Logo Designing 15 Tips for Beginners- Online Logo Making for Effective Web Designing

Online Logo Making – 15 Killer Logo Designing Tips for Graphic Designers


How to Design a Logo for Business, Brand, or a Website: Logo Designing Tips for Web Designers!


15 Must Follow Tips for Designing any kind of Logos. Even if you sell some very cool products but your logo is unprofessional or unappealing the shopper might not even see you as a credible brand or seller brand.


Logo Making Tips while Designing Logos for Websites to Brands to stand out from the Crowd and get Noticed!


If the face is a mirror of a person’s soul, the logo – is the reflection of all the essence of your company. You cannot even guess, but sometimes logos can say much more about the company than its description. 

Online shopping sites are all about exciting the one and only sensory organ that is eyes, as there is no physical product involved so the shoppers cannot touch and feel the product but only see it in the available pictures.

A logo is the first creative display of an organization even before it comes up with its product pictures or range of products on display. Your logo is your first step to the brand you are looking to build and a face to your business.

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Logo Designing ultimate Tips


Effective Rules that will Help to Create a Quality Logo.


A Logo will define your business in the most concise manner. Not everyone who comes to know about you might visit your website or see your products, but they will definitely see your logo and it has to be intriguing enough to drive them to your website.

The shopper would look at the logo the very first time in most possible cases and an impression is made.
Even if you sell some very cool products but your logo is unprofessional or unappealing the shopper might not even see you as a credible brand or seller brand.

They also have an inhibition to not associate themselves with anything that they find substandard for the same reason they shop for brands. Shoppers are aware and conscious of their purchase. They want to make an informed purchase these days and with so many options available to them you cannot take any chance on any single flaw.


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15 Tips for Designing a Logo for your Website or Business or products


Any company, any business or startup is facing such a moment, when it is necessary to clearly define the logo. This is a very important, difficult and time-consuming task that cannot be delayed by one month. There is a logical question: how to create the right logo?

Almost any logo detail – its color, shape, font, and small parts – brings hidden information to the client, and on the subconscious level it can influence certain desires, decisions, and preferences. For the development of the company it is very important that all the details of the future logo are meaningful, have a certain value, and meet all the criteria.

Therefore, if you are wondering how to create a logo, or looking for useful information about the colors of the logo and their impact, in this article you will find answers to all the questions.


1. Consider the Business Sphere


The shape and details of a logo largely depend on the scope of your company, or even not from the fields of activity, but from customers and their preferences. If the company is engaged in a serious business, for example, the supply of industrial equipment, the logo must be strict with clear forms.


After looking at the logo, clients must immediately clarify three factors:


the seriousness, responsibility, and reliability.

Conversely, if you sell clothing for young people, the logo should be bright, with rounded shapes, different curls, and fancy images. Focus on what is interesting to your target audience.


2. Keep it Re-callable


Yes, it is no treasure hunt that you need to create a treachery and confuse the viewers. You need to design it in a way that it is recallable.

Something as simple as an arch on Amazon’s Logo. Making it simpler will make it easy for the shoppers to be able to keep it in their mind for longer once they see it.

You may also make it recallable by many other methods like some of the below, but the key is to keep it simple.

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3. Clearly understand what you want


When it comes to the issue of creating a logo, usually customers do not know what they want. Unfortunately, 99.99% of designers do not have the foresight abilities.

Therefore, if you want to get a good logo, you need to clearly understand what you want, and to share the idea with the designer as accurately as possible. How to do that? Before ordering a logo design, it is best to search for images of other companies and choose 10-20 the most attractable.


Tell the designer about each good detail that you like. It is not necessarily to choose logos of companies with the same scope. Also, along with the “I like” pictures find the most terrible and specify items that you don’t like. In this case, the designer will have an initial idea of ​​how the logo should look like.


4. Explain Yourself


Explain your concept, your idea and/or your vision whichever you think should be appealing to the visitors.

Like Amazon’s arch which starts from A and ends at Z seems explaining it has or intends to have a widest range of product or everything on its site.


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5. Right Colour Combinations

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Using the right color combination is crucial for the following reasons:

a. Increase recall value.
b. Attractive and appealing
c. Professional look and feel
d. Feel of your Product Category

6. Use No more than 2-3 Colors


There are certain companies and areas of business where it is obligatory to use a lot of colors in the logo.

For example, the innovative companies that bring something new to the world, and its logo should emphasize this. Also, the colored logo is used by companies of the entertainment field. But there are not so many companies that can afford to use all the colors of the rainbow in one logo.

Typically, they represent no more than 5% and the rest 95% of companies should adhere to strict rule – no more than two colors. This will give the sereneness to your logo, and allow focusing on the shades, which you consider the most successful in your field.


7. Remember that Colors have the Semantics


There are three leaders among the colors involved in the company logo – blue (33%), red (29%) and black or gray (28%). Another 13% of companies use yellow color. Other colors such as green, purple, and pink are used by less than 5% of companies.

Remember that each color carries its hidden message to the consumer. The red color is energetic and aggressive. It is used by brands that emphasize modernity and promote energetic lifestyle (Canon, Coca Cola, MTV, Red Bull).

However, red is often perceived as a youth color. It is not suited for companies whose business wants to emphasize “moderation and accuracy.” It is better to use blue color.


This is the best color for technology companies (Intel, IBM, Samsung, Siemens): it molds the metal and glass. Blue color sets a positive communication, that’s why it is the leader among the logos of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr).


The black color is minimalistic and precise. It is necessary to use accurately since it can easily add a tinge of gloom. He emphasizes the quality and representativeness (Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nike).

However, in most cases, do not use black as the main color – it serves mainly to highlight the inscriptions. Yellow is the perfect color for food companies ( McDonalds, Burger King, Subway) and the entertainment industry.


8. Size Matters


One size doesn’t fit all not only applies to clothing but also devices these days. With so many devices and screen sizes in the market a logo should be designed keeping in consideration all the standard resolutions like laptop/desktop, mobile and tablets, etc.


9. Unique and Cool


It goes without saying that you need to flow your creative juices out and make something creative and unique. It should not be something looking like a relative of a well known brand, which will be a big fail. Cool like everyone says these days as they say wow often in that order.

Every brand is unique so should be the logo. Do not fear to come up with something out of the box. Think of something which can immediately strike to the minds and interests them to find further.


10. Text and Image


A logo can be made up of two elements: a text element and an image element. A text element is basically the name of the brand or an abbreviation of the brand. An image element is a related image which represents the brand or its concept.


There can be following types of logo:

a. Symbol Only
b. Text Only
c.  A combination of Symbol and Text
Understand your brand and determine how you wish to represent it through the logo. If you name is unique and something which you want your customers to remember all the time don’t opt for Symbol only type.

Very few big brands have been seen to launch symbol only type of logo.

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11. Picture or text – What is more Important?


41% of companies use only text in their logo. You also have to decide what is more important – a beautiful graphic image, or successfully written text. On the one hand, the text raises brand awareness. But on the other hand, the absence of images minimizes the hidden message to potential customers.

It is recommended to choose a text version for small companies. Professional designers, who specialize in creating logos, charge for their work more than 1000 dollars. Sometimes these costs are not necessary for small companies.


12. The use of the company’s name is highly desirable but not required


About 10% of companies do not use its name in logos. It’s very strange because brand awareness is deteriorating, but this is the fact.
Logos with images came from the Middle Ages when opposite the guilds there was a sign with a picture of good that is produced in this workshop.


Nowadays, the competition is huge, and the boot image won’t help to tell about the company. Thus, it is best to choose the version of the logo that combines the picture and image.


13. Fits Everywhere


Your logo should be such that it fits everywhere. It should not be required to be changed from time to time and place to place. It is a universal face for you so it should be universally appealing and befitting.


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14. Make Use of the The Right Font


If you choose a text version of the logo, the font is an important component. Of course, it is much easier to pick up compared to the color or the right image, but there are some peculiarities. Make sure you choose the typeface for your logo which is right according to the sense and sensibility of the type of business or brand you are designing it for.

Make Use of the The Right Font-250x250
Find the Right Font for your Logo

Try not to use the standard fonts that are already known to all. If you use the usual Times New Roman or Arial, then many potential customers will think that you are lazy and do not care about the appearance of the logo. Choose unusual fonts that are not known. Every element in a logo is very important and the font and the typeface you use in the logo text must follow the fact that fonts play a pivot role.


15. Choose the fresh image


It is very challenging to choose the correct and successful image for your logo, but it is recommended to look for some distinguishing elements.

The image on the logo should be fresh and it should not look like many others. Thus, the potential customers will easily remember the logo of your company and the brand awareness will increase rapidly.

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