Fake Social Media Promotion – How to Recognize and Avoid Fake SMM?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Campaigns – How to Identify and Avoid Fake Promotions.


What are the Dangers of Fake Online Social Promotions and how to detect and deter them

This article is written for those who still measure the effect of SMM by the number of Likes and reposts. And for those who are just beginning to work with the social networks and want to choose a reliable contractor or doubt in the present one.

500 likes and 50 reposts – is not an indication that you will have a hundred new customers.

And why?Unfortunately, the promotion in social networks can be real and fake.


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Fake or Real- How to Detect and Deter fake online promotions over Social Media Platforms



Tips to Identify and Stop Fake Online Promotions that May Hurt your Social Media Marketing Goals


In this age of digital social networking, every kinds of businesses and serve providers are blindly promoting themselves to steal their share of visibility and domination. As a result there is a sudden rise in the number of people who want to en-cash such greed and obsession of the people into SMM promotions!


To fulfill the unsatisfying demand of Social Media Marketing people started devising quick, automated, and fake methods to deliver their SMM services in faster and cheaper ways.


The fake Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaigns are the result of this blind and unresting competition among people for being top on the social media networks.


If you have been a victim of such fake promotions or want to take precautions in advance then read about the below mentioned “signs, causes, and cures” of this digital disease!


How the Fake Social Media Marketing (SMM) Campaigns looks like?


It is hard to tell at once. Likes, reposts, and comments look the same. But they are “collected” not from your target audience, but from the random people for whom it is just a way to earn money.

There are special exchanges, where you can buy and sell social activity, repost, feedback, and site traffic. Registration is anonymous and the job is located for a small fee. The payment for performers is also low.

It is the purchase of wholesale traffic and there is no place for interest selection. Unfair SMM manager directs a person to the client’s page in social networks, and then show the paid activity as a result of a great promotion.

More often, customers that are slightly familiar with the mechanics of the promotion in social networks fall into this trap.It is easier to convince them that SMM efficiency is measured by the number of subscribers, Likes and reposts.

Quantity does not equal quality.

Casual Likes will not give useful effect, but it is unlikely that a thought to check their authenticity will come to mind of the ordinary customer.


Fake SMM-managers are aware of this and carefully create for customers (usually very busy and probably tired) the illusion of project promoting.


Placing a job is incomparably easier than to delve into the customer’s business, look for interesting content, and step by step lead subscribers to marketing purposes.In turn, the client is often not strong enough to delve into the promotion process, and it is entrusted to the contractor.


How Dangerous is the Fake Social Media Marketing Campaigns?


It’s a waste of money:


You give them to a stranger, without receiving anything in return. People who write you reposts and comments for money are not interested in your product, they will not buy it.They are not interested in your content, and they would not read anything voluntarily. And what we can discuss about the effect of the feedback and comments, if they cost less than a cent.


It’s a lie:

On the Internet, there are entire portals and communities where people write about how to earn money, including fake reviews and voting.  Thus, it forms the opinion that no one should be trusted. Your business page may appear in one of these lists as an example –“Here I was paid $1.50 for the post”.

But do you need this fame?


This is a waste of time:


You have high hopes for the SMM-contractor and … nothing else is done. At this time, it would be possible to collect feedback from real customers, to create a video blog, and to write good content. Or try a few techniques. But time is wasted because you think that social networks work for you.


How to Distinguish Real and Fake Social Media Marketing Campaigns?


What happens in your groups in social networks? You should be interested in this personally. Minimum – twice a week, but better – every day. You should immediately change the contractor, when you see the following:


➤ The reposts are made by people with media persons on the avatars, no personal information and photos on their profile, but who are subscribed to 100+ groups;


➤ Feeds of your subscribers are filled with reposts of content from completely different groups and individuals. The clear line in the selection of topics can not be traced – in other words, they repost everything from cooking steam chicken to vacuum cleaners repair guides;


➤ Each post in your group/ page is consistently gaining 100 likes and/ or 10 reposts, while there are no comments;


➤ Site traffic pours from social networks, but users simply look through it, without ordering anything or even going to the basket;


➤ The number of orders has increased dramatically, but almost all of them are “empty” –people do not confirm them.


The worse you know the market, the more likely you will book a fake promotion. Professional SMM manager easily shares with you some basic knowledge. He will tell you about the activity, engagement and retention, about the content you will need in different social networks and how the audience finds themed communities.Thus, it becomes easier to communicate – you can speak the same language.


The main sign of fake SMM manager – they are not interested in the details of your business. They will not ask you about the thick of steel, cinder block weight and how your product carries 95% humidity at 30-degree heat.They did not delve into your competitor advantage and the things that make your business unique.Normally, they simply say: “Send a link to a group, page or site, and I will do everything myself.”


The main sign of genuine SMM-marketer – is strategic thinking. They are not limited by the number of likes or repost because it is only the first step on the way to marketing goals. They always think complex and look in the future, and the number of subscribers for him is only one of many parameters. Genuine SMM-marketer plans a promotional campaign in advance and coordinates it with the client.Remember that SMM professionals always tell that buying reposts and likes doesn’t mean buying the success.

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