Why Do You Need to Promote your Site before its Launch?

Website Pre-launching Quick Check list- What Things to be taken care prior to the website launch


Since the promotion of the site is a long process that takes months, some business owners understand that even if the project is still under construction, the sooner they will begin to promote it, the faster will be the result after the launch.

The site design can take a month or two, and in some cases, half a year depending on its complexity. During this time, it would be good to do something in terms of promotion. But, how to start this process in the right way?
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what things and promotions to do before launching a new Website


Let’s imagine that we have already bought the domain for the project. What benefits we will have after the launch of the site, if we begin to promote it before?

Here are the advantages of preliminary site promotion:



Website age


Age of the site (period of its existence in the index of search engines) is one of the factors used by Google for ranking. The older the site – the better it is recognized by the search engines. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a domain in advance and place some content on it, so that after the launch of the planned project it will have some age.




Everyone knows that the new sites are included in the search engine index not as fast as its’ owner would like. The usual plan of a project is the following: buying a domain and hosting, design, layout and development of the site, then filling with content, then launch and waiting for indexing in search engines, and only at the end it comes to advertisement and promotions.


This chain is very long and it can be optimized only by reducing the execution time of each phase or combining several steps into one. If you start to promote the site in advance, after its launch there will be no need to wait for its indexation in Google or other search engines. Your site will be already present in these search engines.


Reference story

As one of the external factors, links are still important in the promotion of a site in search engines.
Search engines look the reference story, analyzing the age, variety, and other issues, on the basis of which they make a conclusion about the popularity of a site.
You do need to wait for the project readiness to start forming the reference history. You can start to post announcements on other sites, social networks, can buy a few links, and after the launch of the website, all these will play a huge role for its further promotion.

Proposals for the Project

If you create a splash page, feedback from visitors may be obtained before the launch of the site. This will help to get new ideas that can be implemented at the corresponding stage of development. To get a feedback you should add a form on the page, where visitors can make suggestions or comments about your idea.

Client database

In addition to all the above, the splash page will help to gain initial customer database, if you have an e-commerce site or a database for future users ( subscribers) of the resource /service.
To do this, you can leave the phone or address to communicate with you, either place the form, where people can enter their email address and later receive a notice about the opening of the site. People always like to be the first, even in getting new information, using helpful tools, or purchasing new products.

Typical Mistakes:

Intuitively knowing all the pros, some webmasters make mistakes when promoting not finished sites.
There are several typical mistakes that you should avoid making:

– Promotion of empty and uninformative pages, or unprepared sites.

While the site is not ready, do not spread it to the domain. Errors in its architecture can affect the occurrence of debris in the index of search engines or their ambiguous attitude toward a resource. Search engines do not like sites that are in the process of development since they do not give visitors a positive experience.
It is necessary to think about the people, who will open the site. Your appeal to them will be the first contact that will affect the formation of attitudes, confidence, and future conversion.

– Closing for the indexation

Closing the site from being indexed will lead to a longer waiting time for its’ appearance in the search engines. Don’t worry if it is a single page, but make it open to everyone. Making even a single page (Home) available to search engines, you can get the first visitors from the search engines. Next, it is the problem of page content to retain the visitor, get feedback or contact details.

– The only inscription with the request to try again later


Some site owners think that this message “The site will be live very soon here, try again later” motivates people to visit the site later. If you lose people now, they wont come back next time they see the url. They can just forget about it. You need to give the visitor the opportunity to assess your future project.To achieve this you can post useful links (for example, to other interesting related resources), a feedback form, and a reference to an existing and functioning Twitter account or Facebook page.

If you lose a part of the audience now, it will be much more difficult to collect it again later. Appreciate every visitor and stay friends, who are constantly in touch with each other (via social networks, email, phone).


As we can see, if you create the splash page properly and open it before the final stage of the site launch, you will get a lot of benefits, which will give you the first step to success.
If you plan to create a new website, then buy a domain in advance, create a one-page website, place a speech to the audience on it,make contact, open this mini-site for indexation, place a few external links to other resources.
Thanks to all that, the site will be indexed more quickly after the launch and you get the opportunity to work with people who already know you before you find new customers.

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