How to Create an Impactful LinkedIn Profile [ LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Beginners Tips ]

Tips to Create an Impactful LinkedIn Profile Quickly and for that Eye-Catching Professional Impression.

There are people for whom work is life, work is energy and work is happiness. Even when retired, these people do not like to sit back doing nothing at home.

They look out for the opportunities that they can fit into. Today, job hunting has become easier with social media & internet. Connectivity is no more an issue. So, for these veterans we are listing out some of the tips that should be considered if they make up their mind to join LinkedIn, world’s largest professional network as they say.


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LinkedIn Social Media Tips for Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile



6 Things to Do for Creating an Impactful LinkedIn Profile:


LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the Top 10 Most popular Social Media Platforms for Business Marketing all over the Online World. You should do your best while trying to get benefits from the exposure and visibility you get when you start using it. The First and foremost thing is to make an effective professional profile over the network.


Linkedin has become the largest network connecting the professionals from all across the Globe. For those who are constantly on lookout for the new business or clients or opportunities nothing works better than LinkedIn. Checkout in this article how to make a professional Linkedin profile for the veterans.

Follow the below given tips and techniques to make your LinkedIn profile Outstanding.

Let us have a look at these:-


1. Determine Your Aim:

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Do not rush. It hardly takes few minutes to create a profile. So why not relax and decide why do you want to have a profile on LinkedIn. What do you want to accomplish.Is it that you want to grow yours professional network or is it like you are looking out for the opportunities that exist for you as a retired person.There are people who just want to join in because others have joined. So are you the one who is joining without any reason?Whatsoever it be, you must firstly decide the aim behind creating a profile and then move in its direction accordingly.

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2. Use a Profile Picture That Gives Professional Impression:

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Avoid using old pictures of you as it will not do any good. LinkedIn is a platform where professionals connect with each other.

Keeping that in mind, use the profile picture which gives a professional feel but make sure you’re not overdoing it. Picture must also reflect your personality therefore, it should be a balanced one with a mix of professional as well as personable touch.

The dress up in the picture must be like that as you’re going to appear in an interview. Do not put selfies though. The first digital impression counts so make it a good one.

Note:- No selfies, no party clicks and no over doing with the profile background. Keep it blank or use something that goes with your profession & goal. Make your profile look strong.
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3. Headline & Profile URL:

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When viewing your profile, first thing that will grab the viewer’s attention would be your headline.

So, in any way do not take it lightly. Edit the headline area and make it more promising.

This area is all about you. You need write who you are? What unique skills you possess? Your career graph and what opportunity are you looking for? etc.

Reflect creativity in your words and keep the headline short and precise. Do not just let it auto-populate it with your job positions and job titles. Put in efforts on your own as that would be more useful and effective.Be creative not only with headline but also with URL. Wondering how?

That’s quite simple, create custom URL so that it gets easy for the audience/viewers to find you and also it makes your profile sharing easier.

Instead of using:

Make it something similar like:

4. Engaging Summary: It should be a Refection of your Personality


It is your summary section wherein you can highlight to let people know what you do and what you want to do in the future and at the same time you can give a refection of your personality.

Moreover, it be written like you’re having a conversation with someone and less of that like a typical resume. Veterans often are mistaken to be boring & just to the point kind of people. Change this perception.


5. Translating Skills:

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When highly experienced, retired people or let’s call them as per the title of this article, the veterans start filling in their profile, they have a lot to write especially the veterans from military.

Their profile are filled with the information which would hardly be of any use for the employers. There will be military Jargons, abbreviations, acronyms and more.

These will not not be understood by your audience. Therefore, translate your skills in a way that people/ employers from different sector can understand it. Moreover, speak to your audience.

6. Manage and Maintain your LinkedIn Profile Regularly:

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As an experienced professional, you know the importance of completing the task. Similar is the case with setting up your profile.

Do not leave your profile hanging incomplete in the middle. See to it that all the details are filled in and no section is left empty.

Creating and forgetting the profile is not what you should do. Keep it updated and stay active. Make sure your profile makes a good ranking on LinkedIn.

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