11 Things a Sales Person Should Never Do- Tips for Sellers

Last updated on January 3rd, 2019 at 12:19 pm

Hone Selling Skills: Avoid Doing These 11 Things and See your Sales Graph Rising Like Never Before

There’s a reason why some salespersons are successful and some are not. This reason is the difference in their way of dealing with the clients.
The traits of every sales representative differs from that of other be it in terms of learning, knowledge of product, ethical standards, listening and so on.
Well, every sales person can excel in its field if understand what they actually NOT need to do when selling the products. Bringing to you the list which illustrates what not to be done during the sales process. ( How to master your negotiation skills as a seller )

11 things that a seller should avoid- sellers tips
Tips for sellers- Things a Sales person Should Never Do


1- Never Ignore The Prospects Agenda


Disclosing agenda is of extreme importance. You will lose the prospect at just a hello if the agenda behind the meeting or speaking is not known.

You must not ignore asking why the prospect requested for the meeting or agree to speak to you. This gesture from your end will make them feel that you care for their needs and have interest in serving their needs.

2- Overlooking Prospect’s Needs


When you understand the prospect’s needs you are able to recommend them right products which they would want to see.

You can’t persuade them unless you know what they are looking for. Knowing and understanding the needs of your prospect is of supreme importance and is the centre of every smooth going business.
Why your prospect should purchase from you instead of the competitors, what unique you are offering and answers to all such questions can be given only when you are aware of their needs and requirements.
Moreover this gets even more important in case of technical products.



3- Mentioning Unwanted Benefits

Selling out of context benefits will be a waste. Avoid that. Focus on listing out the benefits that the prospects actually wants to derive out of the product.
The benefits that are related to the prospects needs only needed to be described. Mentioning unwanted benefits will just be exhausting and the prospect may lose interest in the product even if he/she was making up the mind at first to buy it.

4- Selling Only Products & Services

When the prospects won’t understand how the product is going to be a problem solver for a certain issue, why would they feel motivated to purchase it?

Remember, it’s not about selling a product or service, it’s about selling solutions instead. You add value to the product and make its importance felt when you mention the solutions it provide to the prospects for their needs. Selling solutions is a powerful tool to up your sales game. Do not take it lightly.

5- Showing that You Put Yourself First

Do not force the prospects to purchase because as a salesperson you are going to gain certain benefits in the form of bonus or prize.
The prospects are not interested in what you are going to gain. Do not put yourself first in front of them. Make them feel that you care for their needs and oblige them.

6- Being Unprepared

Rehearse well before you face the prospects. Empathize with them and think from your prospect’s perspective.

See what kind of questions can be asked for certain products and how you can handle your customers in the best manner. Deal after proper preparation so that you sound confident and prospects can trust you. Do not wing it.

7- Trying To Oversell Or Undersell


Both are not correct. When you offer or persuade them to buy more than they need, this may give you short term pleasure but later when customer starts feeling that it was out of greed that you pushed them to purchase more, this may lead to a negative impression and you may suffer later.


Similarly, selling too little when you are taking more amount from a customer, this can also hamper your sales. Strike a balance and do not oversell or undersell. Be fair without compromising your profit as well as customer’s benefit and satisfaction.

8- Being Fake Or Mislead


It would be good if stay honest with the prospects. You will get appreciated for being transparent and not covering up things because they were bad.

Do not mislead your prospects. Share the good as well as the bad with them. If they trust you, they will patronize you again and again. If you are not able to fulfil certain requirements of your customers, just be honest to them and ensure them you care and will try your best to provide them with what they need.

Do not let your reputation get affected as a result of not staying true to your audience/customers.

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