Being Top on eBay Marketplace- How to Increase Traffic for your eBay Online Store

eBay Marketing Tips for Beginners: How to Rank your Online eBay Store Product Listings Higher on eBay eCommerce Marketplace


Essential Tips to get your Ebay Listing on Top. What are the Best Methods in 2020-21 to get more Views and Traffic on your eBay Products Listing pages.


Tips and Success Formula for eBay Sellers. Follow this Guide to Stay Top on eBay Ecommerce Platform


To be a successful eBay seller, the first great step is to draw attention of the viewers to your item listings. When people come to visit eBay looking for a specific product, there are chances they would come across your items which would increase the odds of your sale to a great extent.

For example, out of 100 people who visit eBay each days, not everyone comes for looking the items they would certainly buy. When people visit the online marketplace, there are some who might not be looking for something specific, while there are some who know specifically what they want to buy. This offers amazing business opportunity.


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Tips for eBay Sellers: Best Methods to Grow Views on your eBay store listings 


Out of the people who log on to the website, there might be at least some who would give a thought to your listed products, while many people who are not quite specific about the choice of their items will have a chance to consider and compare your items with others.


That means, there is a fair chance that a non-specific buyer might have a look at your listings, thus increasing your sales potential.


This idea can be compared to a garage sale. At a garage sale, people don’t come looking for something specific, but look around for something not so specific that might come across as something useful and essential.


Most buyers on eBay are just like that. They do not come looking for a specific product, but browse through a great many items that might click their need. And you can gain here a lot by attracting them to your listings, taking the advantage over others.


How to Get your eBay Product Listing Pages to the Top of eBay Marketplace Search Results



#1. Use Alt Img Tags for your products images


This involves the inclusion of HTML codes with your images that are attached with your listed products on eBay. As the search engines understand only texts, adding the HTML description with the images would possibly increase the chances of finding your listing on the search engine page.


#2. Discover the eBay Best Match Algorithm


Living up to the eBay best match algorithm is quite a challenge for the EBay sellers. You can invest all the time and energy on calculating the best match algorithm, but it is not always possible to bring out the best result.

To get satisfactory results, it is advised to rely more on your own research and analysis to figure out the profitable ways than rely on EBay itself.

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Best Free Ways to Increase Traffic to your eBay Listing Pages


➤ How to Get More Views on eBay Listings



#1. Create Guides on eBay


Listed by Google, EBay guides is an amazing way to draw the potential buyers to your listings. If you happen to include any new product, be sure to include it in the Guide.

Also, if you sell collectibles, you must create a guide. Make sure you do not forget to provide links for your listed products in EBay.
How to increase your Sales on eBay
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#2. Participate in Discussion Groups



To let the customers know about your items, it is important to take active part in eBay and non-eBay forums. Although most of these forums don’t allow postings of sellers that possess links with their items, you can also indirectly promote your products in the discussion groups which might accelerate the traffic rate to your listings.



#3. Market your Ebay Listings via Social Network Sites and Blogs


Social networking sites are big platforms now days and they work excellently to promote your items in a big way. Also blogs come quite handy but it is important to provide these tools enough information about your products for effective promotion of your eBay listings.


Social networking sites like Myspace provide widgets that help you promote your items effectively to reach out to the large section of customers.  What are the Top 10 Ecommerce Sites in India for Online Sellers


#4. Marketing your Ebay Listing through Video Submission


YouTube videos are effective ways to promote your eBay Listings. Be sure to provide your eBay Store URL or name along with it. The following links can be interesting reads too! Use these Best Video Submission Sites to market your eBay Listings. How to get more traffic to your eBay Store Listings



➤ eBay Best Match Hacks


#1. Use the Right Keywords


To expand the possibility of increasing your sales, you need to widen your area of sale. Especially, if you intend to sell internationally, it is advised that you include the right keywords in your listings.


The keywords should be in various languages like French, Spanish, German, or other languages which would make it convenient for the international buyers.


The most appropriate place is the ad title where you can include them easily, but you can also use them in the product description which would multiply the chances of your product visibility.


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#2. eBay Promotional Flyer


The promotional flyers by eBay are an excellent way to keep the potential customers stay updated about the inclusion of new items put up on sale. To make the flyer more exciting for the customers, you can even include discount coupons or offers.



#3. Consumables Should be Labeled



To be a trusted eBay seller, it is extremely important to put labels on your product. Especially, if you want to establish yourself as a successful eBay seller in the long run, you must put label on your products listed which should carry relevant and genuine information regarding the product you have put up on sale along with your contact info.


It is suggested to put labels so that in case there is any issue, they can contact you directly preventing any harassment. This would also establish the trust of your customers on you and they would prefer to come back to you for more products.



#4. EBayAdCommerce



EBayAdCommerce involves the program of pay-per-click which lets you choose the keywords related to your sell items and create small display ads which is linked to your EBay listed items.


When a potential customer searches for those words in the search engine of EBay, your little display ad would show up with a link mentioning your EBay store at the end of the search result.


The frequency of the display of your ads depends on the money you have spent on paying for those ads. The amount you pay for the ads depends on the popularity of the item you are selling. For example, item like “laptop” would cost you much, but if your item is unusual or less competitive, which is with few or no seller, then you can end up pay very little.

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