Event Promotions- How to Use Social Media to Promote your Events?

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Event Promotion Via Social Media: Killer Tips to Use Social Media for Event promotions

Advertising Tips for Marketing an Event on Social Media Sites.

To promote your event social media can turn out to be one powerful tool. Business that conduct events must utilize this source of promotion to make its event a success.
Be it a press conference, board meetings, award ceremonies, product launches, seminars, customer appreciation parties, charity functions, trade shows, VIP events, online event or others, social media helps you gain a lot of exposure.
Reason being people are so much connected to it because of networking.

It lets you meet new people online, get to know about new things, new brands, happenings going around, technology, market trends and so much more. If used in the right direction, social media has a lot to offer.

Social Media Marketing Tips For Event Promotions and marketing
Social Media Marketing Tips to Promote any Events
Well, how to use social media to promote your event can be summed up in few points listed below:

1- Retargeting

You can make use of ads for re-marketing purpose. There’s this thing called Facebook custom audiences through which ads can be shown to people who have visited your website before.

The visitors who checked your website but did not purchased the ticket for your event. Re-targeting or shall we say telemarketing helps you get back to them.

Make sure you don’t include those Facebook audiences which have already purchased the ticket. You can do so easily by creating a custom audience as Facebook allows you to include or exclude multiple audience for each ad set.

2- Share The Highlights Of Prior Events

You would want to share the excitement and energy of the previously held events.

You can do so by sharing visual highlights with great audio effect, from the events that took place before. This will get you more registrations.
On finding it cool and exciting, people will share the video to their friends creating engagement opportunities therein.

3- Don’t Let Exciting Testimonials Go Waste

Your audience that attended the event previously must have left some amazing comments, testimonials or you would have interviewed the speakers or attendees of the events who must have shared their excitement about the event or session.

Now do you have any idea how useful these can prove to be? Yes, you can share these visuals or comments in the form of graphics images on your social sites, blogs, emails etc.


4- Easy Sharing

There should be a separate sharing button for the events created so that the audience can immediately share it via tweet, on Facebook or other platforms.

Also make sure they land on thank you page after registering. Moreover, make things simple, well-crafted that leaves your audience happy. Provide downloadable content like video. audio, article, social media updates, blog updates etc.

5- Utilize Fun Photos From Previous Events

If you have already conducted the similar event before, you can share the fun pictures of attendees on your social media accounts that would interest the new audience as well encourage the old audience to be a part of the event yet again.
Identify the attendees, tag them, let them share their experience about the event and how excited are they about the one going to happen.

6- One Event-Specific Hashtag

One unified hashtag for all your event related posts around all your social media channels must be used.

Use this single hashtag in everything you create be it your email signature, digital image or others. It should be included in everything.

Also don’t forget to mention this hashtag in all your bios be it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or other social accounts. People checking you account just need to click on the link. Make it simplest as possible for them to reach out to you.

7- Create Post Featuring Event Speakers

Group posts featuring your speakers can be created as this will make them feel appreciated. Highlight about all the experts at your event.
This will give a preview to the audience that could be your prospective attendees possibly about the content shared at your event and also this kind of post with such valuable content gets highest amount of sharing.

8- Behind The Scenes Content

Sharing behind the scenes visuals are always fun and people are more excited to watch these instead.
How the preparations went for the event, the fun moments, sometimes chaotic ones, mistakes that happened, challenges faced and hard-work infused in during the preparation of the event can all be shown to the audiences.
Create buzz and encourage engagement by way of sharing pictures and videos from behind the scenes.
Other than these there are various other ways through which you can promote your event like
– Spreading Awareness Via Email Signature
– Inviting Audience Through Video Messages
– Create Facebook Event Page
–  Use Call To Action Button

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