can also be used in SMM.


Ask your subscribers to perform any initial action (for example, to fill in information about yourself, share publication in social networks, etc.), and they more likely do what you want them to do in the end.

For example, if a subscriber will spend some effort when registering for the event, then chances that a person will come to this event increase.


#3. Goodwill


People are drawn to what they like. And they like people who look like them. Psychologists say that if you want to impress a stranger, take the same position as the person and copy the voice and gestures, and then a person will definitely like you.

As friends, we choose people who have similar to our worldview, values, interests, who love the same music, books, and movies. And, of course, we listen to their opinion.


Marketers actively use this feature: in the advertising, the image of a person that is promoting a product combines the features of potential buyers with their problems, needs, and interests.



#4. Authority


At all times, people worshiped authorities – apparently, this is the nature of human. In our times, the opinion of authority is important for people. It can be related to the choice of the car, country for vacation, or chips. People don’t care that the stars of showbiz and sport are not experts in the evaluation of a product that they advertise.


But along with the incompetent “authority”, there are adequate people, experts in their field, that achieved tremendous success, and they consider it an honor to share their experiences and knowledge. It is necessary to involve them. But not just to advertise your company, but in order to get an expert opinion on the issues of interest to your audience.


#5. Scarcity:


Scarcity principle is based on the normal human fear to miss something important, fundamental principle of which is the fear of loss. Now this phenomenon has got a popular name – FOMO (an abbreviation of «fear of missing out»).

The demonstration of this “disease” of our time is the maniacal habit of updating pages on social networks with a fear to miss an important message or publication.


Marketers play with this fear, like a cat with a little mouse, forcing people to buy unnecessary things often without giving them time to think. Thus, in order to convince customers of the need to purchase your product, it is sufficient to say that your product is unique and has a limited number of copies.


Use these tactics for SMM:


Invite your subscribers to a private webinar, offer to subscribe to the unique email newsletter, in the announcements underline the exclusivity of published materials.

Thus, we told you about the major psychological principles of influence. If you use them in your publications on social networks, you can increase brand loyalty, build trust with customers and, as a result, increase sales. The main thing is to do it with a positive attitude and act on the principle of “do no harm”.

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