Top 5 Online Tools to Spy on your Competitors by Researching your Competition

Top 5 Online Spying Tools to Keep an Eye on your Competitors


Get ahead of the competitors by keeping a close eye on their online marketing and advertising activities and other things. With these top 5 spy tools for marketers you get an easy access to gauge them and beat them by planning ahead.

If you want to stay ahead of your competition than have to spy on your competition. It is as simple as that. Wondering why am I calling it a simple job?

Well, that’s because there are various business tools available for you today to let you know about what your competitors are up to.

Spying your competition has become the need of today. It guides you on things you need to do to improve your position. To know where the things are lacking, which areas you need to work upon and other such things.



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Top 5 Online Tools to Spy on Your Competitors

Top 5 website analysis tools for Spying on your Competitors:

The online tools as discussed below are great spying weapons for marketers. They can use them to their advantages as follows:


  • Find out who are your competitors;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Competitor’s website analysis.

So here’s bringing to you top 5 marketing tools to spy on your competition. Take a look:



[ Keyword Research Tools to Discover the Most Profitable Keywords for paid and organic traffic ]In its words, Spy fu exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors.To elaborate in detail, this tool allows you to watch out the strategy of your competitors. As you enter competitors keywords or URL, it lets you get the overview of the traffic that’s coming to their site be it paid or organic.


spyfu-a-complete-website-analysis-ranking-tool-400x250 A Very Competent Tool for a Website’s Competition analysation



When it comes to paid searches, it lets you see how much is spent by people per day on paid search. Even you can see a list of keyword rankings organically. Your URL as well as your competitor’s URL can be entered with their kombat tool so as to ascertain how much you both are spending.

Also it lets you figure out how much overlapping is there on the keywords.

Spy fu lets you outrank your competitors by tapping into your their keywords strategy. You can see every place they’ve shown up on Google, every keyword they’ve bought on Google Adwords.

If you want to research new keywords, niches then this tool will best for you as spy fu gives you a list of keywords that your competitors are targeting in the organic search and AdWords. What more do you need to keep eagle’s eye on competitors?


[ Backlink Checker & SEO Competitor Research Tool ] This is another tool through which you can see your as well as your competitors backlinks. It lets you keep a track of all what your competitors are up to, your brand mentions, keywords and as said before, the backlinks as well.


ahrefs-competititor analysis tool-website-400x250 A popular Competitors analysis tool online 


You can analyze your competitors search traffic via this tool as its small ranking reports will help you analyse which pages are ranking high, the amount of traffic they are getting be it paid or organically.

Ahrefs position explorer shows you what keywords your competitors are paying for if they are running ads. You even get to see the landing pages where the traffic being send & the ad copy that’s used.

Coming on to the popularity of this tool then More than 6 lakh users all over the world have used Ahrefs to up their ranking game in search.

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[ Measures the ad viewability of any brands on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube! ]Moat is basically for keeping a check on the ads your competitors are running and also the location where these ads have appeared


MOAT-find-social-media-ads-posted-by-brands-400x250 Find out about the social media ads by any brands


All you need to do is enter the name/brand of the competitor you are spying on. It is the search engine for display ads that lets you find out what ads are running for various websites as well as major brands.

The places and size of recently displayed ads can easily viewed therein.

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[ Technology Lookup Tool- Find what all technologies your competitors are using on their websites ]


In no time this tool lets you find the platform on which the site is built by just typing in any URL. No, it is not confined till here, in fact it has much more to give

This is one of its kind website on the entire Internet. No other website provides such a huge information on the technology being used on any site you check for.

You get to know what all types of technology and tools a website is using in many aspects, such as:


Design, analytics, advertising, web hosting,operating system, syndication techniques, CMS, Widgets, plugins, and each and everything that is related to a website.

Builtwith- Spy on all the Technologies any website is built with



You can even find out the type of analytics tools installed therein and if they have any remarketing codes installed as well. With this you will come to know what’s actually required to improve.

Where you need to work or what you are not using that’s keeping you back. You can run reports & also list of other sites can be generated too via those platforms if you unlock builtwith’s premium version.


The main features of Builtwith:


  • Lead Generation
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Data Coverage
  • Cyber Risk Auditing
  • Alternative Data
  • Report Filtering
  • API Access
  • CRM Integrations


[ Search tool to find How businesses appear on Local Search Engines ]


With this tool you can keep a track of the local listings listed by you and your competitors

The location data is pushed to the major data aggregators and several top-tier online directories.

Unlike the above listed spying websites this one is not straightly used for spying the competitors. Instead of spying facility it offers you the convenience of collecting the data that matter to you. You can collect information regarding any kinds of businesses located in your area.

This also helps you in closing duplicate business listings, and you are able to update your business listings.


MOZ LOCAL-business-listing-distributors-ranking-400x250
MOZ LOCAL- Discover and Distribute a business in Local listings Online

When your listings are correct and consistent online, new customers can discover your business. But often times you may get to some sites listed that were not claimed by you.

It happens because the information is shared between the listing sites and directories. Also a few aggregators provide certain information about the business. So, even if you haven’t done anything, your listing information gets changed.


Useful Business Tools for Digital Marketing:

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