10 Do’s and Don’ts of Outsourcing – 20 Beginner Tips for Business Outsourcing Success

Business Outsourcing-Dos and Donts

Business Outsourcing Tips: 10 Do’s and 10 Don’ts you must Read before Outsourcing your Work


Outsourcing is a great option to increase productivity in the business. It saves precious time of the business owner who has to look into major & crucial areas of business.

When you hire people to work for you, largely your intention remains to save your time and energy to work upon planning, strategizing & other core aspects for the future of business.

Not only you get learned & expert workers to work for you but also you get a support system that’s there by your side to help your business reach its goals. Trend of outsourcing has grown tremendously from part few years.

So, this article is here to throw some light on do’s & don’ts of outsourcing which the businesses especially startups must know.

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Business Outsourcing-Dos and Don’ts



10 Do’s of Outsourcing your Work




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Dos of Business Outsourcing

1. Do value your time


Not valuing their time is one huge mistake made by the business owners. As a business owner your every minute should be an investment that adds value to your business.

Look out for the ways that can save your time so that you can work upon core areas of business.Providing training to a new worker so as to free your time in future to concentrate on other important things can be the example of time used as an investment here.


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2. Do know your goals & expectations clearly


On hiring a new worker, lay down all the rules and expectations in a clear cut way. Let him be aware of the roles and responsibilities that’s attached with the job.


Tell them about you company its vision, mission, values and other important things that can give them an overview about the company and the roles therein. The worker must know what’s expected out of him. Share what you think must be shared.


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3. Do hire variety of workers


You cannot expect one worker to manage all your tasks because that would be too much of a responsibility and the work may suffer.

For different work different workers must be hired. For example; different workers accounting, packaging, order filling & customer care etc. Doing so will protect your business.

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4. Do create training guides


This is important because you never know when your trained worker might leave the job. When you have training guides, it gets easier to make new employees learn from them. This saves your time and also replacing employees or hiring new employees becomes easier with this. Moreover videos are considered as the best way here.


5. Do hire those who have a reason to work


Hiring workaholics is always a better option if you want your business to grow at great speed. The people who are passionate about the work and have willingness to show their capabilities to the world are the ones that can be expected to take your business to heights.


Make sure you hire those who have the desire, the urge, passion & most importantly a reason to work. Only such workers can put their heart & soul into their work, see your company as their own and work for its best.


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6. Hire those who have Relevant Experience and Specialization


Hire only those who have the relevant experience and the proven track record of successful projects from the past.

Unless you aim to hire freshers and train them yourself if you are on budget and you are looking to take things slow and steady.

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7. Be Clear About the Roles and Responsibilities and Convey it clearly


Have a clear vision of the roles and responsibilities what you will be assigning to the outsourced agency or the freelancer.

Make it very clear to them as well so as to avoid any confusions in the future. It will also help you in getting the right work done in the given time and nothing less. Do not aim to burden too much as it would affect the quality.


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8. Build Rapport and Relationships which can Work for a Long Term

Build a rapport and a relationship that lasts for a long term on professional basis. If you choose to hire and fire often it reflects a lot on the work done and you can never be consistent enough. It also takes a toll on a lot on time being wasted every-time in training and development procedures.

9. Keep Updating and Analyzing in Different Phases


Keep updating according to the industry trends and keep a close watch on the dynamic market. Always keep altering accordingly and keep your work updated so as to get the desired results.


10. Check References and Review Other Details


Always check the past works and references and try to assure the credibility and authenticity of the agency or the freelancers. Check their success rate and how have they delivered and is it similar to what you expect from them.


10 Don’ts of Outsourcing your Work:


1. Don’t keep irresponsible & careless workers


Do not waste your valuable time on bettering the worker who is repetitive in his mistakes, taking leaves over & over again, performing less than what’s desired even after being trained and likewise. Don’t waste time & energy getting them on track. Do not invest too much effort & time in getting them on track rather look for the replacement & remove them.


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2. Don’t assume that worker knows everything


Your worker might be an expert but that doesn’t mean he will deliver exactly as you wanted the performance or output to be. You should tell the goals, expectations and other things that are important for him to know about the organisation he is working for so that he can understand the atmosphere, the values & what exactly you want from him.


3. Don’t hire the ones who have much to do other than their job




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Outsourcing : 10 Dont’s


Hire the ones for whom their work is their top priority, the ones who have enough time to give to your business. If a worker has much interest in other things going on in life other than his work then he would be distracted every now and then.


Lack of concentration, irresponsibility, missing shifts and such things will be the outcome of this. So try not to hire such workers who have a lot other things to do.



4. Don’t be dependent upon a single great performer


As mentioned previously too, you never know which worker may leave when on getting a better opportunity. If that happens all your training and guidance will go in vain and it gets tough to train a new worker to that level of expertise which could match the great worker who just left.


So work on improving all the workers and get best out of each so that going and coming of any doesn’t affect your business negatively.



5. Don’t Compromise with Deadline and the Quality of Work


When you choose to outsource your work deadlines and work delivery will be one of the biggest challenge. You ought to have a clear plan of action for the work flows and the delivery.

Quality of work will also be a hard nut to crack. You need to opt wisely so as you keep getting a consistently good quality through out the tenure.


6. Don’t Expect to Pay Peanuts and Expect Quality


Pay them well or else they would be not putting enough efforts or give adequate time as they will be on a look out for a better opportunities.

Also, it is equally important to see if the quality of their work if worth the payment. So it should be a pure balance for what work you are seeking and what you pay for it should be fair enough for both the parties.

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7. Don’t Break the Loop: Always Maintain a Proper Communication


Communication is the key to work done and work done according to the requirements.

In absence or the lack of communication it creates a lot of misunderstandings and the required work and delivered work is not always in the sync.


8. Don’t Pay in Advance Unless the Work is Done


Always keep a part payment on hold unless you receive the complete work done according to the plan.Once you get the work in good shape never delay the payments and get on to the next phase of work.


9. Don’t Continue without a Proper Agreement and Contract


Always start with a proper agreement agreed upon mutually so as everything is clear in black and white and there is no room to confusions.


10. Don’t Rely on Verbal Communication for day-to-day work


Keep everything on email. All work assignment and reports should be properly communicated over the email on daily basis.There shall not be any instance of taking or assigning the work verbally. Keeping records and regular updates is crucial to the consistency and clarity of work done versus the work assigned.


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