Holiday Marketing Tips for Twitter- 7 Ways to get More Leads from Twitter in Festive Seasons

Festival Marketing Tips for Twitter : A Beginner’s Guide to Increase Engagement and Leads over Twitter Platforms in Holidays

As the Twitter community is growing so is the ways of marketing and promotion on this platform is changing. Twitter keeps updating new features and partnerships to carry on the marketing and promotions effectively on its platform.

Realizing the size of this platform marketers understand the need to promote aggressively on Twitter and brands are doing so.

Since the festive season is here now, in this article we will try to highlight the holiday marketing tips that you can follow to boost your sales and drive more traffic by marketing on Twitter.



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Social Media Tips- How to Use Twitter for Holiday Marketing



7 Tips to Use Twitter for Holiday Marketing:

7 Twitter Social Media Tips for Festive Seasons


1. Show more of your Products


Twitter had been increasingly popular with its 140 character text updates. But, now it has gone beyond the word limits!

There was no option of picture or video upload earlier. But now realizing the increasing importance of pictures and increase in the use of Infographics and videos in today’s marketing Twitter has now an option for both picture and video uploads.

You should take advantage of it and start sharing more pictures and show your products more as a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Let your customers see your products more often and remember where to find it when they want to buy it.

Twitter also introduced ‘buy now’ feature where consumers can directly be taken to the e-commerce store when they click on the embedded Buy Now button on the product image.

You would like to try this festive season this amazing new feature and sail through smoothly without any friction.

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2. Coupons and Discounts


Twitter enables the marketers to stuff their tweets with discount coupons and codes. Instead of clipping out coupons you can directly pick up discounts right on Twitter.

Twitter offers are the service by Twitter which helps marketers to provide in-store online deals directly through their tweets.

The deals appear in promoted tweets and the anyone can with a single click you can claim it.

Holiday season is great to explore this magnificent feature and drive more sales through coupon marketing on Twitter.

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3. Twitter Ads


Invest in Twitter ads during the holiday season to rise above the competition and reach out to the genuine buyers by getting more visibility. People are looking to buy online and a lot of online transactions are happening online.

Brands are investing and reaping benefits out of it. We may choose to organically promote rest of the month if the budget does not allow but during festive season we shall put extra budget if we are serious about getting sales and increase our revenues.

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4. Make full Use of Holiday Trend’s Hashtags


Holiday trend hashtags should be accompanying all your tweets to reach out to the right market who is on a shopping spree in this festive season.

Hashtags like #sale #discount #Christmas #newyear #Shopping are some of the great hashtags to embed in your tweet and flash to a more right segment.

Other than this you should also use the hashtags specific to your business, like if you are selling women clothing you shall use the hashtags specific to your business and target market #girls #women #fashion #winterwear etc are good to target the aforementioned market segment.

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5. Increase Tweets and RTs


Increase the number of tweets and retweets to increase visibility and reach out to the masses. The target market on Twitter shall not be missed out if you are tweeting abundantly on optimum timings when your audience is active.

Also keep retweeting to increase the chances of getting a retweet from the accounts which is beneficial for you.

You can always ask other potential accounts for retweet for you. The more visibility you gain through increasing the reach and engagement the more traffic you would be able to attract.

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6. Revamp Profile Look


Holidify your Twitter by giving your profile a whole new look to get along with the festive mood. Change your Bio completely as per the season. Make enough use of hashtags related to your products, deals, discounts to attract the potential buyers from Twitter.

Get an attractive holiday themed Twitter background and header. You can find some amazing backgrounds here

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7. Use Bulk Tweet Scheduling Tools


Scheduling tweets will enable you to keep us with the timings of the audience. Even when you are busy with a client meeting, or sleeping it makes sure you do not miss to keep sending tweets.

Scheduling tools like Hootsuite are great to get going and make your Twitter marketing hassle free and less time consuming.

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