6 Best Cooking Apps for Android based Mobiles

Last updated on December 27th, 2018 at 11:11 am

Best mobile apps for those who not only love food but Cooking also


We all love food but that doesn’t necessarily mean we all love cooking as well or are great cooks. With internet now cooking is no more a tough job.

We all can try & be a good cook. By watching instructional videos, reading recipe notes from chefs & people around the world you get to learn a lot.

Apps have made the process much easier. You can set & manage & learn things (cooking here in this context) according to your convenience, suitability, taste & preference with these apps.

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Mobile apps: Cooking and recipes

List of Top 6 Mobile Apps for Cooking and Recipes

Bringing you top applications that could help you learn cooking:-

1. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

This cookery app is full of amazing recipes that are submitted by its members.
The choice of ingredients lies with you & then app serves up recipes based on your selected ingredients.

The new version of the app is bigger & better giving you seasonal recipes & moreover the videos of the recipes too. You even get to see which recipe ingredients are on sale near you & you can be suggested the recipes based on those ingredients.

Its super search option allows you to search according to diet, cooking or ingredients you want or don’t want.

The app has 1 million downloads with 4.4 rating on a scale of 5 & is available for free.

2.  BigOven


350,000+ Recipes:- With millions of its users, BigOven stands to be one of the popular apps for cooking. Giving access to over 350,000 recipes right from classic breakfast, lunch, and dinner to treats like dessert, sweets etc.

You can save your favorite recipes. The most important part being the utilization of leftovers in your fridge. Just type up the ingredients, and you get to know what you can make.
The free version is not ad free but covers up all the basic features.

Additional features comes with the premium version like  a RecipeScan feature that allows you upload yourself written recipes, private notes on recipes & lots more.


3. ChefTap Recipe App



ChefTap Recipe App is an app that allows you to clip recipes from any website or blog, Save pictures of recipes from the web site, or attach your own.

Its like you can import millions of recipes from any website & create your own collection. For instance, suppose you like a recipe on Pinterest, now all you’re required to do is share the pin or the whole pinboard with ChefTap, it will be added to your collection.

The app has got lots of other features too that  includes offline access, scanning bookmarks, sorting recipes in different ways, editing any recipe on your device etc. 4.4 star rating out of 5 makes it clear enough that the app is worth downloading.


4. Cookpad Recipes


Allowing you to get access over 150,000 recipes, cookpad is the apt application for you if you love or want to learn cooking.

With cookpad recipes in your phone you can find recipes from other cooks. People can post the picture of the recipe tried by them & comment on other posts too.

This is a great platform to share & find new recipes. The app also provides you calories and nutritional information for most of the recipes.

It even allows you to share recipes via Twitter, email, SMS, Facebook & others. Initially this application was known with the ‘Allthecooks’ later it changed to Cookpad. It has 10 million downloads with 4.2 ratings out of 5 by 48,422 users.


5. Food Network In The Kitchen


The app gives you instant access to thousands of recipes from popular chefs & shows. You can search for recipes by chefs or ingredients whichever suitable. Save your favorite recipes, watch videos, share with family/friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Its multiple cooking timer feature helps you to keep open multiple tabs open at once. The app is very interesting and keeps on adding new recipes every month.

Users can give & read ratings to the dish & write/read reviews as well which is quite informative to keep you aware as to what new is added or what changes are made or suggested by the people to a certain dish.

The app has millions of users & is available for free. Why not take benefit from it?


6. What’s For Dinner Recipes


Many a times we feel like having our recipe book while we shop for groceries in a grocery store so as to make a perfect recipe.

With this ‘What’s for dinner recipe’ app to an extent this has become possible. It gives you access to multiple popular recipe websites just on the go.

The app has not been updated since 2012 but still of great use. Had it been updated, it could have been a major player amongst the other cookery apps.

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