Online Store Customer Service Beginners Tips- 7 Ways to Make your Customers Satisfied

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Learn 7 ways to improve your Online Storefront Service with the help of Effective Order Processing and CRM system.


eCommerce business tips for Retaining your Customers and providing efficient Customer Service.


“Poor service…” .. According to theNewSourcing study, 89% of customers, who were dissatisfied with the service in the online store, have never returned for another purchase. How should we execute the order so that the customer was satisfied? Learn 7 ways to improve your online store services with the help of CRM-system.


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How to Keep your Customers happy and Satisfied with an Efficient Order Processing and CRM


You spend money on the attraction of each customer. Very often the first order does not cover your advertising costs. If the buyer has received a negative experience when working with you, he will go to a competitor. You lose a customer, second purchase, loyalty, and of course, you lose profits.


7 Tips for Processing Orders and Maintaining CRM in Efficient Ways (CRM based Order Processing)


What does a client wait from your services? Not much: the timely execution of the order, no hitches, and the right communication. In this article, we will show how to achieve a great level of service with the help of a specialized CRM-system for e-commerce. The same rules work for the online store without a CRM system.


1) Distribute Orders Properly


Distribution is the first stage of work with the received orders. Every sales team member in the online store must clearly understand what types of orders he or she should process. Otherwise, be sure that there will be many situations that nobody will process the order because of relying on others.



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Distribute Orders effectively for running a Storefront Successfully 


So you will lose a customer. Generally, the CRM system provides several options for distribution of orders:

– Depending on the sales channel (online shop, landing, mobile application, etc.) In this case, one employee receives orders only from the online store and another – from the landing page.

– Depending on the processing method (e.g., orders through the basket are performed by one employee, while another is processing orders by phone).

– Depending on the order type (for example, from a legal entity and from a person).

– Depending on the responsible manager. If the customer has made an order in the online store, the next time, his or her order will be directed to the same employee as at the previous time.

– Depending on the importance of the customer. Thanks to modern CRM systems, you can assign the VIP status to the client, and the most experienced staff will process the orders of a particular customer.

– Uniform distribution, taking into account online members of a sales team.

Proper distribution of orders between employees will give them an understanding of responsibility zones of each employee, distribution of workload and it excludes sagging orders.


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2) Set the Rules of Order Processing


When the employees have no established procedure of order processing, they are free to do whatever they want. The main thing is to close the deal. With this approach, you will never reach the required level of service and customer loyalty.


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Order Processing is crucial for any business 

CRM system gives the ability to set the rules of order processing, in other words – the rules of transition of the order status from one to another. With such regulations, an employee cannot accidentally close a new order or appoint a delivery of the understaffed order. Order  status should change gradually, without jumping and omissions.


The established method of order processing can significantly reduce the number of errors and bring 100% of transactions to its logical conclusion.

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3) Put a Time Limit on the Execution of Orders


According to a survey, 71% of online shoppers after ordering wait for a call back within the first 5 minutes. Do you control this figure? If not, then you should start doing it. The CRM system allows you to do it.


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Online Store Services become excellent if done in a defined timeframe 

The time limit can be set for each of the order statuses. For example, a 5-minute limit on the order status “New” means that during this time you need to call the customer to confirm its order and then change the status to the next one. If an employee skips this step, a wise CRM-system will give him a reminder that the order has expired.

The benefits of the use of time restrictions are obvious:

– Everything is done on time;

– You can monitor the average processing time;

– No need to “push” employees.

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4) Set the Task and Get Reminders about Orders

Is it necessary to call back to the client? Is it necessary to clarify the availability of goods in stock? You can set tasks to each order or customer. At the appointed time the user of the system will see a reminder of what needs to be done.

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Set Task and Reminders for successful order processing for your Store

Employees are able to set tasks by themselves. What do we get as a result? Firstly, we can delegate tasks and monitor their execution. Secondly, now the poor memory is not an excuse –it is impossible to forget about the task or skip it.

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5) Integrate CRM-System and IP-Telephony

This is one of the essential bundles for an online store. What will the integration of CRM and IP-telephony give your online store?

– Customer recognition during the call. You can see the full name, previous orders, and can open the customer card within one click.
– Fast creation of a new customer card. You can create a new order and fill in the data during a call with a client.
– Reports on implemented and missed calls.

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6) Monitors the Status of Parcels in the CRM

Another important bundle for optimum work of a back office is the integration of your CRM and delivery services, which an online store cooperates with.

It allows:

– Ordering the delivery directly via CRM system (choose the method of delivery, location, and time)

– Calculation of the delivery cost

– Tracking parcels

– Working “in one window” (no need to switch between systems)

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7) Send a Notice to Customers about their Orders


You can do it manually or use CRM system, which allows sending notifications to customers about their orders automatically. Buyers consider such email or SMS messages useful. Due to these notifications, customers are aware of what is happening with their order, when to wait for the goods, etc.

This increases customer loyalty and their confidence in the quality of your services. In addition, via CRM system you can limit the time of sending the messages, for example, do not send a notification at night.

And the main rule is to keep your customers informed of their orders, anticipate their needs and do everything in time.

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