LinkedIn Beginners Marketing Tips 2022 – Best Practices for LinkedIn B2B Business Promotion

LinkedIn for B2B Marketing and Promotions: Learn the Tips and Best Practices to enhance the leads and conversions.

LinkedIn is a haven for B2B marketers but most of us are not doing it right way.

To maximize results and rocket fire your LinkedIn marketing you should have a look at these ultimate tips and best practices.

Today, every small or bigger business knows about the power LinkedIn has for getting substantial leads and sales, but not everyone is equally capable to utilize it fully.

We will discus in the article about the most fundamental and important social media tips related to LinkedIn!


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LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Beginners regarding B2B Business Promotion


5 Successful Ways to use LinkedIn Social Media Platform for Business Marketing 


1. Increase your Network on LinkedIn


Keep increasing your network on LinkedIn to get the maximum benefits from this networking platform. Add a new business client or an acquaintance you met today. 


Keep adding everyone you are connected to professionally and keep building your connections list. Import your outlook contacts to add them all without much hassle. The more you network the more chances of you to get more leads from LinkedIn.

Participating in group discussions are also great to attract inbound connections requests from those who you interact with in the groups.


Try to solve a problem or give a solution and win hearts. Take daily few minutes to just work upon building your connections. Use advanced search filters to send across connection request in your target niche. You can discover highly targeted results from LinkedIn advanced search filters.

For example, if you are working in Export industry and you are looking for buyers to connect with you may go ahead with advanced filters by selecting as shown in the following:


1. The connection type: Here you need to select the 2nd connections as the first connections you are already connected to.


2. Select the target location: For example, if you are looking for buyers from Canada select Canada or if you are looking for buyers from Australia select Australia.


3. Industry Type: This is crucial to get you buyers from your industry. Select your industry for example if it is textile, select textile industry here in industry type.


4. Keywords: you shall search with some specific keywords in search bar when you begin your search. For example, in this case you can search for keywords like: ‘buyers’, ‘textile buyers’, ‘textile importers’, etc.


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2. Leverage LinkedIn Pulse to share more content


In this era where content marketing is the most prominent form of marketing and the power of content in turning tables LinkedIn has a content specific feature for content marketers. 


LinkedIn Pulse can be used to maximize the reach of your content and spur the targeted reach for your content.


As soon as you publish your LinkedIn pulse post all your connections get a notification with the highlighted topic of your post. So for instance, you have seven hundred LinkedIn connection you get an instant visibility to all of them through a LinkedIn notification.


Unlike other social media notifications like Facebook and twitter etc LinkedIn notifications have much more attention span as there is almost no junks, games, third party apps etc being used and get notified about. So a LinkedIn notification actually gets noticed a lot.


LinkedIn pulse posts have a pre-curated audience and optimized to reach to the right audience through the LinkedIn platform.


LinkedIn posts are good to get connected with other influencers who would recognize your work. It also helps educate the other connections you have about your products or services or related industry information and trends that you will write about.


Other than improving ranking in search engines LinkedIn pulse are good to turbo charge your profile performance on LinkedIn.

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3. Participate in Groups


LinkedIn allows connecting to up to 50 groups with a single LinkedIn profile. Look out for the most active groups in your niche with maximum group numbers.


Before joining a group on LinkedIn consider the following:

1. How big is the group?

2. How active are the group members? 

3. Is the group serving in your niche?


Based on answers to the above three questions pick out the 50 best groups for you which can get you maximum engagement, connections, visibility and reach.

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4. Create a community


Create a community for yourself. Creating a group on LinkedIn is as easy as a pie. Just click on create a group icon fill in all the details and get going.

Start adding members to your group next and add as many as you can. Start by posting relevant posts and encourage others to start posting and you your see it will automatically start picking up with more and more people when they start posting.

Since there is a limit to the number of LinkedIn groups that you join you need to keep your group always active and fruitful for the members else they might leave it anytime.


So even if you are able to grow your group initially with a lit of members joined your group but you need to actively take care of the group to prevent them from leaving at any point of time.


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5. Send more Targeted Message


Instead of spamming connections with a regular welcome message or a spam looking name meeting message revamp your message content.


Learn to write a LinkedIn message that would actually not get ignored and people would like to read it.

Write an attractive subject line which can draw attention and compel the receiver to click on to open the message. We would soon publish a complete guide on how to write a LinkedIn message and different types of LinkedIn messages that works for your business.

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