Social Media Customer Service Strategy Tips for the Best Customer Experience

4 Simple Steps to Formulating a Customer Service Strategy for a Remarkable Customer Experience


Social media conversations if carried on in the best manner can build your reputation as well as brand name and nothing gets better than providing customer service via social media.


Before getting into the detailed discussion on this, you must first get the answer to some questions from yourself:-


How active are you on social media?
How responsive are you to customers queries?
How often do you go out of the way to solve their problems?
Do you really customize your interactions with them?

To what extent are you able to gain their trust and satisfy/convince them?


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Social Media Customer Service Strategy



These and some more questions can be added to the queue. This very article is going to help you out by elaborating some points highlighting the ways by which social media conversations can create a remarkable customer experience.


Let us take a look at these:-


1- Leave An Impact:


Providing customer service via social media is a great deal. It will allow you to connect with your customer in real time without any delay. Resolving issues on call is not a bad idea but giving something beyond a generic service holds more value.

Connecting with customers on social media is a positive approach and creative thinking to handle customer’s issues. When you see the customer comes up with a query on this online public platform and you see and fix that problem. This whole thing is not hidden.

People can see the way you solved the customer’s issue and get impressed. You might get potential new customers this way and make your existing customer happy as well.

Therefore, you must address the customer’s complaints and compliments and must not leave any stone unturned to create an exceptionally remarkable and unforgettable experience for your customers on social media when doing so.

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2- Be Attentive:


There are those conversations where one is giving due attention and the other is lost somewhere in their dreamland or putting the conversation on hold every now and then due to some or the other work.

This is something very annoying and leads to frustration. Conversation is a two way process. For communication to be effective both the parties must actively participate in the conversation. Now similar goes for social media.

You can only create a lasting impact on your customers when you are attentive and supportive no matter what the situation is. Listen to what your customers has to say when you invite them online. Do not mess up things by multitasking at that very moment. Your efforts must be reflected in your conversation.

Make sure your attention does not gets distracted from your customer and fades in & out as that would be more than irritating and you can lose your customer forever which would affect your brand image online as well.

Example here can be given of Netflix that is known for its superior online customer service.

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3- Stay Active On Social Media:



People who would want to know more about say your prospective customers for that matter, would go on social media to search for your page or account.

Now when they see dull and sluggish page/account they will develop a negative perception about your brand.

In order to create lasting relationship with the existing customer base and open the doors for new ones, you will have to be consistent and active along with being responsive on social media.

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4- Go Out Of The Way To Provide Support:


A little extra will only bring you favour. Look out for and make use of every little opportunity that come your way to up your business game and help you grow as a brand.

A regular check on your social media accounts on all the platforms/sites is a must. You never know any moment opportunity can knock your door.

Make sure you are monitoring on regular basis.Your customers want to be heard. Be prompt in your response and appreciate what customers wants to tell. Now go out of the way to extend support to them so that you get customer for life.

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