Top 9 Hosting Companies where you can Host your Website for Free

9 Best Free Web Hosting Companies for Starting your Website without paying anything

All set to explore the lucrative online and digital marketing arena, affiliate marketing or trying to get your online presence for your startup business, we have chosen this topic today for all those who are trying to get their stuff online on budget.

We intend to bring to you the best free web hosting sites so that you can get a hang of online arena without having to spend on web hosting sites for their paid plans.

With increasing popularity and lucrative opportunities online, internet seems to be the fastest and easiest channel where there is something for everyone. Reach out to the potential audience and get through the clients all at the click of the finger.

Seems all like a dreamland! It indeed is with these best free web hosting sites.

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Best Free Web Hosting Providers 


This was certainly easier earlier when not many businesses and brands were online and those who were there was not much aware of the online and digital marketing practices to market online in the best possible manner.

But now with more and more brands tirelessly promoting online with big budgets it has become a tough fight for the small fishes.

This doesn’t mean that small fishes are all getting eaten up. There are many free web hosting users who are faring well in the market and have set an example how you can grow your business online without having to spend a dime.

There are so many smart ways and unexplored arenas where one can take the shot and hit the bulls eye to achieve success online.

We have kept in mind the beginners who would certainly not want to spend a dime and test waters using these free web hosting sites before they could actually built something enormous. It is wisest to start all free, and gradually start by wetting one feet at a time.

Even for the beginners at initial stage, they want to kind of play around and explore the site and later when they get knowledge before they go for premium hosting. Beginners get skeptical about going for premium features as they have just started exploring the possibilities available online. Here is where the free web hosting sites service providers come in the picture!

Anything that comes free would certainly have its own pros and cons. So like any other freebies even free hosting comes with cons which is fair enough to deal with if it comes at no cost and serves our purpose as well.

We have discussed the cons at the end of the article here itself so that you can get a complete feel of what it is going to be like when you opt for a free hosting through these free web hosting sites.

If you are a beginner/newbie and want to learn with a free web hosting then here are some of the best free web hosting sites listed below for you.


Take a look and see which one you want to choose for you:


List of Website Hosting Companies that offer Free Web space

Everyone loves freebies but those who are trying to enter the online and digit marketing arena and are too keen to have some hands on experience can explore free web sites to gain insight and start developing the skills without spending a dime.


1. -free web hosting site-200x39Visit Website :



Offering some of the coolest features to the users since 2004, this website takes zero price from you when you opt for a free web hosting. The layout is amazing and the site is easy to navigate. It is it’s features that makes it even more amazing other than it being free of cost. So this is one of our top picks for free web hosting sites for the beginners.

Check out the following features that one can have access to after registering for its free web hosting services.

– It allows custom advertisements i-e the ads are displayed only if you allow

– It offers the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and cPanel

– Also it offer a one-click web software installation and an easy to use website builder

– Great customer support service

– Disk space from 100 MB to 2500 MB

– Allows much bandwidth

– Various upload options like FTP, Browser, SiteCopy

– Private cloud hosting


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2. web hosting site-200x39Visit Website :


To get your website go online is just a matter of few minutes if you go for freehosting company. is our another top pick for the best free web hosting sites that we have selected for the beginners, which can give them maximum benefits of free web hosting.

The list of features that makes a part of it are:

– Offer hundreds of free web templates

– Supports 3 PHP version (you can choose which version you want to select according to your website’s requirements)

– 20 GB Disk Space available with 200 GB bandwidth traffic

– No ad banners, no annoying pop-ups, no text links
– Allows you to create free sub domains

– Tools like:

a. Script Installer to install popular scripts like phpBB, WordPress and Joomla

b. Free website builder with plenty of templates to create professional looking web sites

c. Control Panel to manage your account

d. phpMyAdmin to manage your MySQL database

e. WebMail to access your E-Mail online

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3. web hosting site-200x39Visit Website :


Making it in the top list of best free web hosting sites because of its great features. Control panel, add-on domain & sub-domains, file manager, FTP account, free tech support and various other features are offered by this website. Some of the unique features that adds to its value are:-

– Monthly transfer of 200 GB

– 1000 MB disk space with 5500 GB bandwidth traffic

– No pop-ups, No ads & Free hosting

– Allows you to have 50 add-on domains, 50 parked domains & 50 sub domains

– Free customer support 24/7

– Error Page manager

– 50 My SQL databases.

4. web hosting site-200x39Visit Website :


With you can host your WordPress blog within the span of mere 2 minutes. Doesn’t that makes it interesting? What more you can ask for. You even get free subdomain name like a Isn’t it cool to have this site listed in the best web hosting sites?

Talking about its features then it has numerous to offer:

– It offers web space of 1000 MB and data transfer of 5000 MB

– Provides PHP 4 and PHP 5 support

– Free site builder tool “Soholaunch.”

– 24/7 customer support

– Eco friendly web hosting

– Offers advanced control panel

– hosting plans support a free hosting of WordPress blog and free Joomla hosting that includes an automatic installation & configuration

– Free domain name registration. Its free hosting plan enables to register free domain names only with a extension

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5. Award Space

Award Space-free web hosting site-200x39Visit Website : is catering to the clients of its free web hosting services since 2003 and is one of the biggest free web hosting sites.It claims to have over 2.5 + Million Customers onboard. Its customer service is also quite quick as compared to other free hosting providers.

– Host 1 Domain and 3 Sub-Domains

– 1 Free email account

– Web based File Manager

– WordPress and Joomla Installer

– 100 % Ad Free

– Free Website builder

– 1GB Disk Space

– 5 GB Monthly Traffic

– 1 MSQL Database

– 99.9 % Network Uptime

– 24/7 Customer Support

6. 5GB Free

5GB Free-free web hosting site-200x39Visit Website :

It is a five year old free web hosting site which is a US based PCI and SAS 70 type II type data centre, which means a more secure data server for your web hosting.

After 5 GB if one needs to upgrade it will only cost 2.95 $ pro 5 GB Plan with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited customer support.

– 5 GB Space

– 20 GB Bandwidth

– 1 FTP Account

– 3 MSQL Databases

– 1 Addon Domain

– 1 Parked Domain

– Ads Free Feature

– Forum Based Support

– C Panel Admin

– PHP Ability

– Installatron : Multi platform Application Installer

7. Infinity Free

Infinity Free-free web hosting site-200x39Visit Website :

Infinity free is another great free web hosting site where you need not spend a dime and get your website hosted. You can host as many websites as you want with is catering to its client since 2011 for free web hosting services. Its 100 % ads free which provides a good scope for those looking to monetize their website with affiliate ads.

– Unlimited Disk Space

– Unlimited Websites

– Unlimited Bandwidth

– Fastest free hosting

– Ads Free

– Free Website Builder

– Automatic Installer to Install 300 + scripts like wordpress, Joomla etc

– 99.9 % Uptime

8. Freehostia

Freehostia-free web hosting site-200x39Visit Website : is another top free web hosting site which we have picked for our top picks.

It provides free web hosting for up-to 5 domains per customer. They have a yummy name for their free hosting plan called as the chocolate hosting plan.

– Upto 5 Domains Hosting

– 250 MB Disc Space

– 6 GB Monthly Traffic

– 3 e-mail Accounts

– 1 MSQL v.5 Databases

– 10 MB MSQL Storage



Visit Website : web hosting site-200x39


Established in 2003 is based in  Germany. It has over 800 000 + websites and over 120 000 domains registered with them. It is one of the market leaders in free web hosting sites with a very solid client-base and services.

– Unlimited Traffic- 100 MB Storage

– 1 Hosted Domain

– Free Email Sending

– Joomla and WP Installer

– 3 Subdomains

– 100 % No Ads

– 1 MySQL Database v.5

– PHP v.5

– FTP, IMAP, Webmail, POP3

– 1 Email STMP ON

– 1 Email Spam Filter

Here is another great video you will never want to miss out!

Learn how to host your website for free on Amazon Web Services. I found it quite helpful and though of sharing with you all who are exploring the possibilities of free hosting.


Why free hosting is only recommended for the beginners?

The reason we suggested free hosting only for beginners is due to certain disadvantages of free hosting. Beginners are learners and they do not necessarily need to spend just to learn when it can be done for free as far as their interest is not getting affected.

Here are some of the disadvantages of free WordPress hosting:


– The space and bandwidth is limited

– No proper customer service. In Fact it is terrible

– No backup option for the free users available in case something bad happens

– You may get banned or suspended anytime without any information from their end on such action

– Free hosting negatively affects your blogs SEO


It is due to these disadvantages that we recommend free WordPress hosting for beginners who want to learn. As an already established user you must use premium WordPress hosting so that your blogs & website does not get affected negatively.

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