Promoting via You-Tube – Do’s and Don’ts of Youtube Marketing

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Learn the Do’s and the Don’t of Youtube Marketing and Start Promoting like a pro.


If you start taking about the benefits you can derive out of YouTube presence as a marketer, you will find numerous. You don’t really need t search or investigate as to how it’s going to help you out as one basic logical fact known to everyone is that in video marketing there’s no one close to YouTube , YouTube leads in this segment and is the biggest player so far.



The other reason is the largest search engine after Google. Standing second to Google because it is owned by Google itself. People before purchasing any new product like to know about it and through YouTube  they get to check the products, learn about its working and lots more. Gone are the days when you could avoid the video marketing part in your marketing strategy.


Promoting via You-Tube - Do's and Don'ts of Youtube Marketing
Do’s and Don’ts of Youtube Marketing



Today, it has become a must do thing and with YouTube  the trend has got even bigger and necessary. And when it is getting you immense amount of benefit then why would any marketer/business not make it a part of their marketing strategy?

But one thing that cannot be denied is that everything works out well when it is planned and organized well. Similar is the case with YouTube , it won’t get you results unless you understand how to make your presence effective, impactful and known.


Therefore, in order to guide you on this, let us take a look at the Do’s and Don’t of YouTube marketing:


Youtube Marketing: Do’s



1- Focus On Content


Your primary focus should be on the content you generate for your YouTube video. Make sure your content is fresh and not boring or repetitive. It should be in sink with the interests, need  of your target audience.

A careful consideration on this front needed to be given. The audience won’t click to see your video unless there lies something which they could relate to or that could work for them.

Your video should be such that it is able to connect you with the audience/viewers in a way that they find you considering their emotions. A meaningful story/content can go long way delivering great benefits for the business when talking about YouTube marketing.

2- SEO/ Keywords


Use the keywords that have more chances of getting searched on the search engine. Here you need to think from the perspective of the viewers as to what they might be searching for when looking for the kind of product/service you deliver or how they can reach to your video.


What keywords they must be typing that would bring up your video on the top list of search engine. Experiment with the keywords and the ones getting best results must be used often.


3- Video Appeal


A visually appealing video would attract huge amount of traffic. The very first impression about anyone or anything is developed by its looks. Same is the case with YouTube video. Remember, this video is a part of your online brand image.


People will position you/your brand good or bad or just okay on the basis of it appeal and content. Here in every single thing right from thumbnail to banners to trailer to quality of your video etc counts.


The creativity and attractiveness is an important aspect needed to be given attention here.


4- Tracking & Monitoring


With the help of YouTube analytics you can do so. You can easily monitor and track the performance of your YouTube channel and videos with up-to-date metrics and reports in YouTube Analytics.


Brands and media companies often use this tool to measure their video’s performance, growth and more. Up your strategy on regular basis. Be flexible in your approach. When things require change, change it without being sceptical or rigid.


Integrating your channel with advertisements you run can be good too. Work on the demographics part as well.


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Youtube Marketing: Don’ts




1- No Viral Marketing


Overdoing of anything is not good. Making all your videos viral won’t take you anywhere close to success. Choose your video format correctly and leave viral marketing video for the appropriate time and do not just make all your video viral.

2- Success Meter


Do not be only dependent on viewer numbers to measure the success of a video. It is not the only metric you can rely upon. There others as well like user engagement which is the key metric.Do not just count the views.

Check the subscribers and other measuring elements too.


3- Prime Content


Do not put your most popular content on the top. The format should be in accordance with what your audience wants to see. Arrange it in that matter. Putting on the basis of popularity can only highlight the videos but might hardly get you more subscribers.


4- No Mixing Up


Separate your consumer videos with corporate ones. Make it easy for the people to browse through your YouTube channel. Clarity of listing will interest them even more. Viewers might be looking for something specific via your channel so don’t mix up the content to confuse them as they may lose interest and shut down.

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