How to Choose a Domain Name for your Online Store and Ecommerce Business

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6 Tips for Online Store Owners- Effective Ways to Select a Suitable Domain Name for your Shopping Site.


Website domain is your virtual property, as well as an identifier by which people find you in the network. You can draw an analogy with the purchase of home addresses and streets in a city with millions of inhabitants.

The more famous is the street and the closer it is to the center, the better is the result for your business, especially, when it comes to trade.


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Workable Tips to Choose a Domain Name for your Online Ecommerce Business Storefront


A domain name of your online store is the first thing a potential buyer sees even before leaving the search page. A good domain name can add credibility to the website, and the bad one, on contrary, causes the doubts.

And most importantly, the domain and company name are the two main components of the brand in the customer’s mind.


Which Domain Zone is Better?


Technically, there is no difference between the domain zones to register the name for your online store. But it is necessary to take into account the division of the international .com, .org, .net, .info, and regional zones.

The latter belongs to the zone assigned to certain countries, such as .fr, .it, .eu, and etc. If your online store focuses on a particular market of the country, of course, it is better to register the domain in the regional area.


Tips for Selecting a Good Domain Name


Permanent e-commerce market growth and the appearance of the new players are the main reasons, which make it increasingly difficult to find a good domain name.


Take note: check the selected word by simply typing in a Google search, and the smaller is the number of the shown pages, the easier it will be for you to get on the top of branded requests.


The second important point: pick up a unique name and do not use the names of another’s brands in the title. It is likely that if you do not have the legal registration at the moment, in the future you will register your company. In this case, this uniqueness will be very handy.

Using these tips, you can make things easier for the task of choosing a right domain.

This is the first rule that should be followed when choosing a domain name. Perhaps, the name like sounds funny, but it is clearly problematic in terms of memorability.

This does not mean that it should be as short as possible. Just try to choose at least not too long name, which is easy to remember. It is for this reason, the most of the top sites contain 8-9 characters in their title.


Commercial Words

We are talking about adding to the basic word a prefix, which indicates that your site is just an online store. In this context, commonly used the words that are associated with the trade, such as shop, store, boutique, market, and others.

By combining such a prefix with a basic word, you can get a lot of interesting options for names.


Key Requests


Regarding the occurrence of keywords in the domain, you need to be careful because a couple years ago, the representatives of the Google told about the implementation of the so-called EMD-algorithms.

⇛ We are talking about a possible negative perception of the websites, in the domain of which is the direct entry of key phrases. First and foremost, this concerns an English-speaking segment of the Internet.

At the same time, words translated into other languages can be freely used in the selection of domain names. For example, such common names as coffee, phone, travel, and others. In these cases, you cannot afraid the sanctions, but the scope for imagination will grow significantly.


The Game of Association


Create a list of at least a dozen words to characterize your brand and to emphasize its individuality. Also, for example, take the words that express the benefits of the products that you sell. For example, the word «energy» can be used in the domain name of the online shop of sports nutrition, and the word «comfort» – for the name of the online furniture store.

Use not only the direct designation but also synonyms – the more options of the words you will have in a stock, the better is a chance to come up with a really nice domain, which will be available for registration.


The Combination of Words


In fact, this method is another variant of the previous one. Only, in this case, use a combination of several words, for example, (home + master) or You can write them together, and you can use hyphens to separate.

In that case, there will be more characters, but the scope for a combination is much more extensive.


Register in advance. If you have plans for the future expansion of business, there is nothing stopping you from registering several suitable domain names as a reserve.


For example, if you sell cosmetics based on ingredients from the Dead Sea, you can optionally use several names associated with the Bulgarian and Korean cosmetics, in particular.

The domain price is typically not too high, depending on the zone, so that this investment will be relatively small in monetary terms. Of course, if you do not plan to start several online stores at once.


Be Creative


Given how many domains have already been registered and how many of them are registered every day, the likelihood is very high that in the desired niche all the obvious beautiful names are already taken.

So experiment, be creative, use imagination, and try to create something that has not been previously.


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