Twitter Marketing Tips for e-Commerce Business or Website Promotion

Twitter Marketing: Tips for e-commerce Business to Drive more Traffic and Attract Sales.

Twitter marketing for e-commerce revolves around two basics of Twitter. The first is the content strategy for Twitter and second is the Twitter marketing strategy. If we can get these two in line we can unlock the numerous opportunity for our e-commerce marketing using Twitter as the marketing platform.

Twitter Tips for marketing Ecommerce Business
Twitter Tips for e-commerce

Find out how to use Twitter for marketing your Ecommerce Business and Online store

A. Twitter Content Strategy

Twitter Content Strategy simply is What you should tweet? Instead of always wondering what you are going to tweet next make a proper plan before hand and streamline your content marketing on twitter to get maximum results for your e-commerce store promotions.

Some interesting tweets which you can incorporate to get you more engagement and consequently attract more sales for your e-commerce store are:

a. Polarising or interesting Questions and Polls

b. Discounts Tweets which are time bound offers

c. Product reviews or sharable feedbacks from customers

d. Giving solutions or Problem solving tweets

e. Sharing industry information

f. Share videos and interesting infographics

g. Share links to your blogs and other relevant links

h. Cross promote from other social media on Twitter and vice versa

Other elements on twitter which we need to understand and make a proper use of for an overall successful twitter marketing are :- 
  2. Mentions,
  3. Hashtags,
  4. and Direct Messages.


Do not hesitate to retweet an important shareable tweet and it will enrich your twitter. Also, acknowledge a retweet done for you and appreciate.

Retweets are a good way to catch hold of influencers and get you more credibility for your brand.
Getting and giving re-tweets are important to have more cross promotions for your brand across Twitter.

[email protected] often and engage your followers. Mentions for appreciation, mentions for replies, mentions for attention and mentions for sharing an info or offer etc.

Mentions works as a personalisation and gives the audience a feeling of connection with your brand and other audience who are not mentioned also get attracted.

Direct messages are good and many brands are effectively using to even generate sales leads or even mature the sales leads.

B. Twitter marketing Strategy

With a good content and without a marketing strategy for your Twitter success plan on Twitter might not take a flight as per your expectations. For maximizing results and getting successful rates of engagement and driving traffic for e- commerce store you need to have a proper marketing plan to drive sales.

Incorporate a call to action in most of the tweets and never miss out in important tweets. Make use of twitter cards on your product pages to get the maximum out of every share.

Embed Twitter Buttons on your Website and blogs and everything that is sharable and get more traffic from every shares and more visibility. Reach your Target audience with sponsored Tweets by investing in paid ads and promotions on twitter.

Promote your hashtag and get your audience talking about it to start a trend. Encourage your audience use hashtags and get more organic publicity on Twitter.

Let all your emails and newsletters contain twitter buttons for instant sharing on twitter. Keep some offers and discounts exclusively for your twitter followers to make them feel more privileged.

Leverage a trending hashtag and especially if it is a related one you can not just afford to not make use of it and draw attention with your tweets.
Make use of Twitter list and keep adding to your list to keep your target audience in your reach.

Analysing and Getting Results:

Like any other marketing campaign, even twitter campaigns needs analysis and research for increasing results. Make use of twitter analytics and other popular analytics tools to keep a track of your twitter profile and even every tweet’s performance.

Discover these free Twitter tools for business.

This helps to analyse what is doing best for you. What kind of tweets are performing best for you and what tweets needs revamping. Where to shift your focus on twitter and where to focus less.

With all this out can have a more targeted and fruitful twitter campaign day by day.

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