9 Entrepreneurship Development Ideas for Creating your Own Small Business

9 Best Small Business Ideas which you can Start with Bare Minimum Investment


Want to be an entrepreneur? Are you hesitant of becoming one? Do you have fear as to whether you’ll be able to make it big or not? There are people who dream of owning a business. This dream can come true when you have passion, dedication and most importantly a great business idea and efficient team.

A good business idea that is able to solve some problem and help people in some way would get acceptance quickly. In today’s busy lifestyle of people when they don’t want to make effort to do various things themselves rather get things outsourced, there are various ideas that can do great for you as an entrepreneur.

Below mentioned are some of the great ideas to start your own business:-


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Best Small Business Ideas


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9 Ideas to Become an Entrepreneur and Start your own Business



Not everyone of us is cut out for 9 to 5 official jobs. I also used to work in a company but i new and had a feeling that someday i would quit my regular job. There were many personal reasons why i thought that way. Attitude and state of mind are two most important factors that tell you if you are meant for doing a regular job or not.

So, the foremost important thing is that you must be sure and confident that you want to earn your living and make a career of your own. There are lots of plus and minus points to it as it is with every thing in our lives.


#1. Start your Online Store



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Start your own eStore which you can manage from your home 


You can start your online store easily. All you need is a website and a good e-commerce software. Visit here to find 5 best websites to start your own Online store in minutes.

If you are into handicraft items, home-made products, textiles and any other category, you can sell it through your online portal.

This is very much trending and accepted idea in the market so is the reason big retailers have turned online as it gets them more customers.


#2. Career Coaching



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Start Career Coaching as a self owned profession 


If inspiring people for a living is what you love and is what your passion is, then you can start with career coaching practice.


This area will allow you to work with young people looking for career advice & want to know which course/ field to opt for to get their dream job as well older people who are looking for a shift and change in their on-going career.


Also freshers,who may be looking for advices on how to prepare for job interview, resume building and other such professional guidance.


You may look more of such opportunities online on these top 100 websites for employment and jobs



#3. Online Retail Consultant


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Start working independently as an Online Retail Consultant 


This is the best option for those who have knowledge of e-commerce and selling on these e-commerce platforms. You can provide the service of guiding the retailers who want to go online or who are already online, how can they turn it into success.

You can provide training on social media, using social media tools, product picture quality, description, customer service, queries handling and other activities related to online selling.

Ecommerce has grown into a very big industry. There are e-commerce companies where billion dollars sale happens overnight.

You should also design a portfolio website for this and you should mention it in your visiting card. Networking is very important for this business. Also, create your profile and page over popular social media sites as they could bring you a lots of leads if you do it smartly.



#4. Become an Event Planner



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Run your own business as an event planner


If you love throwing or organizing parties and events, this can turn to be a great business idea for you. It’s like turning your passion into business.

Today event planners are needed by all be it wedding planning, birthday planning, awards, sports leagues, concerts, shows or other events. Demand for this service is huge and so the ones who loves to do this can get into it.

This field would require you to be patient with your clients and do not react negatively in unfavorable situations.


#5- Home-Based Food Service



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Start a Home-Based Food Service providing business 


The ones good in cooking or baking stuff, why not make it your source of regular income? Do what you love and make money out of it. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Test your culinary skills with this great home-based food business idea. Later, take it to even bigger level once you have a huge customer base.

Promote a catering business over these top classifieds

Tips to Promote your Food Business over Social Media



#6. Home Day Care


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Starting Home Day Care could be a great business Idea


It gets hard for working parents to bring home and work-life balance. It gets difficult for them to look after their kids regularly. Not only working parents, but others too.

Sooner or later every parent feel the need for a babysitter, be it for just a day or hours. This is the need of the audience which you can serve to.

Provide them the home day care service where you or team can take care of kids till their parents are busy. You can earn well with this home based child care centre which is a great business idea.

No professional expertise or training is required for this.


#7. Energy Efficiency Consultant



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Energy Efficiency Consultants are in great demand 


In order to lower the energy expenses (which is not an easy job for a layman), People as well as business houses often look for the ways to cut the cost incurred on such expenses.

Therefore, if you are from construction or utilities background than you can provide the service of an advisor telling them how to install smart meters,low down use of water, etc. This is one service line you can opt for starting as an entrepreneur.



#8. Become a Virtual Assistant



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Virtual Assistants are in great demands now-a-days 


A laptop, a good website, social media presence will be cherry on top. Yes, that’s all you need to start with this work. If you know about working on administrative front and want to work for yourself and not under others than this is the field for you.

You can take the projects of doing the work of managers or owners who are not able to take out time for it may be because they want to focus on core areas of business. Therefore, you can do the work of email shooting, answering queries, follow up with the customers, bills & other such tasks.

Work from home as an entrepreneur and make your name big in this line so that people know you for your work and want your services.

Read here a small but useful Tips for Personal and Professional life management for work from Home entrepreneurs. The article will guide you on how to manage online job and keep a balance between work and life.



#9. Social Media Manager or Consultant


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Working as a Social Media Consultant is a great hit option



If you are an expert in social media along with all the tools and techniques related Social Marketing then you can work for the marketing firms as an outsourcing firm providing the service of helping businesses in making the best from their social media campaigns and various other stuff related to it.

From small to big businesses and from entrepreneurs to politicians, everywhere there is a great demanding for someone who could handle social media promotions.

Along with social media management you can also run Facebook ads and Google Adwords campaigns for their digital marketing.

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