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Top 9 Hosting Companies where you can Host your Website for Free

9 Best Free Web Hosting Companies for Starting your Website without paying anything

All set to explore the lucrative online and digital marketing arena, affiliate marketing or trying to get your online presence for your startup business, we have chosen this topic today for all those who are trying to get their stuff online on budget.

We intend to bring to you the best free web hosting sites so that you can get a hang of online arena without having to spend on web hosting sites for their paid plans.

With increasing popularity and lucrative opportunities online, internet seems to be the fastest and easiest channel where there is something for everyone. Reach out to the potential audience and get through the clients all at the click of the finger.

Seems all like a dreamland! It indeed is with these best free web hosting sites.

Tips to Build a Successful Online Business : Coupons and Deals Website


free web hosting
Best Free Web Hosting Providers 


This was certainly easier earlier when not many businesses and brands were online and those who were there was not much aware of the online and digital marketing practices to market online in the best possible manner.

But now with more and more brands tirelessly promoting online with big budgets it has become a tough fight for the small fishes.

This doesn’t mean that small fishes are all getting eaten up. There are many free web hosting users who are faring well in the market and have set an example how you can grow your business online without having to spend a dime.

There are so many smart ways and unexplored arenas where one can take the shot and hit the bulls eye to achieve success online.

We have kept in mind the beginners who would certainly not want to spend a dime and test waters using these free web hosting sites before they could actually built something enormous. It is wisest to start all free, and gradually start by wetting one feet at a time.

Even for the beginners at initial stage, they want to kind of play around and explore the site and later when they get knowledge before they go for premium hosting. Beginners get skeptical about going for premium features as they have just started exploring the possibilities available online. Here is where the free web hosting sites service providers come in the picture!
Anything that comes free would certainly have its own pros and cons. So like any other freebies even free hosting comes with cons which is fair enough to deal with if it comes at no cost and serves our purpose as well.

We have discussed the cons at the end of the article here itself so that you can get a complete feel of what it is going to be like when you opt for a free hosting through these free web hosting sites.

If you are a beginner/newbie and want to learn with a free web hosting then here are some of the best free web hosting sites listed below for you.


Take a look and see which one you want to choose for you:


List of Website Hosting Companies that offer Free Web space

Everyone loves freebies but those who are trying to enter the online and digit marketing arena and are too keen to have some hands on experience can explore free web sites to gain insight and start developing the skills without spending a dime.

1. x10hosting.com

free web hosting sitesVisit Website : x10hosting.com



Offering some of the coolest features to the users since 2004, this website takes zero price from you when you opt for a free web hosting. The layout is amazing and the site is easy to navigate. It is it’s features that makes it even more amazing other than it being free of cost. So this is one of our top picks for free web hosting sites for the beginners.

Check out the following features that one can have access to after registering for its free web hosting services.

– It allows custom advertisements i-e the ads are displayed only if you allow

– It offers the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and cPanel

– Also it offer a one-click web software installation and an easy to use website builder

– Great customer support service

– Disk space from 100 MB to 2500 MB

– Allows much bandwidth

– Various upload options like FTP, Browser, SiteCopy

– Private cloud hosting

2. FreeHostingNoAds.net

free web hosting sitesVisit Website : freehostingnoads.net


To get your website go online is just a matter of few minutes if you go for freehosting company. Freehostingnoads.net is our another top pick for the best free web hosting sites that we have selected for the beginners, which can give them maximum benefits of free web hosting.

The list of features that makes a part of it are:

– Offer hundreds of free web templates

– Supports 3 PHP version (you can choose which version you want to select according to your website’s requirements)

– 20 GB Disk Space available with 200 GB bandwidth traffic

– No ad banners, no annoying pop-ups, no text links
– Allows you to create free sub domains

– Tools like:

a. Script Installer to install popular scripts like phpBB, WordPress and Joomla

b. Free website builder with plenty of templates to create professional looking web sites

c. Control Panel to manage your account

d. phpMyAdmin to manage your MySQL database

e. WebMail to access your E-Mail online

Discover The Secrets of Websites with High Conversion Rates


3. Byethost.com

free web hosting sitesVisit Website : byet.host


Making it in the top list of best free web hosting sites because of its great features. Control panel, add-on domain & sub-domains, file manager, FTP account, free tech support and various other features are offered by this website. Some of the unique features that adds to its value are:-

– Monthly transfer of 200 GB

– 1000 MB disk space with 5500 GB bandwidth traffic

– No pop-ups, No ads & Free hosting

– Allows you to have 50 add-on domains, 50 parked domains & 50 sub domains

– Free customer support 24/7

– Error Page manager

– 50 My SQL databases.

4. Biz.nf

free web hosting sitesVisit Website : www.biz.nf


With biz.nf you can host your WordPress blog within the span of mere 2 minutes. Doesn’t that makes it interesting? What more you can ask for. You even get free subdomain name like a .co.nf. Isn’t it cool to have this site listed in the best web hosting sites?

Talking about its features then it has numerous to offer:

– It offers web space of 1000 MB and data transfer of 5000 MB

– Provides PHP 4 and PHP 5 support

– Free site builder tool “Soholaunch.”

– 24/7 customer support

– Eco friendly web hosting

– Offers advanced control panel

– Biz.nf hosting plans support a free hosting of WordPress blog and free Joomla hosting that includes an automatic installation & configuration

– Free domain name registration. Its free hosting plan enables to register free domain names only with a short.co.nf extension

>> Tips on How to Create a Mobile Friendly Responsive Website

5. Award Space

free web hosting sitesVisit Website : www.awardspace.com

Awardspace.com is catering to the clients of its free web hosting services since 2003 and is one of the biggest free web hosting sites.It claims to have over 2.5 + Million Customers onboard. Its customer service is also quite quick as compared to other free hosting providers.

– Host 1 Domain and 3 Sub-Domains

– 1 Free email account

– Web based File Manager

– WordPress and Joomla Installer

– 100 % Ad Free

– Free Website builder

– 1GB Disk Space

– 5 GB Monthly Traffic

– 1 MSQL Database

– 99.9 % Network Uptime

– 24/7 Customer Support

6. 5GB Free

free web hosting sitesVisit Website : www.5gbfree.com

It is a five year old free web hosting site which is a US based PCI and SAS 70 type II type data centre, which means a more secure data server for your web hosting.

After 5 GB if one needs to upgrade it will only cost 2.95 $ pro 5 GB Plan with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited customer support.

– 5 GB Space

– 20 GB Bandwidth

– 1 FTP Account

– 3 MSQL Databases

– 1 Addon Domain

– 1 Parked Domain

– Ads Free Feature

– Forum Based Support

– C Panel Admin

– PHP Ability

– Installatron : Multi platform Application Installer

7. Infinity Free

free web hosting sitesVisit Website : infinityfree.net

Infinity free is another great free web hosting site where you need not spend a dime and get your website hosted. You can host as many websites as you want with Infinityfree.net.Infinityfree.net is catering to its client since 2011 for free web hosting services. Its 100 % ads free which provides a good scope for those looking to monetize their website with affiliate ads.

– Unlimited Disk Space

– Unlimited Websites

– Unlimited Bandwidth

– Fastest free hosting

– Ads Free

– Free Website Builder

– Automatic Installer to Install 300 + scripts like wordpress, Joomla etc

– 99.9 % Uptime

8. Freehostia

free web hosting sites

Visit Website : www.freehostia.com


Freehostia.com is another top free web hosting site which we have picked for our top picks.

It provides free web hosting for up-to 5 domains per customer. They have a yummy name for their free hosting plan called as the chocolate hosting plan.

– Upto 5 Domains Hosting

– 250 MB Disc Space

– 6 GB Monthly Traffic

– 3 e-mail Accounts

– 1 MSQL v.5 Databases

– 10 MB MSQL Storage


9. Atspace.com

Visit Website : www.atspace.com
free web hosting sites


Established in 2003 Atspace.com is based in  Germany. It has over 800 000 + websites and over 120 000 domains registered with them. It is one of the market leaders in free web hosting sites with a very solid client-base and services.

– Unlimited Traffic- 100 MB Storage

– 1 Hosted Domain

– Free Email Sending

– Joomla and WP Installer

– 3 Subdomains

– 100 % No Ads

– 1 MySQL Database v.5

– PHP v.5

– FTP, IMAP, Webmail, POP3

– 1 Email STMP ON

– 1 Email Spam Filter

Here is another great video you will never want to miss out!

Learn how to host your website for free on Amazon Web Services. I found it quite helpful and though of sharing with you all who are exploring the possibilities of free hosting.

Why free hosting is only recommended for the beginners?

The reason we suggested free hosting only for beginners is due to certain disadvantages of free hosting. Beginners are learners and they do not necessarily need to spend just to learn when it can be done for free as far as their interest is not getting affected.

Here are some of the disadvantages of free WordPress hosting:


– The space and bandwidth is limited

– No proper customer service. Infact it is terrible

– No backup option for the free users available in case something bad happens

– You may get banned or suspended anytime without any information from their end on such action

– Free hosting negatively affects your blogs SEO


It is due to these disadvantages that we recommend free WordPress hosting for beginners who want to learn. As an already established user you must use premium WordPress hosting so that your blogs & website does not get affected negatively.


How to Start a Coupon and Deal Website Based Online Business- Tips for Beginners

How to Make Money Online with a Coupon and Deals Website


The best way for you to make money is by helping others save few bucks. With the rise in the cost of living and inflation, people like to save money. Even though the Internet is full of coupon business and deal websites, but by providing excellent service, you can make a fantastic site. [ Must Read: How to Start an Ecommerce Site. ]


How To Do A Successful Online Business With Coupon And Deal Sites-550x400
How to Create a Successful Online Business With Coupon And Deal Sites


What are Coupon and Deal Websites?



Coupon website: Coupon business website provides its users with discount codes that they can use online while purchasing products and services. The products and services can include everything ranging from electrical goods to household items to flight tickets to web hosting and much more.

coupon and deal websites-400x300
How to Setup a coupons and deals based online business

Deal website: The merchants provide daily deals to the users provided if the site could create enough volume to avail it. Once the minimum target accomplished, the credit cards of customers who bought the deals shall go for billing, and they can take a print out of these vouchers, which can redeem at the restaurant, stores, resort or spa or wherever the merchant’s business is.


The majority of these deals are short-term and generally last from one to five days. The primary goal is to attract customer’s attention quickly and get them to buy the products quickly before time runs out.

Free Coupon Submission Sites



Pros of Running a Coupon Website

* These websites are not heavy on content hence if you are not much into writing blog posts or articles then this is a good idea for you.* Provide benefits to the customers through discount codes so they will be content and happy.

* There is a lot of scope for these websites and can use to various industries such as fashion, retail, grocery, movies, restaurant, spa and  much more.

*  The coupon business and deal website is a multi-billion dollar industry so there is a lot of opportunity and money for everyone who can run a great internet site.

*  If you have innovative ideas to receive links from reputable websites, you will rank well as most coupon sites have useless links.


Cons of coupon and deal website

There is lots of competition in large markets, which makes these markets full, but if you are willing to niche down, you can benefit, as there are not many niche coupon sites around.Receiving traffic from other sources can be difficult as people like to look out for coupon codes when they are purchasing something. Hence, creating a community and being innovative with traffic generation is necessary.


How to Start an Online Business with a Coupon and Deal Website?


Decide the type of coupon codes you want to list:


Coupon sites provide its users with coupon codes whereas daily deals website provide daily deals for a product or service. In addition, it is a waste to compete with large billion dollar companies, who have better market share under their control.

You should think of something, which is a small business yet in high demand.


Planning your website:


You should have a clear idea about your short-term and long-term objectives before you plan to develop a coupon business or daily deal website. Further, you should decide upon the area where you want to cover, whether it is going to be the whole country or some particular cities.

It would be better if you can focus on just one type of markets, such as kids products, clothes, furniture, handicrafts, books shopping, mobile phones, restaurants or spas.


Getting your website financed:


One of the most important expenses while creating such website is going to be the marketing. A daily deal website needs to market targeting businesses and consumers equally, so you are going to spend an enormous amount on online as well as offline marketing. Make sure you have enough capital for this purpose.


Creating a Coupon Website:


It is one of the most important parts of the deal. A coupon or deal website should be colorful, engaging, and attractive and make sure that it does not seem to be too much cluster in appearance. If you have decided to have your business in many localities or cities, you need to have a good navigation system.

Though not necessary, it is a good idea to add a blog or few articles along with the deals to help your consumers to understand how to make the most of these special deals.

Your main objective should be to create a site, which is simple for your customers to use. In addition, you should add a privacy statement and terms of service on your website for clients and even merchants.


Buy a domain name:



If you think that you are saving money by not getting a domain name and using the services of a free web host, but in reality, it gives your website an unprofessional look, and it also imposes limitations that can affect your success.

You can buy a domain name for less than $100 and get a year of free Web hosting.


Ask the users to sign up:


You are providing the deals, coupons and information without any cost but what makes the website a successful one is a targeted list of subscribed visitors. The simplest way to do so is by having an email list. It will help you in emailing new offers and deals to the customers.

It is also a good way of marketing for your website.



Marketing your website:



To ensure that your website is successful, you need to advertise your services to merchants, consumers and online business entities with same efforts. You can begin by targeting the famous spas in your area and attract them into providing exclusive discounts. To make these firms do that, you need to prove them that your website is just not like every other website littered on the internet.


For this, get few sales representatives to visit and meet the owners since most of the small business owners are not very aware of the immense power of the Internet and social media. For marketing, you can also use social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to advertise your deals. Also, pay equal attention to off marketing strategies as well. [ Must Read: coupon marketing ideas ]


How to Choose a Domain Name for your Online Store and Ecommerce Business

6 Tips for Online Store Owners- Effective Ways to Select a Suitable Domain Name for your Shopping Site.


Website domain is your virtual property, as well as an identifier by which people find you in the network. You can draw an analogy with the purchase of home addresses and streets in a city with millions of inhabitants.

The more famous is the street and the closer it is to the center, the better is the result for your business, especially, when it comes to trade.

How to Select Choose a Domain Name for Online Store Ecommerce Business-600x400
Workable Tips to Choose a Domain Name for your Online Ecommerce Business Storefront

A domain name of your online store is the first thing a potential buyer sees even before leaving the search page. A good domain name can add credibility to the website, and the bad one, on contrary, causes the doubts.

And most importantly, the domain and company name are the two main components of the brand in the customer’s mind.

Which Domain Zone is Better?

Technically, there is no difference between the domain zones to register the name for your online store. But it is necessary to take into account the division of the international .com, .org, .net, .info, and regional zones.

The latter belongs to the zone assigned to certain countries, such as .fr, .it, .eu, and etc. If your online store focuses on a particular market of the country, of course, it is better to register the domain in the regional area.

Tips for Selecting a Good Domain Name

Permanent e-commerce market growth and the appearance of the new players are the main reasons, which make it increasingly difficult to find a good domain name.

Take note: check the selected word by simply typing in a Google search, and the smaller is the number of the shown pages, the easier it will be for you to get on the top of branded requests.

The second important point: pick up a unique name and do not use the names of another’s brands in the title. It is likely that if you do not have the legal registration at the moment, in the future you will register your company. In this case, this uniqueness will be very handy.

Using these tips, you can make things easier for the task of choosing a right domain.

This is the first rule that should be followed when choosing a domain name. Perhaps, the name like  www.thisismybeststoredomain.com sounds funny, but it is clearly problematic in terms of memorability.

This does not mean that it should be as short as possible. Just try to choose at least not too long name, which is easy to remember. It is for this reason, the most of the top sites contain 8-9 characters in their title.

Commercial Words

We are talking about adding to the basic word a prefix, which indicates that your site is just an online store. In this context, commonly used the words that are associated with the trade, such as shop, store, boutique, market, and others.

By combining such a prefix with a basic word, you can get a lot of interesting options for names.

Key Requests

Regarding the occurrence of keywords in the domain, you need to be careful because a couple years ago, the representatives of the Google told about the implementation of the so-called EMD-algorithms.

⇛ We are talking about a possible negative perception of the websites, in the domain of which is the direct entry of key phrases. First and foremost, this concerns an English-speaking segment of the Internet.

At the same time, words translated into other languages can be freely used in the selection of domain names. For example, such common names as coffee, phone, travel, and others. In these cases, you cannot afraid the sanctions, but the scope for imagination will grow significantly.

The Game of Association

Create a list of at least a dozen words to characterize your brand and to emphasize its individuality. Also, for example, take the words that express the benefits of the products that you sell. For example, the word «energy» can be used in the domain name of the online shop of sports nutrition, and the word «comfort» – for the name of the online furniture store.

Use not only the direct designation but also synonyms – the more options of the words you will have in a stock, the better is a chance to come up with a really nice domain, which will be available for registration.

The Combination of Words

In fact, this method is another variant of the previous one. Only, in this case, use a combination of several words, for example, homemaster.com (home + master) or coffee-shop.eu. You can write them together, and you can use hyphens to separate.

In that case, there will be more characters, but the scope for a combination is much more extensive.

Register in advance. If you have plans for the future expansion of business, there is nothing stopping you from registering several suitable domain names as a reserve.

For example, if you sell cosmetics based on ingredients from the Dead Sea, you can optionally use several names associated with the Bulgarian and Korean cosmetics, in particular.

The domain price is typically not too high, depending on the zone, so that this investment will be relatively small in monetary terms. Of course, if you do not plan to start several online stores at once.

Be Creative

Given how many domains have already been registered and how many of them are registered every day, the likelihood is very high that in the desired niche all the obvious beautiful names are already taken.

So experiment, be creative, use imagination, and try to create something that has not been previously.


The Ideas and Tips for the Next Steps in Running your Online Ecommerce Business Successfully:


The Next step after choosing a domain name would be to Opening your online store. There are lots of things to consider to setup and run an Ecommerce business. Like, designing, products selection, logistics, partnerships, promotions and marketing activities.

I have mentioned here in this post all the necessary steps to open an online store successfully. [ How to Open an Ecommerce Store Shop]


5 Best Storefront website builders on the Internet.

Top Ecommerce Companies for designing an app for your business.

Choose the best Shopping Cart for your online store here.


Logistics and effective delivery system is crucial to any business related to ecommerce. Find here top logistic companies for shipping and delivery services. Check out what are the common logistics mistakes and how to avoid them for a better business development and management.

Marketing and promoting your Ecommerce business effectively should be your top priority if you want to be successful. There are lots of free and paid ways to achieve the marketing goals.


We have picked some very useful resources for you in this category. Use them smartly to your advantage:-


Why and How to Create a Mobile Friendly Responsive Website

Learn how to Create a Mobile Responsive Website and What are the Benefits of the Mobile Friendly Sites.


Today more and more people prefer using mobile device for surfing around the internet. Keeping this fact in mind websites are now becoming more and more focused on becoming responsive to mobile & similar devices like tablets, iPad etc.


This has become extremely important in current scenario. A website which is not user friendly on mobile devices would not be liked by anyone. Firstly getting visitors for your website itself is quite a task and on the top of it losing visitors can be a serious issue.

Creating a Mobile Responsive Website-benefits-web-builders

Creating a Mobile Responsive Website


Websites are receiving more than 60% of traffic from the mobile devices is a good indicator why brands would focus on making the websites more friendly for mobile phone users. Check out these quick tips for responsive website.

Therefore, to know how to create a mobile responsive website is imperative for your success.


Before Proceeding on let Us First Know What Actually is a Mobile Responsive Website?

To put in simple terms, a mobile responsive website is that which adjusts the layout of the website according to the screen size of the device the visitor is on (desktop, smartphone, tablet or other).

Yes, the website detects the device the visitor is using and conform to the size of it. As we know different devices have different screen size. Be it a PC/ Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. The aim is to make the website content easily readable on the small mobile screen too.

[ SEM: 50 Free Search Engines for Website Submission ]



What Benefits the Mobile Friendly Responsive Website has for You?

The benefits of mobile responsive website is that the content and menu bar gets automatically rearranged to fit into the small screen. It does not shrink the size of the content or menu items rather the content sections of the site gets rearranged into a vertical column.

Menu bar gets shrunk into a tab which can be easily accessible on tapping. A mobile responsive website makes the visitor’s experience great.

[ How SEMRush Tool is Useful when it comes to Ranking and Marketing your Website ]


Who can Help Us in Making Our Website Mobile Responsive or Mobile-Friendly?


Well, need not to worry because you will not be required to hire skilled Freelance professionals who know website designing and coding perfectly whatever your needs may be.

There are self help website builders for you who can help you out & who have tools which are easy to use. You are required to sign up to use these tools. Once you are done with sign up stage, you will get the all the tools to add content to your website.

Drag & drop features are provided by these through which you can place the content anywhere you want on the website. All you need to do is manage the content part with their drag & drop tool i-e placing it on the website, rest the hosting and other technical things are managed by website builders.

One more important thing to check about your website is its speed and average loading time as these factors play a crucial role for making a successful website today!

You can find out how your website fairs in speed optimization areas by visiting this post which talks thoroughly about Website speed optimization and Tools to Check the Web Page Loading Time
[ 7 Reasons Why your Website is not Ranking on Search Engines ]



Here’s Listing Down the Best Responsive Website Builders:

1. Squarespace- The Leading Responsive Website Builder


This tops the list of the best responsive website builders. Squarespace has pre-designed templates which looks stunning and make your website give a more professional look and beautiful feel that leaves the visitors with the thought that you have invested a lot in your website.



Squarespace responsive website builder- Get all the tools and predesigned Templates


Squarespace not only creates good looking websites but also provides full-time support. The queries are heard and the answers are generated within an hour. Squarespace users are seen praising the tool have very positive response for it. Thus making it the market leader in creating responsive websites.

Squarespace also offers 14 days free trial. So you explore ins & outs as much as you can & see if that’s the right option for you.

Landing pages are very important for any given website and you should not ignore them. The real success of a website heavily depends on landing pages. So, find out how should you design effective and apt landing pages of your website here.

2. DudaOne- Responsive Website builder

[ Beginners Website Designing Tips that every webmasters Should Know ]

This is yet another responsive website builder. Although it is not as famous as squarespace is but it has got a special feature to offer alongside building user friendly websites.

This unique feature is that they can copy any website into DudaOne. It makes your job easy as you do not require to build the website all over again if you already have one existing and you want that to transfer to DudaOne.

DudaOne- Responsive Website builder-450x250
DudaOne- The Undisputed Leader in Creating Mobile Responsive Websites


The existing site can be copied by them without any time wastage. Also it does the work of imitating the design of the websites making just the duplicate of what (website design) you love. Insert the website’s address into DudaOne & there it gets you the replica of it.

But creative copyrights of other websites must be looked into & taken care off before you straight away copy it. DudaOne offers free trial for 30 days. Isn’t that more than enough to get a detailed idea of what the tool has to offer?

Top 10 Freelance Sites for Freelancer Jobs and Outsourcing Web Designing Work

Top Online Freelancing Platforms for Freelancer Designers ( for Web Graphics Designing Work)

Best Sites for designers to Make Money Online without any Investment.


7 Best Freelance Websites for Designers- Top Web Designing Freelancing Platforms.Technology and the Internet has become so advanced, that not only will you find people working as web designers and graphic artists online, but you can now also have the chance to work as one with the help of the Internet!

Online freelancing has become a good way to provide extra income, or some people even do it full-time. What they do is find the reputable companies or contractors looking for designers and are paid via the terms agreed upon by both parties.Workable Freelancing Tips for Making an Outstanding Freelancer Portfolio

It’s very advantageous, as you get to work anywhere and in your own time. These are great for those who want to become their own boss and use their talents and passion as a way to create a steady income. But where can you find contractors for designer jobs?

Best Freelance Websites for Designers- Top Web Designing Freelancing Platforms-550x400
Best Freelancing Sites for Web Designers- Get Hired or Hire Freelancers

Why these Freelancing Platforms are Great for Designers?


For all those who are tired of doing their 9 to 5 jobs and want to bring a new change in their life then there are many ways to do so without losing monthly income. Yes, it is possible with doing freelancing from home with the help of various freelancing platforms and can earn handsome amount of money at home.


Thus, if you are also planning to become a freelancer and want to be your boss, then these sites will prove to be a boon for you. And if you are a web and graphic designer then you will be fulfilled with many opportunities to make your portfolio outstanding.


So today I am going to present top freelancing platforms for Designers (Web and Graphics Designers) for you. On which by creating your profile and providing outstanding designing work you can become one of the top rated freelancers.

Well, There are so many Online forum sites too that are great for discussing freelancing work and you can find experienced and established freelancers for outsourcing your web designing related work.

In this article, we show you the top seven online freelancing platforms for designers.

List of the Best Known Freelancer Websites for Freelance Designers

Since there are many platforms when looking for designing gigs, here are the top five freelancing platforms made for those who are creative and designers looking for reputable companies and contractors who are hiring.

There are many more freelancing platforms to choose from, but these are some of the most popular websites that will assure you a great job (or designer, if you’re hiring).

1. Upwork- The Best Online Place to get Freelance Designing Work

Upwork (previously known as oDesk) is one of the best known freelancing platforms for web designers. Here you can get different types of projects which include website web designing, graphic designing, responsive mobile website designing, graphic designing and so on.


Upwork-Best Online Place to get Freelance Designing Work-450x250
Upwork.com -The Number One Freelancer Platform Today for Freelancers and Freelancing Work

On upwork you get 60 connects on per month it means you can bid on 60 projects in a month (when a project not asks for one bid at a time). The best thing with Upwork is that here you can get all type of projects ranging from short- and long-term projects, expert-level and entry-level projects.

So it doesn’t matter where you stand you can bid on projects by experience you have. Along with that you can choose to work on your terms thereby working on fixed or hourly projects depending upon you suitability and needs.Must Posses Skills you need to run an Online Business or Freelancing Work


2. Freelancer.com – A very Old and reputed Freelancing Network


Freelancer isn’t only exclusive to designers, but they have a wide array of jobs and categories to choose from. So whether you’re looking for a contractor to work for or a freelancer to work with, you will be able to find trusted and talented ones from Freelancer.


Freelancer-A very Old and reputed Freelancing Network-450x250
Freelancer.com- A very Popular and Freelancing Platform among Designers


It’s very easy to use, and all you’ll need to do is sign up and put in your details and portfolio for you to start applying (or posting) for jobs. This is one of the most popular freelancing platforms around the world, so you’ll definitely meet a lot of contractors and freelancers to work with here.


Freelancer is second in the row and one of the best platforms for freelance web designers to make their web designing portfolio more impressive than ever. Here you can get jobs of all types, and you can work on them on an hourly basis or fixed price basis depending on your working style.

In free Membership plan, you get free eight bids which mean you can bid on eight projects in a month. And if you want to maximize your earnings thereby doing different designing jobs which include UI design, interaction design, logo designing, graphic designing, motion graphic designing, animation designing, etc. then you can go for their membership plans.

You can also make your web design portfolio standing by giving different exams available at the platform.Best Apps for Graphics Designers

3. 99Designs


99Designs focuses on people who are applying as or looking for a designer who will give you the best design. As someone who is looking for designs, you will be posting a design contest where various designers will be competing against each other and giving their best designs to win.

99Designs.Com- The best Site for freelance designers freelance work


Once you have chosen a design and a winner, you will be paying them and leaving feedback. For designers looking for work, they will be joining these contests in hopes of bagging the prize, which is payment and good feedback. You also get the chance to work for contractors long-term if they like what they see.

99designs is one of the best platforms for designers to showcase their skills. Here on this platform, you are not only limited to Web designing jobs as you can even also make a profile for other design jobs like tattoo designing jobs.

Thus it is a platform for all types of design jobs means entirely dedicated to web designing projects. It is a global community of designers having more than 1 million designers.

99designs assigns a dedicated manager for every project they work.

Thus to hire a designer from the platform you have to follow a simple procedure.


The steps in the process include-

Providing a description of the design you want and then choose a package as per your budget (the bigger package you select there will be more designing patterns you will receive).

Then 99designs will circulate your requirement in the form of a contest to designers and then forward those designs to you so that you provide your ideas and feedback to them.And after seven days you can select the best one from the received designs, and as soon as you do so, your designer will get paid.

And you will get the full copyright of the design you have. Along with that, you can also take expert advice for your designs if you to have an expert touch in your design.

14 Best Online Logo Maker Sites where you can Design your Logo or Banner Free

4. Behance


Behance is simply designed for ease of navigation. With that being said, they also focus on creatives and designers, making it easy to look for companies and contractors looking for people like you. You can even hire for any open jobs you have to offer.


Behance-a great freelance-site-for-designers-400x300
Behance-One of the Leading Freelance Websites for Designers Work

There is a wide array of categories under designing and creatives to choose from, as well as a good population of freelancers and contractors alike.

Behance Job is stand out regarding providing freelance web designing jobs. Under their section of Behance Job List, you can apply for many different design jobs. Along with that, you can search jobs by location, category wise and search by company name. You can also share your work using portfolios.

Here you can make your portfolio stand out as there are many designing categories including graphic design, industrial design, interaction design, motion graphics, UI/UX design, web design where you can show your expertise.

Thus, if you are a freelancer web designer, then you need to worry about the designing jobs as these platforms will help you to find the best design jobs/ projects. Also provide you the facility of working from anywhere, anytime and with anyone

5. Dribble


Dribble is also amid the excellent freelancing platform for web designers. All you have to do to show a hire button on your profile thereby signing for a PRO account.


dribbble great freelancing site for-awesome-designs-designing-400x300
dribbble- an awesome freelance site for designers and design work


You can also go for job board of the companies where companies look for the best web designer freelancer to do their work.

Along with that, you can also create a team to get more exposure to the jobs, but for that, you have to sign up for team membership as well. 

6. Krop


Just like Behance, Krop is simply designed but can do a lot for both freelance designer and contractor. All you need to do is sign up and post your portfolio.


krop-freelance platform for designers -logo-400x400
krop-A Popular Site for freelance designing work and contracts


You can either be discovered by various contractors, or you can apply for designer or creative jobs posted.

Contractors will find it easy to use as well, as they can post their jobs or search through the resume database for someone who fits their job opening. 

7. Coroflot



Coroflot-a site for budding designers-500x250
Coroflot- A Site for Budding Designers


Coroflot has a wide variety of categories to choose from that falls under designing, developing and other creative jobs. They have a huge job network from big brand names, so you will be able to find the right job from reputable businesses.

You even have a chance to build your network as well!Search Part Time Jobs for Designers


In Conclusion


With these popular and reputable freelancing platforms for designers, you will be able to not only find the job you need to begin working, but you can also post your own job if you need a web designer or graphic artist!

With the many types of platforms where you can find work for freelancing, it may be difficult to look for the best one to work with.

So hopefully, this list will help you be able to efficiently start your freelance work and be able to start making money online.

So what are you waiting for? Start freelancing and visit these websites, utilizing your skills as a designer! You’ll definitely reap the many benefits of working on your own time.Hope this post will help you in a realistic manner. Please let us know about your experiences with these freelancing platforms in the comment section below. And share the post with others as well as “sharing is caring” and your sharing might help someone.

Did you enjoy the article or have any more recommendations about what platform to use when looking for work or wanting to hire a designer? Then comment down below! We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Best freelancing Online Platforms for Writers

5 Best Ways to Create A Trustworthy Website to Attract+Engage More Customers

5 Web Designing Tips to up your Customer Engagement Rate


Earning the trust of audience/customers is not an easy job in today’s scenario when the customer is informed way much more than it had ever been. With internet and social media thing, awareness on almost everything is increased.


If a person wants to know about anything, internet is there to help. Now, coming on to the main focus of topic i-e creating trustworthy website, we must understand and accept this fact that the website visitors say prospective customers will not put their trust in you unless you have some solid & logical reason that makes you stand out.



best Ways to Create A Trustworthy Website for business success marketing-600x400
Find Out How to Develop a Trustworthy Website




5 Beginners Tips to Make a Website that the Customers can Rely Upon and can Keep Coming Back

Something that proves that only you can be the solution to their problem. Unless they find you genuine, they won’t entertain you. No matter how attracting your call to action is, how strong your content is, how captivating the design is, if you are unable to show why you stand out as a saviour for them then nothing will be worth.


How to Create and develop a Trustworthy Website
How to Create a Trustworthy Website?

Increasing online scams and phishing incidents have made the users skeptical about using certain websites unless they are confident of their authenticity.

So, here’s listing a few ways to create trustworthy website. Check these out!


➤ Secrets of the Website with High Conversion rate

1. Authentic Images

Use Authentic Images in your website-400x250
Use Authentic Images on your website to Grow Trustworthiness



Visual appeal is important in a website. Images form an important part of a website.  These play a huge role in enhancing the user’s experience, increase conversions, helping with branding, and more.


If you are using just any kind of image and expecting it to do wonders for you then you are wrong. It is seen everywhere that people are using generic stock images everywhere. Using right pictures at right places is good but moreover try to use pictures that are realistic or to put in other words, which are captured in real situations.


You might need to hire professional photographer for the same who can take interesting pictures of your products, employees that could give the authentic feel. Also you can find pictures on free online libraries. Pictures which can best compliment your content.


➤ 26 Quick Ways to Increase Sales Conversion on Your Website

2. Helpful Content Resources


No visitor would like to buy when visiting your website for the first time. Until and unless they see that you have a solution to their problem, they will not get interested in your website or your offering.


Therefore, generate content that lists out the benefits of the products that you are offering. Merely praising yourself, listing features of the product and pushing the audience to buy won’t get you anything.


Show in every way via your content that how helpful the product can be for the audience. Moreover, demonstrate how people have benefited from your products in the past.


➤ Techniques to grab more Leads on your Website and increase Conversions

3. Social Proof




Social Proof-should be there on your website-400x250
Social Media Presence- Provide a live Proof of how Popular your website is on Social Channels


Social proof is the new marketing. It is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.

To put in easy words social proof is a tactic to ease the minds of worried customers.


Now, when it comes to creating trust, social proof plays an important role. To create a trustworthy website, you have three ways in which to use the power of social proof:-


a. Provide Social Proof Through Testimonials

Yes, whenever you accomplish any task or done with the project, always ask your customers to give feedback so that it can be displayed on your website.

To make the feedback more compelling, you can even use the image of the the customer who gave the feedback with his/her consent.


b. Provide Social Proof Through Media Logos

Feature media logos on your website as its power is unbeatable. Be it paid or owned properties, media commands that are earned are considered more reliable & trustworthy then messages.

c. Provide Social Proof Through Client & Partner Logos


The role of social proof is not limited to testimonials or media logos. Infact much beyond that. Use client and partner logos to tell the audience who your partners are. This will help in gaining trust of your customers as they will be able to recognize the larger brands.

➤ 7 Reasons why your Website is not Ranking on Search Engines



4. Incorporate Microcopy That Instinctively Sets Expectations


People often skip certain action because of doubt and fear. Similar is with website users, they skip clicking on the links, CTA buttons and others because they are doubtful as it may do some damage.

Therefore, it is recommended to use a microcopy along to make it clear to the visitors as to where they will land after clicking various tabs on website or sat what will happen on clicking the links. This will give them the idea in brief and they won’t hesitate in clicking the buttons or links.


➤ Best Websites to Use Banner Ads to Advertise Online

5. Make your Audience the Centre of your Story


Write the content by emphasizing on the word “you.” It will make the audience feel that you are involving them. This way chances of their being receptive to your message via way of content increases.

Although you must stay careful as well. Do not use their name too much as it may sound awkward. As that say, too much of anything is not good. Therefore, make your visitors/readers/customers/audience feel that they are valued.

➤ Why Do your Need to Promote your Website before its Launch? 

Why do you Need to Promote the Site before its Launch?

Pre launching Website Quick Check list- What Things to be taken care prior to the website launch


Since the promotion of the site is a long process that takes months, some business owners understand that even if the project is still under construction, the sooner they will begin to promote it, the faster will be the result after the launch.

The site design can take a month or two, and in some cases, half a year depending on its complexity. During this time, it would be good to do something in terms of promotion. But, how to start this process in the right way?
launching new-Website-things-promotions-to-do-list350x250
what things and promotions to do before launching a new Website


Let’s imagine that we have already bought the domain for the project. What benefits we will have after the launch of the site, if we begin to promote it before?

Here are the advantages of preliminary site promotion:



Website age

Age of the site (period of its existence in the index of search engines) is one of the factors used by Google for ranking. The older the site – the better it is recognized by the search engines. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a domain in advance and place some content on it, so that after the launch of the planned project it will have some age.


Everyone knows that the new sites are included in the search engine index not as fast as its’ owner would like. The usual plan of a project is the following: buying a domain and hosting, design, layout and development of the site, then filling with content, then launch and waiting for indexing in search engines, and only at the end it comes to advertisement and promotions


This chain is very long and it can be optimized only by reducing the execution time of each phase or combining several steps into one. If you start to promote the site in advance, after its launch there will be no need to wait for its indexation in Google or other search engines. Your site will be already present in these search engines.

Reference story

As one of the external factors, links are still important in the promotion of a site in search engines.
Search engines look the reference story, analyzing the age, variety, and other issues, on the basis of which they make a conclusion about the popularity of a site.
You do need to wait for the project readiness to start forming the reference history. You can start to post announcements on other sites, social networks, can buy a few links, and after the launch of the website, all these will play a huge role for its further promotion.

Proposals for the Project

If you create a splash page, feedback from visitors may be obtained before the launch of the site. This will help to get new ideas that can be implemented at the corresponding stage of development. To get a feedback you should add a form on the page, where visitors can make suggestions or comments about your idea.

Client database

In addition to all the above, the splash page will help to gain initial customer database, if you have an e-commerce site or a database for future users ( subscribers) of the resource /service.
To do this, you can leave the phone or address to communicate with you, either place the form, where people can enter their email address and later receive a notice about the opening of the site. People always like to be the first, even in getting new information, using helpful tools, or purchasing new products.

Typical Mistakes

Intuitively knowing all the pros, some webmasters make mistakes when promoting not finished sites.
There are several typical mistakes that you should avoid making:

– Promotion of empty and uninformative pages, or unprepared sites.

While the site is not ready, do not spread it to the domain. Errors in its architecture can affect the occurrence of debris in the index of search engines or their ambiguous attitude toward a resource. Search engines do not like sites that are in the process of development since they do not give visitors a positive experience.
It is necessary to think about the people, who will open the site. Your appeal to them will be the first contact that will affect the formation of attitudes, confidence, and future conversion.

– Closing for the indexation

Closing the site from being indexed will lead to a longer waiting time for its’ appearance in the search engines. Let it be a single page, but opened to everyone. Opening even unprepared site to be indexed, you can get the first visitors from the search engines. Next, it is the problem of page content to detain the visitor, get feedback or contact details.

– The only inscription with the request to try again later


Some site owners think that this inscription “Very soon here will be such site, try again later” motivates people to visit the site later. If you lose people now, the next time they can come to you will not be very soon. They can just forget about it. You need to give the visitor the opportunity to assess your future project. 

To achieve this you can post useful links (for example, to other interesting related resources), a feedback form, and a reference to an existing and functioning Twitter account or Facebook page.

If you lose a part of the audience now, it will be much more difficult to collect it again later. Appreciate every visitor and stay friends, who are constantly in touch with each other (via social networks, email, phone).


As we can see, if you create the splash page properly and open it before the final stage of the site launch, you will get a lot of benefits, which will give you the first step to success.
If you plan to create a new website, then buy a domain in advance, create a one-page website, place a speech to the audience on it,make contact, open this mini-site for indexation, place a few external links to other resources.
Thanks to all that, the site will be indexed more quickly after the launch and you get the opportunity to work with people who already know you before you find new customers.

Beginners Tips on 5 Basic Elements for Designing a Perfect Checkout Page

How to Make a Checkout Page for your Online Store?


Online Shopping and Payment Making Process: Everything you need to know about Creating a perfect Checkout Page.


A lot of time, energy and efforts go into creating an online shop. Everything about your online shop must be bang on be it landing page or product pictures or description and rest of the things including the traffic coming but are you getting that much amount of sales as well? This should be the major focus.

When you see that despite of everything being spot on still you are not getting sales, you must understand it’s the time to get your checkout page right. Now what it takes to get a perfect checkout page is what needed to be highlighted.

Checkout processes for two distinct eCommerce websites cannot be same and hence you cannot easily define what’s perfect in the context of checkout page.

In order to know what works best for you, you have to conduct A/B testing that will let you know what version works in your website/online shop’s favor.


Tips to Make a Perfect Checkout page_600x300
Ecommerce Tips on Designing a really good Checkout Page


Why the need of a near perfect Checkout page?


A good checkout page is mandatory to  a seamless and mutually beneficial online transactions. With a poor checkout page you will tend to loose some business with more shoppers abandoning the cart. Learn here how to have a perfect checkout page.


Let us take a look at what all is needed to get a perfect landing page in general. What key elements needed to be put together. What aspects needed to be looked into carefully. How opportunities can be explored and so much more.

Often as an online shopper we face this issue of abandoned shopping carts. This can be due to various reasons like, poor user experience, payment security concerns, high shipping cost or other reasons.


Now how can we execute the checkout procedure in the best way to boost up the sales and get more buyers.

Well, here are certain key elements which needs to be combined to make a perfect checking out page and get your shoppers turn into buyers.





Again, How to get the aforesaid right?

– By making it easier for the existing customers to login and telling them the way out if they forget the password (how to retrieve it)

– By avoiding forced registrations and providing customers with guest checkout option.
– By saving users time and effort in filling forms by prefilling wherever possible and indicating errors in the missing fields to let the users know what actually needs to be corrected before proceeding further.
– By not complicating things by asking unnecessary questions just because it could be advantageous for you. Moreover keep things simple and easy for the customers/visitors.
– Test your page because you must know what works best for you.  The perfect structure depends on your product and audience. Therefore, you must conduct A/B testing.

5 Tips to Make  a Perfect Checkout Page


Things to remember while creating 5 Elements in order to Design a Perfect Checkout Page.

How to Make a Perfect Checkout Page-600x150

How to Make a Perfect Checkout Page?

#1. Shopping Cart Page


Example of a good-Shopping-Cart-page-500x300
Example of a good Shopping Cart page




Coming onto cart page, the necessary elements that must be listed here are:

– Displaying cart details
– Providing customers with the option to remove items from the cart if they no longer want it or allow them to change the quantity or other changes as well.
– Do not hide any fees which could shock the customers later rather include the final price on the cart page.
– Including a photo affects the buying decision to a great extent and provoke customers to purchase the product.

– Allow window shoppers to save items in case they make up their mind anytime later to purchase the product.➤ Best eCommerce Shopping Cart Solutions


#2. Billing & Shipping


Next goes billing and shipping page, here are the key elements:

– Multiple shipping time options must be provided.
– Give clear instructions by inputting examples in empty spaces.

– Don’t force the customers to enter the details twice.

#3. Online Payment Processing

Elements necessary to be listed on the payment page:



Example of online payment processing



– Allow multiple payment options to make it comfortable for the customers to make payments. Different customers like different payment gateways as per their choice and necessities. Find here a List of Major Payment Gateways in India.

– Visual clues of security must be included like logos, lock icons etc that depicts and assures about security of the buyer.



#4. Confirmation Page


Next in the queue is confirmation page:

– Shooting a confirmation email via customer support so that later they can follow up with the clients in case needed.
– Provide contact details so that customers can get in touch with you if required.
– Offer sign up option for guest customers.
– Make page printing easy by providing automated PDF version of the page.

#5. A/B Testing



AB Testing-for-an-onlinestore-500x300
AB Testing for an online store


Last but the most important to explore the possibilities via A/B testing repeatedly:

Implement A/B Test – See if the things are going right, Sales are picking up and graph is moving upwards. Track the information necessary to keep on improving your strategy and experience of the users as well.


Banner Advertising for Online Store: 10 Best Sites to Display Banner Ads
How to Promote a Website Via SEO, Advertising, SEM and Social Media


How Using the Right Colors Affect your Website Performance [ Infographics ]

Using the Right Colors Impacts the Website Performance to a Large Extent.

Choosing colors for the website is one difficult task and requires proper thinking. Right colors used in a website affects it in positive way and increases the engagement of visitors. You must select the color combinations for the website be it background color choices, headers or others.
Right color palette is essential for communicating the message in an effective way. Overdoing colors may hamper the image.

How to choose Right Colors for effective Website Performance
How the Right Colors may affect your Website Performance

If you want visitors to keep browsing your page than it is important to pick the right colors for various aspects of your website.


Colors that does not complicate the readability, visibility of the message and which goes apt with your business, brand and industry must be selected.

Below mentioned are certain tips that must be kept in mind to increase website conversion using color psychology:

1- Use Appropriate Colors

Using the right colors for the right audience at the right time for right purpose is what the game all about.

Do you thing using black for the website that deals with kids stuff like kids tent houses or jump houses etc would go well? No, that would not at all go cool.

Black is not the color for kids. You must rather use vibrant bright colors instead. Bright yellow, fluorescent green, red etc. Avoid using browns and maroons as well.


2- Color Preferences

Yes, different people prefer different colors. But here we are taking about color preferences on the basis of gender differences. Color choices of and for men and women are different.

A lot of studies and research has been done about what colors are like and disliked by males and females and the results that usually comes out;
Females mostly prefer primary colors like purple, green, blue and dislike rust shades like brown, gray. People often tend to have this misconception that females first love is pink. But pink might not be appealing to all the women. Just because your product/services, brand, website is female related, you must not go for pink for this mere reason. Try other colors.

Talking about Males, then it s found that Males prefer colors that are manly by their very nature for instance, it could be blue, black, gray or green. Orange, purple are not the colors that could be associated with men, hence least preferred by them.

3- Trusted Color Is Blue

There is always that one thing, one color, one quality that is liked by all. Now that we are talking in context of colors, then there’s this one color that universally loved.

Blue is it. You would notice that majority of apps, sites and not to forget world’s largest and second largest social network Facebook and Twitter are blue.
Reason being this is the most trusted color. If you want to create a trusting impact via some message on your website, make it blue. It depicts sincerity  of the message, loyalty, confidence as well as leads to certain impact on the psychology of people that they tend to trust it more.
Moreover to the advantage of it, try using blue for your website and landing pages therein.

4- Colors Are Signs

Here the best example that can be quoted is of traffic signals. As the colors there indicates certain message similarly there are colors in general that are signs itself.

Yellow being one such color that indicates warning signal. Though some people find yellow as a happy color that depicts playfulness but the fact is some find it good some find it odd.

5- Test Different Colors

Before deriving any conclusion and reaching to a certain decision, try testing several colors as far as website is concerned. See which colors are working bets and leading to increased conversion rate.

Say, try black background and see what advantages it is giving out then try white and see if it is proving to be better than black. Stick to what you find as the best.

6- Do Use White

Some theorists does not consider white to be a color but some do. Well, you don’t have go in too much detailing of it. The importance of white color cannot be denied at any cost.
If somebody questions on that front then the answer is Google, the biggest in the world is white. It should be clear to you that there are advantages to use white in the website and without it things will look odd. Spaciousness would get affected. Let your website breathe. Infuse White. Do not neglect it.

7- Avoid Overdoing

Too much of anything is not good. Same is the case here. Overloading the website won’t give you edge over others rather your website will end up looking complicated and will confuse the visitors.

Read the Infographics based on the Psychology behind why we should Choose the appropriate colours for our Website or Logo:

Infographics on the psychology-behind-choose-the-best-colours-for-your-logo-website-448-2000


Web Design Concepts for Beginners- 10 Tips for Designing an Impressive Website

How to Create an Impressive Website? Web Designing Tips for Beginners


A good website is a gateway to the success of any business. As they say, First impression is the last, similar is the case here. Your audience/ customers develops a perception about you at the very first stage by visiting your website.

The more attractive it is, the more sensible stuff it has and the more transparent it looks, more positive will be the positioning and image of you in their minds.

Designing a good website requires some key things to focus upon. These will help you make the website more user-friendly, fast as well as easy to use.

Following are some tips to make or improve a website, Check them out!

➤ Must see: Ultimate Web Concepts for Designing a Classifieds website


Beginners tips to Create Impressive Website
Web Designing Tips- How to Create Impressive Website

Website Designing Tips- Find out 10 Designing Concepts to Create an Impressive Website

Creating a website that engages and creates and impact is important to stand out from the crowd.

We recognize the importance and presenting to you in this article the tips and tricks for opt web design concepts to create an impressive website for sure.


1- Web Color Scheme


This is the first thing that comes to mind when a designer starts to develop and create a website. Color scheme is the basic and primary element you need to consider before focusing on other things in a website structure.

Web color scheme becomes crucial when it comes to designing a website for a business and brand. Because the color of a website must match with the color of the logo or theme of a business or company.

Appropriate colors that indicate meaning to people should be used on web pages.

Your website will be accessible to people around the world (different countries).

Therefore you have to be very careful that the colors you are using is not leading to any wrong impact on any culture, country or people.

The color choices you use speak to people and represent you. Choose wisely.


➤ Read this post for more details-  How to choose the right colours for your website


2- Clear Navigation


This is undoubtedly the second most important part of a website design. Without clear navigation a website can’t showcase its most important features to the full extent to its viewers.

Good navigation that helps and allows the visitors to find the content they are looking for easily and quickly can positively effect the overall performance of the website.

Website navigation design should be such which doesn’t keep web users hanging around a site for long.

Anchor links can be used if the pages a long to help the finding their ways to the required pages.

Moreover put your navigation in standard places and make your site easier to use.

➤ Avoid these 5 errors for better website navigation

3- Page Loading Speed


Often people tend to notice a thing when it is not there. Similar is the case with web pages speed.

When the speed is low people feel frustrated and give up on doing what they sat for.

There’s always too much to look around in a website. Images, content, links and others. The connection might be faster yet loading gets slow.


To avoid this you need to consider few of the below mentioned things:-


– Minimize HTTP Requests.
– Reduce Server Response Time.
– Enable Compression.
– Eliminate Extra Spaces To Keep Your Pages Lean.
– Optimize Images.
– Delete Unnecessary Plugins.

➤ Best Tools to speed up your webpage and make them load as fast as possible.


4- Writing for the Web


Try to convey more by writing less. People do not want to read lengthy stuff online. Nobody has got that much time.

Pages should not be very long.

Effective writing here is very important. But you should not compromise on the information that you know a user would require to know.

Think from the users perspective and write.

Great titles serves to be a great tool for the website. Work smartly on that part.

You may also consider to hire professional freelance writers to get the job done.

➤ Banner advertising Options for your website


5- Image Optimization


Proper re-sizing of image before uploading it on the website must be ensure.  It should be small but not very tiny which is near to invisible.

Taking a photograph and posting it to website would not be cool enough as you would have to use various images across several pages on your website.

It might be logo, icons or others.

Optimize your JPEG image and make it small enough to load quickly on a web page. The smaller your web images, the faster your site will load. Make your GIFs as small as possible by cropping away extra space around the image, reducing pixel dimensions etc.

➤ Free Online logo maker sites



6- Website Content Optimization


Write while keeping in mind national as well as international audiences. Avoid slang wherever possible. Generic stuff appealing global audience would work better but avoid generic terms like foreign, domestic or local.

In case certain topic is region specific, you can mention it through keywords and description.

Prices/ currency, measurements, events, job listings, shipping, contests, etc must be clear and understandable to the audience leaving no room for confusion.


 12 Practical Tips to Create Content Effectively

7- Avoid Errors in Web Writing


Grammatical errors, spelling errors should be taken care off.

The quality of writing should be good.

Bad writing with annoying errors will hamper the image of your website and you will lose the audience.

Take the help of resources available online to avoid such errors. Such as, Grammarly is a great tool that comes handy for correcting errors related to grammars and sentence formation.


10 Best Free Online Tools for Checking Grammar Errors



8- Check Dead Links


Broken or dead links will slow down your pages. Remove these. Use HTML Validator to check the links that are non-working on the web pages.

Reason to take care of this arises because readers/visitors may get a feeling that the website is not updated and maintained.

Hence they may give-up on reading/ checking further.

Remove the outdated/ old content and update your website keeping it fresh.

Why to Start Promoting a Website even before its Launch


9- Create Better Links


Do not just write “Click Here” rather Explanatory links that makes a user understand where it is taking him/her, to what page etc must be used.

Something that is directive of what the link is all about or putting in other words, link something related to the text linked therein.

Just make everything clear cut for the visitors/ readers/ users.

Nothing should be ambiguous.


10- Contact Information/ Page


Very important part. Contact Information is extremely imperative to be mentioned on the website so that the users, your audience may get in touch with you for queries, doubts, obtaining information on certain things, feedback and more.

This also indicates that you are acting responsible on your part and respect your audience. Therefore, it develops a sense of trust in the mind of your audience.

After completing all the web designing related steps you must submit your website to these Top 50 search engines

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