How to Create Instagram Ads Using Facebook Ad Manager- Instagram Advertising Tips for Beginners

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A Step by Step Beginners Guide for Using Instagram Sponsored Ads


With 500 million plus users Instagram is now one of the fastest growing social media platform. The era of verbiage is now taken over by pictures and videos. For this very reason Instagram is becoming a big hit in the present times.

Instagram ads are highly targeted and allows audience of the required demographic connect with the brand immediately.

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Instagram ads are being a big hit ever since it has started for the advertisers.

They are proving to yield much better results than even the most effective Facebook ads for some categories. Cosmetics and beauty as well as healthcare tops the chart.

If you choose to use Facebook ads manager instead of the power editor to run the Instagram ads you shall follow the following steps and start running ads immediately.


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Steps to Create Instagram Ads Using Facebook Ad Manager


5 Steps Easiest Guide for Creating Instagram Ads with Facebook Ads Manager

Instagram ads are the most effective social media advertising methods to get the best visibility and reach out to the most targeted audience. Learn how to start with Instagram ads now!

Creating Instagram ads should not be that difficult. As you may know that Instagram is owned by Facebook. So, if you want to advertise on Instagram then you have to do it from Facebook Ads Manager. The good thing is that you can manage your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns from a single place by creating an account at Facebook Business Manager.

Read the below given steps to easily create ads for advertising on Instagram social media platform.


1. Connect Your Facebook Page to Business Manager


This is the initial step to get started with Instagram advertising. You are required to link your main Facebook page to Facebook’s Business Manager. Visit here to create a Facebook Business Manager account.

Once you’re done with this part, you have to now connect it with your Instagram ads.

If you are not aware of Business Manager & you’ll be going to use it for the first time then it would be better to know about its pros & cons & its working.


Steps to set up Business Manager:


– Click on get started.

– Answer questions about your business.

– Select your Facebook business Page.

– Write your personal details that are asked to fill.

You’ll see the new business account setting up.

After you’re done with this, you need to connect your business manager account to your Facebook page.

Follow the steps below:

– Click on Business Settings

– Choose pages from its pop-out menu

– At the top right, click on Add New Page button

– Based on the what page you want to add, follow the given options


2. Connect your Facebook Ads Account to Business Manager


As the header here indicates, you now need to connect Facebook Ads account to your business manager for your Instagram ads.

Follow these steps:


– Click on Business settings

– You see a pop-menu, select Ad accounts

– Add Facebook ads account to your business manager

– You need to choose from the options of 3

In case you already have a Facebook ads account, you further have to follow few different steps:


– Copy your account ID from Facebook Ads Manager Account Settings.

– Select the 2nd option i-e “Claim an Ad Account for My Business Manager.”

– Paste your account ID in the box shown.


3. Adding your Instagram Account to Facebook Business Manager

Here comes the 3rd step in the process of Instagram Advertising.

To-do list for this includes:


– Click on Business Settings.

– Select Instagram Accounts from the pop-out menu that appear.

– Enter your Instagram username and password to add your Instagram account.

– Now connect your Instagram account to the Facebook ads account that you want to use for Instagram advertising.


4. Setting up your Instagram Ads in Power Editor


For the same, you’re required to follow the steps below:

– Go to Facebook Power Editor page to check if you fulfill the eligibility criteria for Instagram Ads

– Go to Ads account in business manager

– Select link to Power Editor

Now in this step first time users of Power Editor will be asked to download certain stuffs.

Secondly, a message saying you can start using Instagram ads will appear.

If it doesn’t appear, you just click the + Create Campaign button enabling you to see your eligibility to use Instagram ads.

You can create a new campaign for your Instagram ad or choose the existing one. But for the purpose of advertisement, you must select from Clicks to Website, Mobile App Installs or Video Views.

– Next step from now would be to choose an existing ad set or create a new one, and then create a new ad.

– Create button will take you to your campaign in Power Editor. Click on the View Ad Set link to set your campaign spending limit.

– You can schedule your Instagram ad, set your budget in the Ad Set settings. Also you can configure your Instagram ad audience.

– Select where you want your ad placement. If you want for Instagram only, choose only that.

– Below it Choose from the options which devices you want to use it from.

– Choose your bidding option as per your budget & willingness to pay.

– Select from Advanced delivery options (Standard & Accelerated).

– Now click on the Ads icon to the left to find your ad settings to configure your ad finally.

– Select your Facebook page and Instagram account.

– Create your Instagram ad.

– At last, to upload your ad, click the green Upload Changes button & submit it to Facebook.

– Once you’re done with this step, Make sure you’re able to see your new Instagram ad in your Ads Manager.


5. Reviewing the Results


Once your ads start running then you should start analyzing and reviewing the performance of your overall account.

Keep on visiting your Ads Manager regularly to review the results of your Instagram ad campaigns.


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