5 Best Digital Wallets in India- List of e-Wallet Indian Companies 2022

Last updated on November 20th, 2022 at 06:01 pm

e-Wallet Services in India – Top 5 Online Digital Wallets in India to go Cashless.

List of 5 Most Popular E-Wallet Companies in India for 2022

Popular e-Wallets Companies In India That Offer Digital Wallet Services for Mobile Based Online Transactions.

Earlier people used wallets to carry their money with them. These days, as technology takes a stroll on our lives, digital wallets took up the position of the real wallets. Digital wallets are one of the top business ideas for the startup companies as their popularity increases each day.

Due to its convenience and ease of use they have surpassed debit and credit cards within no time.

You can easily connect your bank account with these e-wallets and can make online transaction within a minute. The services are super easy and very convenient rather than online net banking.


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Top 5 Digital Wallet Service Providers in India


At the time when people faced money crunch in India due to demonetization, digital wallets came for rescue. So, let’s discuss 5 Best Companies in India in 2022 that Offer Digital Wallet Services.


List of Popular Digital Wallets in India for 2022


#1. Unocoin– India’s Leading Cryptoassets Trading Company


Unocoin is one of the most popular Bitcoin digital wallet services in India. The company has been ranked number one for providing cryptocurrency wallet services. It is the best in 2019 as well. Bitcoinss are basically digital currencies, created electronically and stored electronically. It is not like a conventional paper money, but it can use for all kind of transactions you do online. Like standard money, Bitcoin is not decentralized meaning it is not under the control of a single institution.

It is easy to join Unocoin; you have to create an account by giving your email address and a password. Once the email verification is over, you have to add your PAN card and address proof document. Unocoin makes use of Bitgo service to receive Bitcoin deposits to your account.

You have to buy Bitcoins using real money.

You can use the Unocoin wallet like any other online money wallets. You can send bitcoins to your friends Unocoin wallet, or you can even send coins as gifts. All transactions in Unocoin are well encrypted, and you don’t have to worry about the security. You can pay your bills, send money and buy things online using Bitcoins.


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#2. Zebpay: Popular Bitcoin Exchange in India


Are you looking for a popular e-wallet service provider? Look no beyond, Zebpay is another popular e-wallet where you can purchase, send, receive and sell Bitcoins. The wallet works through a mobile app, and it is very quick and easy to use. Creating an account with Zebpay is an easy procedure, and it completes bank and pan card verification within a couple of hours.

As the application send you notifications about offers, rates, and rate fluctuations, you can easily trade by adding your bid on specific rates for either buying or selling. You will also be able to recharge you mobile though this digital wallet, be it prepaid or postpaid. If you are interested in using Bitcoins, this app is the perfect one to use from your mobile app.The wallet allows you to do online shopping and even pay your bills using bitcoins. As the design of the app is user-friendly and intuitive, beginners can also use it without any difficulty.

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#3. Coinsecure


Among various digital financial service platforms in India, Coinsecure is one of the best real-time digital wallet service provider. It allows its users to buy and sell Bitcoins and do a lot more using them. Creating an account with Coinsecure is easy as you get clear instructions and you simply need to follow them.You will have to add your ID proof details and bank details in your account to start purchasing Bitcoins.Apart from the website, it also has an Android app that is good for active users on the go. Although Coinsecure is mainly for traders, the website design and the app design is in such a way that it is easy for beginners as well. You can send, receive, buy and sell Bitcoin with ease with Coinsecure.

Customers can also place their bids and view live order bookings. You can check the pending orders quickly with this app. Coinsecure is the only real time live trading exchange platform in India with open order bookings.


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BTCXINDIA is India’s first crypto-token mobile wallet that has ranked among the top 10 Bitcoin exchange sites. It is a place where you can access to trade Bitcoins for INR on a secure platform. BTXIndia provides great transparency level to users which are imperative in the cryptocurrency industry.

It has its own KYC and Anti-Money laundering policies and is made accessible to users.

The digital wallet is accessible to Indian users only currently. The registration process is pretty simple, and you have to fill out the KYC form when you create the account. The form is very descriptive, and you have to provide much information. While your marital status and annual income are not necessarily essential, it is a part of their transparency to know their customer well.

The account creation is a long process and needs some preparation like you have to have proper access to date before filling the form. Only once you finish filling the KYC form, you will be able to do buy or sell Bitcoins. The user interface of the website is immaculate and crisp. Although the design seems a little outdated, everything is in the right place. It charges a 1% fee for all trading whereas; withdrawals and deposits are free of cost.

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#5. Bitxoxo


Even though Bitxoxo is a relatively new entrant in the digital wallet service in India, it is one of the fastest growing digital wallet services in India. The company established in 2016 and showed robust growth in cryptocurrency spectrum, and it ranked top with its excellent customer service and fast service. It excels in processing all trading transactions with the help of the 24*7 available account specialists.

To start with trading, you just have to register on the website by filling out the KYC form, basic details and adding your bank account. You may also have to provide any valid India address proof a well as PAN card details.

Once your account verification is over, you can start with the transactions. First, you have to load your wallet by sending payment to Bitxoxo’s bank account. After approval of your deposit, you can start buying Bitcoins. Bitxoxo also works on a 0% exchange fee model, and there are absolutely no transaction fees. 24*7 service, live chat, insured Bitcoin wallet, fast deposits, withdrawals and real-time trading are some of the best features of the wallet.


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You can find many digital wallet companies in India, but it is important to choose a reliable and trustworthy one, which has an impeccable service history. Excellent services also mean having less transaction fee with non-breachable security. Digital wallets help developers, stakeholders, and merchants who need easy access to Bitcoins. You can choose the most convenient wallet from these 5 digital wallets and explore the unlimited scope of digital money transaction.


The value of the digital currency is subject to market fluctuations, and hence you should also be aware of the risks involved in the business.

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