9 Best Online Tools for LinkedIn Marketing for Business Success

Last updated on November 16th, 2021 at 12:38 pm

Tools for LinkedIn Digital Marketing: 9 Best Online Tools for LinkedIn to Build up Better Campaigns and Define Outcomes


Let these Tools make your Work easier while handling marketing with the Best platform for the professionals.

Huge amount of sales people use LinkedIn for various purpose be it to find prospects, collect data and find out potential customers. After all, LinkedIn is one of the biggest social networking sites of our times. There are countless reasons why businesses use social networking to their advantages.

For the smooth usage of this social media platform there are various tools available to support the users in effectively utilizing LinkedIn and minimizing the efforts of the users.



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Best Tools for LinkedIn based Marketing


These are as follows:

9 Outstanding Tools to promote your small business over LinkedIn:



1. Crystal



Language plays an imperative role in all spheres of life. The way you communicate with people be it on personal front or professional makes a lot of difference to your position in the eyes of the second party. Crystal is one tool that detects the personality of anyone with an online presence. You get to know the best way to communicate with prospect customers.

Empathy is something that differentiates a good communicator with others, If you possess the ability to empathize with others than you can put-forth your views and communicate in the best manner.


Crystal tells you what to write and what not to write in an email or message while communicating with the prospects/ customers/ recipient.

Crystal – Win more customers )



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2. LeadFuze



This tool, as the name suggests helps you find the details of your targeted leads say for instance their emails, phone number, social media profile etc.


Now you don’t have to put in unnecessary efforts of calling companies in order to find out the details of your prospects. An easy to use tool which combines various functions of contacting the targeted audience without putting in too much efforts.

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3. Attach



When you are in sales or marketing, you are required to develop contact with your prospects. To do so you need to send emails, messages.

Most of the times you send images, documents (proposal, product sheet etc), presentations, attached but it’s all waste if your prospect does not bother to check it.

In order to keep track of the kind of engagement the recipient shows towards your message, mail etc.

This tool ‘Attach’ comes as your helper.

With this, you get to know whether the prospect opened up the message/ mail, what kind of engagement and interest it shows to the content you sent, what could be the best way to communicate with your leads and all such answers.

Visit  Attach

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4. QuotaDeck (Now, Outro)


Cold calling is very painful. Not only on the part of caller but also the receiver. The thing is that if not cold calling, then what could be done to increase the network of your clients? Well, here’s a solution. With Quotadeck now you can go beyond your own network and elude the cold calling with that from personal intros via people who know your targeted clients or let’s just say dream clients. On this crowdsourced introductions platform you can request introduction to the dream clients.


Both you and your potential prospect express interest when the intro is made and therefore the intros here are double opt-in. All you need to do is, sync your contacts & post an intro request on QuotaDeck targeted by title, industry & location, & rest the network works it out for you.

Visit  Outro




5. Datanyze Insider



Technology products are quite in demand today as people are becoming more and more tech savvy and so is the reason there is a pool of sellers selling technology products.

Datanyze insider is one amazing tool that helps you track when companies are dropping the services of your competitors or when their contracts are ready to get renewed.


With this tool the LinkedIn contact’s information can be revealed and you can import or transfer the same to the sales department or team by just mere clicking.

Visit Their website-  Sales Intelligence Platform


6. SalesLoft Prospector


Lead’s details are automatically pulled and all the related information like email and phone number.

This way you’ll be able to build the list of not just prospects/targeted prospects but even more than that very quickly.

Visit their site to Find your prospects



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7. Salestools.io


This tool makes your task of maintaining the list of leads on excel by downloading list of leads directly from LinkedIn to Excel.

It even allows you to auto-connect to the prospects and keep a track of your news-feed so that by way of keywords, you get to know if someone in your network may require or is in need of your help.

Visit Customer Acquisition platform




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8. Weave


Weave helps you grow your professional network and connect to the people from your area, industry, the ones that keep same interest as yours and are quite like-minded.

You get to meet CEOs, VCs, Founders, Start up investors, Recruiters, Business experts, Local Entrepreneurs etc.
The tool is basically a personally curated professional networking service.

Weave- A personalized professional introduction every week

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9. Guru



By viewing companies or people on LinkedIn and based on the information obtained of prospects industry, work history, job title etc you get answers to various kinds of questions concerning the prospects.

Guru – Your team’s collective knowledge, everywhere you need it

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