Content Marketing- Tips to Get your Content Shared More Often

Create A Content Strategy that Gets your Content Liked and Shared More and More

A lot goes into creating a good reputation online when it comes to your website. The page should load fast, the keywords must be good enough to let you rank on the top and various other technical aspects needs to be looked into but, the most important is content. 

Nothing from the previously mentioned can do magic on its own unless you have a solid content that could attract your audience’s attention & their interest. Now that internet is flooded with content, more emphasis is laid by Google & other search engines on the power of social sharing as well as backlinks. 

Social shares have tremendously affected the SEO rankings. Therefore, it plays an important role in ranking the website higher. 

In this article we will share some of the tips on how to get your content shared more. Let us take a look at these:


1. Add Tweet, Like & Share Button on Every Page



Share Buttons
People these days are addicted to social media and like to share different moments that occurs in their lives with their friends, near dear ones on mostly Facebook and Twitter.

This is one great takeaway for your website to have at least share, like and tweet buttons embedded on every single page so as to give the viewers a chance to go ahead and share the link on their social media wall.

Not only Facebook & Twitter, in fact all the social media platforms where you have your target audience be it  Instagram or YouTube or any other, use their  respective buttons to let your content shared more and more.


2. Make it Easy for the Customers to Share Events

Facebook Events


Customers to a large extent share the website when they find it extremely appealing and worth sharing.

When hosting an event, use buttons which says   “I’m attending..” or “I’m joining..” etc  on the confirmation page so that with a single click, the friends of the customers can come to know about you attending a certain event.

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Similarly when customers buy something, they might like to share about that as well with their friends so if you are selling product, you can add “I just bought..”,  “I just got myself…”, “I just purchased…” etc, bottom to the order confirmation page. Not only this will boost up your social shares but also up your sales.

Now coming on to events, if the customers find that sharing a specific event is an effortless job or to put in other words, if you make sharing an event easier for them on social media then chances are your customers will share it on their own without you having to say.

3. Give customers unique content to make them want to share

Unique Content

There’s a way out to get people post links to your content and that is by adding a bit of fun and coolness to it which provokes them to share it.

Although catchy titles like “5 cool tips to..” are taken lightly but their power is massive. 

It work wonders & this is the very that reason that these are much used. You must give your viewers what they are looking for.


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Unless you do so, you won’t show up in the search engine results and the audience will not find your content & your website which will ultimately lead to its low ranking.

Therefore, the success depends here on the quality of your content. Give enthralling reasons to the viewers via your content so that they can purchase your offerings. More the sales, more the customers and as a result more social media shares which boosts up your image.

4. Boost Your Content by Sharing it Yourself



Even those who are enjoying huge reputation, name & fame have worked hard to reach to this level.

A little struggle comes as a test to all. In order to kick start and boost your content you must share it yourself on your company blog, sharing on all the social platforms and asking your employees to share it as well.

This will get you great number of shares that will help you get noticed by the masses.

5. Do Look into the Niche Groups as Well


People will not come looking especially for your blog unless every other day. That’s possible only if you are a renowned blogger or publication and you have a big name in the web world or market.

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How to keep generating new ideas for your content?

Do not just confine yourself to few platforms. Explore all that’s relevant and can do good for you.

Depending upon your content and the industry you belong to, you would have various other niche places other than LinkedIn, Twitter where you must consider sharing specific type of content.



These niche places will get you reach out to more relevant people for your content like bizsugar and other social groups.

6. Connect With the Influencers 



Connecting with the influencers will gain you some very unique audience across multiple channels.

Otherwise also its beneficial if you could strike a conversation and be friends with them through any social media platform and get yourself noticed on their platform.The influencers that you should try to connect should have a huge audience from your niche. Once they are convinced of you or your work or they see some mutual benefits it is a win win situation for both.

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7. Connect with People in the Same Niche

Connecting with the people in the same niche hold more chances of your content getting shared. It also creates an engagement circuit amongst the niche/s you target. This helps you to get more visibility and more authenticity among your peers.

It also helps create focussed campaigns that are more yielding than those with the scattered objectives.

8.  Create Podcasts and Videos


With increasing shift of content towards visuals and infographics we readily identify the need to leverage the opportunity. Creating podcasts and videos help brands to connect more seamlessly with their audience as people are more inclined to it rather reading on and on for some information.

With busy schedules and more things in hand people in this fast moving world have less time and podcasts and videos comes as a savior.


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9. Create Downloadable PDF or eBooks



Creating downloadable PDF and eBooks help readers to read offline and share readily among their peers.

It gives more value to the readers when they can access it whenever they want with no need of internet dependency. 

10. Submit to the Relevant Communities

The communities which are related and a ready market for your content shall be leveraged to get the most from your content marketing campaigns. 

There are many online groups available all over social networking sites which pose a great opportunity for a get through when it comes to segregating into various niches.

11. Share on Different Social Media Networks

While it is true that one or few social media networks shall be focussed to get the most from it, ironically there shall be as many social media network groups that you choose to share your content on.

While you still keep your focus on a few of them but none of them should be left out to maintain a decent presence and gain more organic traffic and increasing credibility.


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12. Send to your email List

The value of a email subscriber list can never be denied.

It is one of the most crucial means to keep your loyal audience in loop. You shall never get lazy or miss any opportunity to get engaged with them.


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13.  Share on the Forums


Share on the forums where you can ask or pose questions or give a solution. It will help you get more recognition and the traffic will follow. 

Sharing on forums that caters to your niche or a potential audience also increases the chances of you getting your content shared further from there.

14. Make it Visually Appealing

As already mentioned the demand is highly shifting toward the visuals, podcasts and videos which is due to the reduced attention span per audience. It is owing to a number of factors like busy work schedule, work and personal life balance and so on.

This makes it very crucial to make all your content visually appealing to convey the information clearly within a given attention span.

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