How to Say NO to your Customers? 8 Customer Communication Tips

Last updated on January 2nd, 2019 at 04:08 pm

Why is it so Important to Say NO to your Customers and how to say it when required?

How to say No to your
How to say No to your Customers?

It’s always better to be upfront and say no to the things you can’t do rather than making false promises and keeping your customers in dark.

When you are sure that you cannot say yes to a certain request made by the customer than do not keep him pending because that will cost you a lot in future.

It is not a good feeling when you cannot fulfill what your customer wants but there’s a way to say ‘no’ firmly that your bond doesn’t get affected no matter you meet their demand or not.


1- Assure them you are Hearing

Listen to your customers carefully-300x200
Listen to your customers very carefully

This is the best thing you can do. Genuinely make them feel that you are listening to what they have to say. Even if you cannot meet their requirement do not just disappear without responding.

Tell them you understand their concern but unfortunately the things doesn’t lie within your control. Make them feel you are equally concerned about their problem but helpless.

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2- Highlight what you can Offer



tell your customers what help you can offer-300x200
Tell your customers what help you can offer


Do not just make excuses or ignore them. If you can’t fix their issue then you must focus on giving them advice and the sources where they can get the issue resolved.
You must focus & tell them the other things where you are able to help them if they need.

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3- Be Polite in your Tone & Speak Gently

Be Polite and Speak Gently when you are using a ‘No’ word to your customers


Transparency is an important factor when dealing with customers. You must know they know it all or if not then they will know it all with various sources.
You can’t fake anything. To be upfront with them is good but not in a harsh way. Be gentle with them. They will only come back to you again when they see the honesty factor in you.

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4- Guide Them Through The Next Steps

When you are saying ‘no’ to them, do not forget to guide and inform them about the companies policies.Providing them with the solutions, steps to be taken therein. Make them feel that you are trying to make things fine.

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5- Time is Precious, Time is Cost

When you talk in the context of business then time is your cost. Every single minute you invest in any task counts. The customers who are churned out affects the business because a lot of efforts has gone in getting them for the first time. The time you invested in providing the customer service to them and others.
If they take your lot of time, suggest them the best solution and thank them. This will not be a rude gesture. You will manage to get rid of them without flaming the situation.

6- Kindness & Gratitude Go Long way

There is a limit to which you would like to or to which you can lend help to your customers. Neither you want to leave them with negativity towards you nor want to compromise yourself.
When you say ‘No’ in a respectful manner which reflects your kindness and gratitude towards your customer, it will only leave a positive impact irrespective of the fact that you were not able to solve their issue.


7- Alternatives are there to your Rescue


When you’re unable to fulfill the requirements of the customers than straight away saying no to their face means they are gone. You lost them.You must be smart enough to tell them about the alternative providers who can offer them what they require. This will make them happy as they will feel that you do care for them so what if you can’t meet their demand.

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8- Positioning & Image Creation

Showcase yourself as an expert in your field in front of your customers. Tell them you know what’s best to be done or what’s best for them or who can be the best provider of what they want etc.

You must tell them this product won’t be good for them although it can be good for some specific people. They must try the other one instead.

Try to position yourself as an expert for example when you deal in cosmetics and unable to provide certain product, offer the other best alternative available with you.

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