Social Media for Food Related Businesses- Marketing Tips for Beginners

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Social Media Marketing Beginners Tips for Food Business Owners.

How to use Social Media to be Successful in Marketing Food and Eatery Items.

The reason which popularize food business much on social media is the trait that social media is best for word of mouth publicity nowadays. Most of us are checking out activities by our Facebook friends on our timeline and this is where the businesses find mileage.

When someone in our Social media circle recommends an eatery or a food outlet or even regularly visits it and marks checkins, all his Facebook friends are reached out and come to know about his most visited food places.

Not only Facebook but its true for all other social media platforms like getting inspired from Instagram pictures, Pinterest Pictures and so on.

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Social Media for Food Business Owners

Find out how social media is such an effective medium for food business owners:


#1. Start an online store on Facebook and Instagram





Like other sellers and small business owners you can also multiply your sales by setting up an online store on Facebook, Instagram, and other such social media platforms where you can integrate your online shop.


If you offer fresh foods then you will have to narrow down your audience as per their location and only the users will could be turned into customers who live nearby to your food shop or restaurant. But, if you also sell the foods that can be well preserved and can be used for longer period then the location can’t be a boundary!


Still, there are lots of types of foods and eatables that could be stored for longer time and delivered anywhere to the customers. In this case, opening an online shop on social media platforms could do wonders to your business and sales.

There are 2-3 ways to sell your food related products on Facebook. The first one is that where you create a page (shop) on Facebook and add other selling and shopping features to it which are provided by facebook for free.

The most popular and effective way to sell your food products on Facebook is by using Shopify online store builder.

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#2. Food Pictures Inspires Foodies


Who does not droll over the sight of his favorite food pictures ?


The good photography for this very reason has become an increasingly important part of the food and beverage industry.

A lavishly laid table with well presented food platter when combined with a professional food photography is enough to draw the foodie to your doorsteps.

Pictures inspire the foodies and sharing the food pictures across social media has become a norm. Whenever a customer is dining at your restaurant there are chances that they will share the picture of the food and tag your eatery as well if they like it. This way they become your direct promoters.

#3. A Combo of Food and Entertainment


Food and entertainment has been rightly mixed and presented over social media. It has been widely promoted across all the social media channels to lure in the food and beverages enthusiasts.

It has become a leading business idea in Food and beverages industry. More and more food enthusiasts are been attracted towards the eateries with this delay bait of food mixed with entertainment and widely popularized.

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#4. Real Time Events


Real time events have gained massive popularity owing to social media events updates and events sharing across social media. Facebook events and Twitter trends are the biggest tools.There are several other tools across other social media platforms to market and spread awareness about your events.

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#5. Friends and Relatives spread the word


Friends and relatives connected all over on our social media networks are a great way to promote and spread the word. If one or the other friends are going to attend a event all the others will come to know about it through shares and feeds.

This is how social media becomes a great tool to spread awareness about daily events and parties.

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#6. Celebrate Special Occasions


Celebrating special events, launching or introducing special dishes on specific events has become a popular tool to attract the food enthusiasts.

Social media plays an important role by helping spread across these information at a faster rate as well as more lucrative way by images, infographics and videos.

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