How to Generate Sales Leads via Telecalling Telemarketing and Telesales

Sellers Tips for Sellers and Small Business Owners for Tele Selling, Telemarketing, and Tele Calling


The professional use of phones in sales is such a practical process that needs proper planning. It takes the strongest of companies and business firms to come up with working telesales and cold calling techniques for the benefits of their marketing plans.


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Tips to get Leads via Telecalling Telemarketing Telesales



Proper planning

Developing proper sales hook, sales pitch, sales objectives and relevant questioning techniques is the first step to conducting any telemarketing campaign. The opening conversation should aim at grabbing your prospects attention and all these have to be included in the sales hook.

Open and close questioning techniques should be designed with a touch of modesty to ensure that you engage your potential customers in an effective conversation.

The main objective of telemarketing is to target a group of prospects, communicate with them, gather feedback and then determine the next step for the relationship. All these needs manpower that is organized and willing enough to handle all the possible challenges in the course of service.

This demand for specialization! As a company, get a group of representatives to work on perfecting their public relation skills. You may also decide to outsource the telemarketing task to a special team for a higher productivity.Online Advertising Ideas

Make a budget

Every business setup tries to minimize cost in the name of maximizing profits. Make some realistic estimates on the amount you are going to spend in the whole campaign. You should also purpose to estimate your call volume.

The call volume is an important aspect that will drive your headcount, phone system; software needed and even the office space required. Know the duration you are going to conduct the campaign. Be keen to avoid shortages of resources before you accomplish the telemarketing objectives.

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Proper Management


Without a decent form of managing the campaign process, you are certain of poor results. Regular coaching and motivating the sales forces is most crucial. Conduct a quality check on a daily basis to keep track on performance while addressing the possible challenges. Engage your role-play and reps then guide them through the call sessions.

Develop passion


Telemarketing can be a tough job; however, with passion, it’s enjoyable as any other job out there. It’s up to you as the manager or the team player to make this task enjoyable and fun, if you are to call it a success. Stay social, cheerful and at least lively to your clients while making the phone calls.

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Evaluate results

Ensure you have a credible system that can competently report the results as raw as possible after a time period of conducting the exercise. This will enable you to develop new objectives based on performances of the previous campaign sessions. Reporting results will boost confidence as you try to polish the gray areas.

With all the resources in place and devoted personnel to run and execute the  telemarketing objectives, success is just but a process.

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