Twitter Automation Tools for Business- 16 Social Media Marketing Tools for Twitter Automation

Online Tools for Twitter – 16 Free Websites that Provide Twitter Social Media Marketing Automation Tools


16 Twitter Tools for Small Medium Business to Enhance Twitter Engagement.


Want to enhance your Twitter engagement? ‘Or’ Looking to give a push to your Twitter campaign? Well, as you all know, Twitter is a great platform for free advertising as well as paid ads.


Below is handpicked list of 16 free Twitter applications which can address to your concerns regarding the social media marketing success over Twitter.


With so many options available it is difficult to decide what to choose. So, here we have compiled a list of 16 Twitter Automation Tools which are mostly used by the industry experts to handle their valuable Twitter handles and agencies to handle their client’s business accounts.

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List of Top Tools for Twitter based Social media Marketing


Digital Marketing Automation Tools for Twitter- Why and How It’s Crucial for Business leads


If you go with Wikipedia then it describes the marketing automation as the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. Many marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions.

The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier. With this technique marketing departments and organizations can market on multiple channels/platforms online like social media, email, websites and others in a more effective way with repetitive tasks being automated.

To put in brief, marketing automation helps in increasing the efficiency of operations so as to generate more revenue by streamlining the process, automating the same and measuring the marketing tasks against standards.


List of Twitter Automation Tools for Digital Advertising and Marketing for Business


Free Twitter Tools for business-400x242

16 Most Popular Free Tools for Twitter Marketing

Want to enhance your Twitter engagement? ‘Or’ Looking to give a push to your Twitter campaign?
Promote your Business via Twitter Social Media Marketing.

Below is handpicked list of 16 free Twitter applications which can address to your concern.


# 1. Hootsuite: Twitter Account Management and Tweet Scheduling Tool


Hootsuite – The Best Free Tool for Twitter 


The world’s most widely used social relationship platform, with more than 10 million users (in 175+ countries worldwide).

Hootsuite is the largest open social relationship platform with 100+ partner integrations in the HootSuite App Directory and used by 744 of the Fortune 1000 companies. HootSuite has more than 600 staff worldwide at Vancouver HQ and offices in New York, London, Singapore, and San Francisco.


Visit- HootSuite- Twitter Social Media Marketing and Management Tool


Twitter Marketing tips for eCommerce Website



# 2. Buffer



Buffer for Twitter marketing-400x300
Buffer – Market your Content over Twitter Effectively 


Buffer app allows schedule your tweets. It also gives a per tweet analytics and not whole profile analytics. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ can be all managed by Buffer app.


Visit- Buffer- Curate, Share, and Schedule over Twitter

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# 3. Klout



klout-for twitter-tweets-marketing-400x300
klout- Grow your Marketing Influence over Twitter


Klout helps measure your profile performance. It has a specific score system called Klout Score depending on which you can measure how your profile is performing.

It also helps with the content suggestion for new tweets and also connect to other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram and Foursquare.


Visit: Klout – Know your Influence Score at Twitter

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# 4. Tweriod: Tells you when your Followers are Online the Most


Tweriod suggests you the best time to tweet. It analyse of when your most of the followers are online and suggest you the best time to tweet so that you get maximum engagement rate at Twitter.


Tweriod for twitter-marketing-audience-analysis-400x300
Tweriod – Analyse your Twitter Account Audience for best Exposure


It helps to find out best time when you get the maximum exposure. The analysis suggests the best day of the week and time of the day when your followers are online and you can engage the most.

Visit-> Tweriod- Tweeting at the best time

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# 5. Social Bro: Twitter Analytics Tool


Social Bro Tool for Twitter Marketing-400x200
Social Bro- Enhance your Twitter Marketing


Social bro is for Twitter analytics as well as management. You can also optimise your tweeting schedule, analyse your audience, manage Twitter DM campaign, track Twitter interactions and analyse your competition. It uses Kred Score to filter and find you the right accounts for you to follow.


Users can be filtered by following parameters:

a. Number of followers
b. Industry
c. Location
d. Tweets per day or activity level, etc.

Visit SocialBro- Audience connection Platform



# 6. Twitonomy: for Twitter Analytics and Insights


Twitonomy_ Twitter_analytics_Tool_wwwtwitonomycom_600x400
Twitonomy_A complete Twitter analytics Tool


Twitonomy helps monitor, manage, optimize, track and analyse your Twitter activities. It also helps analyse the competition like who your competitors engage with the most, who do they reply the most, what hashtags o they use, who all influencers are following them, etc.

It has a premium account option also but the free account can is also a good tool for aforementioned purposes.


Visit Twitonomy Website



# 7. Social Rank



Social Rank-Social Ranking Tool for Twitter


Social rank helps identify the most valuable follower/s. Though there are other applications like Klout also which companies have been using but the kind of analysis and detailing that social rank gives is not comparable.

You not only get to know your best followers, most valuable followers but, also the one who engages the most with you etc.

Visit Social Rank here


# 8. Tweet Chat


TweetChat-Live_chats_for_any_hashtags_at_tweetchatcom_600x400 – Search Live chats for any hashtags of your choice!


Tweetchat is like a chat room within Twitter in which you can easily create a room based on any subject or a trending topic. Tweetchat is simple, easy to reply and follow to a hashtag, engage with hashtag along with sending tweets, etc.


It also comes with a feature called user control using which you can block users who you don’t wanna hear from or highlight those whose conversation you don’t want to miss out.

Visit Tweet Chat Here



# 9. Twitalyzer


To measure your impact on Twitter and on the basis of it enhance the impact Twitter Analytics can be used. Effective for carrying out surveys and research by professionals it is the most effective tool available.



# 10. Twilert: Twitter Search tool


It works similarly like a google alert. When Someone mentions the word or phrase that you have chosen you will get an alert for the same as an email. It plays a vital role for content management and reputation management by choosing the appropriate keywords.

Visit Twilert Website



# 11. Tweetreach: Find the Reach of your Tweets


Tweetreach gives a report of how far your hashtag or tweet has reached. For example, you can gauge the number of impressions, top contributors and influencers, number of retweets for a specific hashtag that you use for your campaign.

Visit Tweetreach Website


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# 12. Klear ( Previously- Twtrlnd): Influencer Marketing Tool


Klear is a complete Twitter analytics tool. It gives a detailed insight of all tweet performance, campaign performance, hashtags reach and performance, popularity level, activity level,etc

Visit Twtrland or



# 13. Twicams


Twicams is like a utility to post live streams directly to you Twitter. The viewers can also further interact with you using a chat feature accompanying the live stream.



# 14. Topsy


Topsy is like Twitter search engine. A must have tool for anyone looking to do some research. From the trends in your niche to the customer’s sentiment analysis by gauging the competitors consumers you can practically search about anything using Topsy.



# 15. Tweetstats


Tweet stats is to record your tweet since ever and analyse the pattern of your engagement giving you an insight of your Twitter account performance through the whole period.



# 16. Twibes


Twibes connect people with similar interests by creating various categories depending on likes of individuals. Twibes are like Twitter groups formed with different topics. It helps connect to like minded people and highly targeted segment.


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