10 Real Estate Marketing and Advertising Ideas for Promoting a Property Business

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Learn How you can effectively Promote and Market a Real Estate and Property Business- Marketing Tips for Beginners

Real Estate Business Promotion – 10 Basic Ideas & Tips for Promoting with Online +Offline Methods.

Ideas for Marketing a Real Estate Business with the Help of Offline and Online Advertising Methods. 10 Best Marketing ideas that are Workable and Effective for a Property business promotion. The business promotion methods described here don’t need any cold calling

The real estate business is always on the rise, and the major challenge for real estate businessmen and women is to ensure that the demands of the customer are met.

Meeting the needs of the customers does not only involve coming up with creative ways of giving customers what they want but also letting them know that you exist and giving them the opportunity to see the products and services you have.


Real Estate & Housing Property Business Promotion Ideas & Tips


10 Basic Ideas and Beginners Tips for promoting a Real Estate business (Online and Offline Methods):

Learn How can you Promote a Real Estate Business! 10 Basic Ideas & Tips for Promoting a Real Estate Property Business using Online & Offline Methods of Marketing.

Real Estate Marketing Online Methods:

Online business promotion is the trend nowadays as almost everyone can now access the internet. ➤ Also See: Online advertising and Marketing Tips to Generate Traffic


1. Create a Business Website and a Blog


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Creating a Website for your Real estate Business is most Important!

This is a bit too obvious but it is important to highlight it so that real estate businessmen who think that they have little to do online can change their way of thinking. It is true that real estate business is more of a physical business that requires customers to see what they are interested in.

However, if you don’t have a business website nowadays, you are in the same boat with another businessperson who does not have a business card.

On top of the website, you also need to publish a blog. This is a great way of driving traffic and getting in touch with actual clients.

Learn here about how you can get good traffic on your website or blog


2. Customer reviews on your website


You have a website, but you still have more fish to fry in order to promote real estate business. For instance, you need the visitors to your site to write a positive review of your business so that other visitors can feel that they are in the right place.

Satisfied clients praising you is perhaps one of the most effective business marketing ideas. Therefore, you need to develop a way of encouraging your customers to review your business in the best angle possible.

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3. On-page and off-page SEO


The customer search behavior is such that people look for website addresses in search engines like Yahoo and Google. You therefore need to accentuate your online visibility and boost the SEO ranking of your site to ensure that customers looking for your site finally land there.

Keyword optimization is the principal on-page SEO tactic as the keyword phrases you have used will determine how fast your site can be found by the searchers. Off-page strategies include word of mouth advertising, brochures, catalogues, flyers and many more.

It is important to note that Search engine optimization (SEO) is not an easy process. It is elaborate and dynamic, changing everyday to reflect the searcher behavior.


4. Free Advertising Ideas and Tips for Generating Leads for Real Estate Business

Real Estate Advertising Tips :Resources for free advertising on the Internet for Real Estate:-

210 Best websites in USA for Real Estate

350 Advertising Websites for real estate to post ads free

4Housing Property Buy sell Classified Advertising web sites

5Find some high end Online business forums for Real Estate


[A] Take advantage of free online advertising options over Classifieds ad posting websites.
There are hundreds or perhaps thousands of quality advertising sites for real estate and properties over the Internet for your country . Take the full advantage of such kinds of amazingly free services.
Create some really good ad copies for your business and distribute these ads over hundreds of top advertising sites on the Internet for real estate marketing.

If you can’t do it by your own, you should consider taking ad posting services from a digital marketing or advertising company from your local areas. Provide them some brief instructions about what kind of quality you expect from the ad submission work.

Observe their work properly and analyse the traffic and leads from the advertising websites. You can filter the advertising sites further based on the performance of your business ads submitted to them.

Some classifieds websites also offer premium ad listing features that get you much more ad views compared to the free ad listings. Take such offers if you find them marginal.


[B] Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising


Some businesses tend to shy off from paid advertising especially when they are on a cost-cutting mission. What they do not know is that paid advertising delivers.

As said earlier, millions of people look for information on search engines every day, and there is nothing better than connecting to these people.

PPC advertising works by displaying ads on the search engine results pages, so that visitors can click on them and proceed to the landing page if they are interested. There is a fixed amount of money that you pay for each click made.

The people who see the ads are determined by demographics and location.

➤ Best CPA Ad Networks


5. Market over Online Forums and Classifieds


There are several newspapers and magazines that have a classifieds column. You can have your business listed in these classified columns, especially in the most popular ones.

When the readers come across your listing, the list of the people looking for you continues to grow.

➤ Top 10 real estate forums in India

➤ Top 10 Sites in India for Advertising a Real Estate Business

6. Social Networking for Real Estate Marketing


Social networking sites do not miss in marketing ideas and tips of any form of business. They have become the new meeting joints where people meet and share ideas and experiences.

Real estate businessmen can take advantage of the opportunities presented by social networks to promote their businesses and enhance their Returns on Investment.

For instance, if you are on Facebook:

⇒ Post about your neighborhood, and use images whenever you do so.

⇒ If there are any events taking place around your area, post about them

⇒ Engage with contests

⇒ Show your fans and friends that you care about them.

⇒ Off course, do not forget to post your listings.

➤ Make Use of Facebook Paid Ads effectively using these tips here.

Additionally, you can leverage LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Tumblr, and Google+ by taking advantage of the unique real estate promotional platforms that they offer.

➤ Learn about Ultimate tips for generating free leads from LinkedIn for real estate business.

On twitter for instance, you can tweet about staging and moving, local news and real-estate related questions. Do not forget to use hash tags.

➤ 5 Best Twitter Techniques for getting free leads for real estate business

Learn about Social Media Marketing Tips for Promoting a Business


Real Estate Marketing Offline Methods:

Some traditional marketing methods are still valid today, at least in the real estate sector. Here are a few advertising tips for small business on the off-line platform.


7. Real Estate Advertising Tips to be successful with your Print Advertising


Simple and Important guidelines to be Successful in Real Estate Business using Print Advertising.

In any business advertising is inevitable. Print advertising is still providing a tremendous return on real estate business. Yellow Page directories and local papers are still more commonly used.However, to be successful in real estate business, your print advertise should;

Have a clear Message: Having a straightforward message is imperative once creating effective print advertising. Think about the message you wish to share and the way you propose to convey it once you’re able to move forward. Brainstorm the only message and purpose of print ad you have got in mind and what you hope the reader or potential client takes off from each ad themselves.

Use the Proper Combination: Selecting the proper combination of your advertising, by building a whole and its presence or native and on-line awareness. Making certain the color theme at intervals your print ad is efficient together with your brand colors or the colors you utilize to represent your whole could gain quick a traction with any campaign you have got in mind to launch.

Use Correct Fonts-
  Finding the proper font for your print advertising style will be done by scrutiny completely different fonts on-line and selecting one that’s most fair. Understanding the importance of kind in your ad will ultimately mean the distinction from standing out and being glanced over by others once they area unit viewing or reading your print ad themselves.

Graphics and Photos
determining whether or not you wish to use graphics or photos. Graphics that area unit in vector format area unit extremely counseled for contemporary, fun and amusing advertisements.

Use Print-Friendly Pictures
using print-friendly pictures essential whenever making print advertizing. Take care that every one of your styles and photos area unit print-ready, copyright-free and have a DPI of a minimum of three hundred.

If you’re unsure of what classifies as a print-friendly graphic or image, operating with knowledgeable designer or agency is a method to induce the written advertising you would like while not quality reduced.

Relate to the targeted Audience-
 Ensure your advertising is ready to relate to the audience or demographic you’re attempting to achieve. it’s vital to form ads in locations wherever they’re relevant to people.

Print advertising perform and have longer lifespan- Print advertise are not only seen and forgotten, but can be stored for years and referred too much later. If you observe these simple guidelines, you will have a clear cut edge and succeed using print advertising in real estate business.

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8. Get referral clients from your existing clients


Contact past clients and encourage them to send you referrals. Real estate business thrives on a networking, where one client refers others to a business and the new clients brings others on board, creating a self-sustaining network.

As a real estate businessman, what you have to do is to offer high quality services so that no client will be afraid to refer other clients to you. You also need to be bold to call your past clients and hunt down referrals.


9. Organize and Attend Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Promotional events


Seminars, trade shows, exhibitions, fairs and other promotional events have a great impact in marketing your business. If there are such events in your neighborhood, you cannot afford to miss an opportunity to go and showcase your listings.

You can also organize such events yourself, and create an opportunity to meet other businesses and agents in the same industry. This way, you will get an opportunity to reach out to other customers from other areas and to also hone your skills in the business.


10. Try New Markets


This is a great way of promoting your business. Real estate businesses must stop thinking inside the box in order to reach new clients and expand their market reach. A business in the real estate sector has little to do with keep sitting in the office.

You have to take some time out, leave the office and explore new areas. Involve yourself in communications with the people you see around. Learn from them and act.


11. Word of Mouth Marketing


As said earlier, nothing beats customer referrals. If you communicate well with the people around you and explain the nitty-gritty of your business, customers are likely to trust you more and feel comfortable to do business with you.

You can also encourage your employees to communicate the good aspects of the business to the people they meet every day.


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