Why and How to Create a Mobile Friendly Responsive Website with Web Builders

Last updated on May 12th, 2021 at 01:59 pm

Learn how to Create a Mobile Responsive Website and What are the Benefits of the Mobile Friendly Sites.


Today more and more people prefer using mobile device for surfing around the internet. Keeping this fact in mind websites are now becoming more and more focused on becoming responsive to mobile & similar devices like tablets, iPad etc.


This has become extremely important in current scenario. A website which is not user friendly on mobile devices would not be liked by anyone. Firstly getting visitors for your website itself is quite a task and on the top of it losing visitors can be a serious issue.

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Creating a Mobile Responsive Website


Websites are receiving more than 60% of traffic from the mobile devices is a good indicator why brands would focus on making the websites more friendly for mobile phone users. Check out these quick tips for responsive website.

Therefore, to know how to create a mobile responsive website is imperative for your success.


Before Proceeding on let Us First Know What Actually is a Mobile Responsive Website?

To put in simple terms, a mobile responsive website is that which adjusts the layout of the website according to the screen size of the device the visitor is on (desktop, smartphone, tablet or other).

Yes, the website detects the device the visitor is using and conform to the size of it. As we know different devices have different screen size. Be it a PC/ Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. The aim is to make the website content easily readable on the small mobile screen too.

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What Benefits the Mobile Friendly Responsive Website has for You?

The benefits of mobile responsive website is that the content and menu bar gets automatically rearranged to fit into the small screen. It does not shrink the size of the content or menu items rather the content sections of the site gets rearranged into a vertical column.

Menu bar gets shrunk into a tab which can be easily accessible on tapping. A mobile responsive website makes the visitor’s experience great.

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Who can Help Us in Making Our Website Mobile Responsive or Mobile-Friendly?


Well, need not to worry because you will not be required to hire skilled Freelance professionals who know website designing and coding perfectly whatever your needs may be.

There are self help website builders for you who can help you out & who have tools which are easy to use. You are required to sign up to use these tools. Once you are done with sign up stage, you will get the all the tools to add content to your website.

Drag & drop features are provided by these through which you can place the content anywhere you want on the website. All you need to do is manage the content part with their drag & drop tool i-e placing it on the website, rest the hosting and other technical things are managed by website builders.

One more important thing to check about your website is its speed and average loading time as these factors play a crucial role for making a successful website today!

You can find out how your website fairs in speed optimization areas by visiting this post which talks thoroughly about Website speed optimization and Tools to Check the Web Page Loading Time


Here’s Listing Down the Best Responsive Website Builders:

Creating a Mobile Responsive Website is Mandatory Today for too many reasons. Learn how to Create Mobile Friendly Website with the help of best in the market. Find below what tools and Website Builders are out there to help you build a responsive site.


1. Squarespace- The Leading Responsive Website Builder


This tops the list of the best responsive website builders. Squarespace has pre-designed templates which looks stunning and make your website give a more professional look and beautiful feel that leaves the visitors with the thought that you have invested a lot in your website.



Squarespace responsive website builder- Get all the tools and predesigned Templates


Squarespace not only creates good looking websites but also provides full-time support. The queries are heard and the answers are generated within an hour. Squarespace users are seen praising the tool have very positive response for it. Thus making it the market leader in creating responsive websites.

Squarespace also offers 14 days free trial. So you explore ins & outs as much as you can & see if that’s the right option for you.


Landing pages are very important for any given website and you should not ignore them. The real success of a website heavily depends on landing pages. So, find out how should you design effective and apt landing pages of your website here.



2. DudaOne- Responsive Website builder


This is yet another responsive website builder. Although it is not as famous as squarespace is but it has got a special feature to offer alongside building user friendly websites.

This unique feature is that they can copy any website into DudaOne. It makes your job easy as you do not require to build the website all over again if you already have one existing and you want that to transfer to DudaOne.



DudaOne- Responsive Website builder-450x250
DudaOne- The Undisputed Leader in Creating Mobile Responsive Websites


The existing site can be copied by them without any time wastage. Also it does the work of imitating the design of the websites making just the duplicate of what (website design) you love. Insert the website’s address into DudaOne & there it gets you the replica of it.

But creative copyrights of other websites must be looked into & taken care off before you straight away copy it. DudaOne offers free trial for 30 days. Isn’t that more than enough to get a detailed idea of what the tool has to offer?

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