Website Conversion Tips- 10 Secrets to EARN more from your Online Store

How to Increase the Conversion Rate of your Website- 10 Must Follow Tips for Online Store Owners


How many of your prospective customers actually end up buying from you is what your conversion rate is. If you see it in case of website then conversion rate is the number or percentage of visitors that make a purchase.Or if you are simply doing blogging and earning by displaying ads from advertisers (i.e, Google AdSense) then the number of page views per visitor would be conversion rate of your blog or website.

Increasing number of visitors should not be the sole aim of the websites rather these should concentrate on improving the conversion rate.

Working on this front is not a tough task. Few simple techniques and you can improve your website’s performance increasing conversion rate.

Here are some of these stated below, check them out!


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Tips to Improve your Website Conversion Rate





Check out what are the 10 Secrets using which you can really higher the conversion rate of your Website:-


Secrets of Websites with High Conversion Rates

What are the Secrets of Websites with High Conversion


1- Be Informative


This is one of the signs of a good website that it provides the users with all the necessary information. It does not stands like merely an online catalog rather it includes articles, reviews, advice, etc to support and guide the users in their buying process.

The users look around to gather information by checking out website initially just like they do research offline. Now if you succeed in creating an impression at that very point of time than chances are more that the users will get back to you for purchasing the products. Therefore, try and make the experience memorable for them.

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2- Your USP Matters

Each and every company has its Unique Selling Preposition(USP) but not all of them are aware of it. Know your USP and let others know about it as well because this is the tool that will get you going amidst tough competition.
If you are offering free delivery, good customer service, low priced products or any other service that others are not providing than count it as your USP and emphasize on it.

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3- Upselling & Cross-selling


Do not just stick to show only the items that the customers are viewing rather list out all the similar items to what the customers viewed because they might change their mind and not buy what they selected at the first attempt instead switch to the other product in line.

Give value to the visitors when they come to buy from your site.

Up-selling and cross-selling are the strategies that come out to be the best here.

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4- Keep Users Updated


People get impatient about the delivery once they order something online.Therefore, the users/buyers must be kept informed on things like estimated delivery date, product dispatched date, online tracking details, and more.

This will leave them happy and they will think about buying from you again in future.

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5- Reasons To Trust


Give your customers the reasons to trust you. There are people who get skeptical about shopping online thinking that their card details would be needed, the delivery might not be assured and other doubts.
Design your website well and infuse the content in a way that it shows you take pride in what you do and your customers are your priority. Give the reflection of honesty, trust, transparency, surety, promise through your website to help your users trust you without a doubt.


6- Good Returns Policy


Yes, now that’s what impresses the users. A good returns policy means the chances of users turning into buyers gets increased.

Return policy like 28 days from delivery, free shipping, No pay to return things, etc can be some impressive features that can motivate the users to buy from you.


7- Don’t Ask Unnecessary Questions

Dont Ask Unnecessary Questions for improving website conversions-300x200
Don’t Ask Unnecessary Questions to your customers 

Time is a precious thing. Nobody wants to waste it.

When websites ask for too much information from the buyer then it gets irritating and he/she might end up saying goodbye to you.

Do not ask for the things you don’t really require information on.

Don’t force registrations or ask for email id or phone number compulsorily unless you need it.

Provide them with the options to do so.


8- Maintain Clarity, Transparency, and Honesty



Maintain Clarity Transparency and Honesty for improved web conversions-300x200
Maintain Clarity, Transparency, and Honesty towards your users 
If the product is not in the stock then do not fake that information. Say it is out of stock & not available for now.No hidden fees should be there. Shipping charges, commission, etc everything must be clearly shown to the users.

Do not keep them in dark for it will do no good to you.


9- Accessibility


Inaccessible website tends to go low on sales as compared to the accessible ones.You may lose on many of your potential customers if the site is not accessible as you might not be shown up in search engines as a result of it.

Make your site easily accessible.

Shift your web hosting immediately if it is the cause of trouble.

Make sure that as per the number of unique visitors your server is quite robust and strong enough to bear the extra spikes in traffic on some specific days. Find here the list of Best website hosting companies.

Every movement and every thing counts when it comes to boosting online visibility of your business or online store.

Don’t ever let your website go offline for it will create a very bad impression to whoever comes to visit it.

10- Payment Options


Offer multiple payment options to your users/buyers. Not every person uses credit card or if he/she uses then possibly not every time. Make sure you don’t complicate user’s life. Make easier for them. Consider various alternative methods of payments so that users are left with a wide choice to make.➤How to use Twitter to Increase your website traffic dramatically?


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