7 Ultimate YouTube Marketing Tips to Make an Impactful Explainer Video

Last updated on January 3rd, 2019 at 11:33 am

Beginners Tips to Make an Explainer Video that Increases the Engagement.

An explainer video can be a great way to familiarize your potential customers or general audience to your business, your products or services. A unique and creative explainer video can pave the way for a better engagement.



This video is like an investment that reap you fruit later in the form of new customers. Your audience would like to know about the working the product and need information, demonstration on different aspects before making up their mind to finally purchase the product.


Therefore, this explainer video is going to be the first impression you will leave on your audience. Make sure you nail it.



Make an Impactful Explainer Video-YouTube Video marketing Tips
Make an Impactful Explainer Video



7 Tips for Making an Explainer Video on Youtube


There are certain amazing tips laid down below for making a killer explainer video:-


1. Script is The Foundation

Script is the Foundation in Video making



Script must be written in a manner that best describes about your business. You can hire someone for purpose of writing it for you.


Make sure the person you hire is able have the same outlook for your company that you are intending to display to your audience via your video and that also in easily understandable way.


The script should be creative without being complicated so that the audience gets to understand why you stand as unique in certain area. What are the benefits of preferring you over competitors. The script is the foundation on which rest of everything is built. It should be convincing and inspiring.

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2. Keep it Short

keep your Explainer Video short 




People tend to forget lengthy messages, lengthy videos etc. Things are better remembered when kept short. But not at the cost of cutting down the main concern, main highlights, major points, issues, etc.

People hardly pay attention to long videos. Initially they can take interest but as when they find it lengthy and too much time-consuming, they lose interest and skip watching it. Don’t force people to reach to this point. Mention everything you want to tell them in a precise form being creative enough. The less you say, the more they remember.

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3. The Simple The Better


Do not complicate the video by mixing up things. Keep it simple so that the audience can understand it in a good light. 


All you need to focus upon is 4 things:-


What problems customers are facing?

What solution you have to offer in the form of product or service?

How the product or service works?

What next is to be done?

Tell them in the form of call-to-action. It is as simple as that. No over burdening yourself with irrelevant stuff and confusing your audience. Keep it simple.

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4. Speak of the Benefits


Speak of the benefits in your Video




There’s not point of consuming excess space in your video for merely listing out the features of the product. Remember, your customers are more interested in knowing the benefits of the product.


For example: if there is any technical product like laptop, mobile or any other gadget, etc do not just flood the customers with all the technical features like memory space, number of users, internal/external storage, etc.

Tell them how the product can make their lives better and solve their problem. Why will it be in their favour to purchase your product, lay emphasis on that.

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5. Audio Quality

Use professional voice for the explainer video. It could be that your voice quality might be good but not so impactful for the video because of the delivery or other issues.


You might take help of voices.com for the same.Get the fine quality voice for your video. Poor audio can affect the response badly as well as leave a bad impression as far as your image is concerned.

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6. Add Something Entertaining

Add something Interesting in your Video



No matter what, people love to get entertained. Be it anyone, a CEO, young & old, working or non-working, children etc, when watching a video people expect some fun out of it which could entertain them. Therefore adding humor, surprises, exciting clips can do great for you.


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7. Captivating Visuals


Effective visuals that can tell a story and go in sink with the audio in every single moment is one you call captivating. That leaves an impact in the minds of viewers for long. Here also too much detailing is not required. Keep things simple rather.


Proper tone must be used for the scenes in the video that is able to bring an emotional touch. Tone according to the mood of the video must be selected. There are various services available for the same, Tunefruit being one such services.


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