Tips to Deliver Proactive Customer Service through Social Media

7 Quick Tips to Handling your Customer Service through Social Media

You must know what it takes to get the social media customer service right. To excel in your social media customer service you need to work on certain things.
As we know today more and more people demand customer service via social media so we don’t second this thought of questioning the worth of social media customer service.

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Various studies have revealed different statistics in respect to customer engagement, service subscription rate, customer relationship and more as a result of this online customer service strategy but the fact remains that all the studies have shown that this strategy is definitely a boon for the brands, for the businesses. And it must be implemented and carried on in the most acceptable way.

Tips for delivering Customer Service through Social Media
Customer Service through Social Media

Customer service Via Social media has its own benefits that’s why most of the brands have fervently adopted this practice. Find out the quick and easy tips for the same in this article.

Here’s now bringing to you certain tips to deliver proactive customer service via social media:

1- Choice Of Social Media Platform


Choose the right Social Media Platforms for your business-350x200
Pick the Social media Platforms that are most suitable for your biz


Don’t try hit and miss approach here. You cannot just guess or take advice from people to find the best social media platform to get in touch with your customers and your target audience. Chances are they might be wrong and you may suffer the consequences.

Best thing that could be done is conducting a a one question survey by sending emails asking customers which social media platform do they use most and listing down all the options from which they can choose like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Slideshare and others.

It would be hectic for you to continuously checking your social media feeds. How would yo come to know when your customers need your help in that case.

Well, to your rescue here are tools like social mentions, mention etc available to alert you when you, your product gets mentioned on social media. These tools work wonders for marketing but they are as important for customer support as well.

3- Check Out For The Misspelled Names

Many of the times customers doesn’t really know the spelling correctly and he/she may type the wrong handle when trying to mention you.

Therefore, you need to search for your product or business name with the possible misspelled variations that customers would likely have made. Making assumptions won’t be right here. You just can’t assume that every customer would know or write your spelling correct.

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4- Response Time


Speed does matter on social media. Unlike emails, calls or personal service where speed hardly counts, social media is just opposite to all as far as speed is concerned.

The response expectancy varies with time here on this online platform.People moreover expect a 24/7 response time. Try to respond as quickly as possible when handling customer queries online. A little delay can force the customer to give up on you.

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5- Tone Of Voice

Social platforms like Twitter where there is word limit restriction and it takes 140 characters to get to the damn point which can be quite difficult as you might not get the right tone in that word limit or be more expressive or show concern or appreciation towards your customer.

Try to tailor your tone according to the needs of each customer you encounter online. Understand there tone and reciprocate. See if they use emoticons than you might use as well.

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6- Transfer Sensitive Issues Offline

Not every issues need to be discussed online. Some issues requires privacy or some might require an elaborated response which could be hard to carry forward online.

Therefore, you must understand the sensitivity of the issue, information and change the communication channel. You may go for telephonic conversation instead or email.

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7- Good Knowledge Base Helps

Using your knowledge base for customer support service can be of immense benefit. It can make your customers happier and help you build your image by delivering better support on social media.

With a good knowledge base you will be able to deliver faster customer service. Providing the customers with ste by step guide with easy to follow steps therein would save your time and effort instead of explaining the multi step process yourself.

Chances are they might miss out on some important steps. Switch to knowledge based articles instead. It will be helpful for you as well as the customers.

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