What 3 Marketing Lessons you Should Learn from Apple Company?

Last updated on December 27th, 2018 at 11:27 am

How Apple Company’s Marketing Strategy became Incomparable and went Beyond Excellence?

The concept of marketing in the world of techno-giants often perceived wrong because the opinion of engineers is frequently taken into account more than user requests. Marketing approach of Apple Inc is very differ from other companies. For example, iPhone production is a very long process.

The product manager (not an engineer) monitors all stages so that the final product corresponds to the planned concept and not the tastes and desires of engineers. The next few years will be very interesting for Apple.

The growth rate of innovation slows down and consumers are becoming more demanding. But despite these forecasts there is no doubt that Apple’s marketing is incomparable with anything else.


While the company is developing its marketing strategy, let’s stop for a moment and consider the most impressive marketing achievements of Apple Inc.

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Apple’s Marketing Lessons for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


1. Create a sensual intrigue

For most advertisers sound is the second largest item after the video. There is no doubt that sound has a huge impact on the audience. However, TV channels currently oversaturated with marketing media products: a set of commercials that attack us every day.

This causes the “stunning” effect. Each clip is very bright and loud.

All together they fiercely compete for our attention. The whole flow of sounds and colors is a backlash. With a new portion we close ourselves and start to react less to these stimuli.

A brilliant quote of David Ogilvy comes to mind: “Try to see an advertisement with the sound turned off. If it doesn’t sell without a sound – it is useless.”

Apparently, Apple made this practice a step further.

They not only made sure that the advertising should involve no sound, but made “no sound” the element of  attraction. A clear example: a Saturday night you cook dinner in the kitchen.

A TV behind you creates the noise. You hear vaguely familiar and boring advertising slogans, and suddenly you’re
surrounded with silence.Absolute silence. In this age of information noise silence is expensive.

You will turn around by intuition just to see what is happening with the TV. What’s else to say – think different.

And don’t be afraid to stand out from others.


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2. The sequence in time and range


Too often brands have lack of consistency, whether it is between the offline and online campaigns, or between the pages of the site. In fact, frequent change of logo, design, branding within the same brand is common now.It’s sad, because awareness is a critical component of brand loyalty. But if the company is changing the image as socks, it is very difficult to remain a loyal companion.

Sometimes it’s difficult even to keep a company in memory.

This is a problem of many brands, but not Apple. You can pick up all the commercials for the last 10 years and each of it will have the recognizable components. No revolution in branding – only natural, planned evolution for

In the process of evolution there is a clear sequence and strategy. You won’t find revolutionary differences between the models and generations of products. So that’s how Apple company is encouraging brand loyalty. And the lesson is simple: think farther and don’t change your brand style.


3. Promote, encourage imagination and manifestations of emotions

Apple Inc has the highest level of content marketing. Thus, it will provide best-in-class examples and source of inspiration.

In the advertising, Apple pays attention to the environment in which the product is used, but not on the dry facts about the technical characteristics.

Apple’s commercials have habitual recognizable images:

–     young people with Apple products in the hands in front
of tremendous landscapes;
–    girl that solves relationship problems via FaceTime;
–    man listening to music on the bus.


All of these stories evoke emotions in the consumer regardless of their language, location, skin color, or religious beliefs. Those are universal, everyday scenes familiar to everyone.We compare our experience with the advertising message.

Therefore, the emotional marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to appeal to the audience.

So, present your product as a solution to a person’s problem in a clear and simple way.

The peculiarity of the world of technologies is that we can not just go and create something new and cool for a couple of months. No, it will take six months or even a year. But here is a bad luck. Users require something at the moment.But as soon as the market will offer it, they will want to have something else. It turns out that if you take into account only the desires of consumers, you can quickly drive yourself in a remote corner.

Apple team understands that they create products not just for anyone, but especially for themselves. That’s why their marketing strategy always wins.

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