8 Ecommerce Trends that are Dominating Today in 2017 and 2018

Last updated on December 26th, 2018 at 12:09 pm

8 e-Commerce Trends in 2018 that can Become Game Changers in 2019.

8 Trends from 2017 Dominating e-commerce Today in 2018.


e-commerce is ruling the market and the previous year has seen a lot of ups and downs in this industry. e-commerce is poised to growth with leaps and bounds in the upcoming year also. With new areas being explored and taken over by e-commerce we have witnessed some new trends which will have a huge impact in the upcoming years.

Let’s discover in this article and understand beforehand to implement right business techniques and yield results accordingly.

e-commerce Trends in 2019 from 2018
eCommerce Trends from 2018


1. e -commerce Website to Mobile app

With the increase in over all internet users, e-commerce has witnessed a huge growth in 2018. It has been reported that there has been far more increase in the number of mobile phones internet users as compared to the desktop users.

This drift of usage of more and more mobile internet has also seen rising mobile traffic for e-commerce businesses. Big players like Flipkart in an effort to channelize all mobile traffic has shut down their e-commerce website and went app only in 2018.Many other companies have consequently increase their mobile marketing and shifted focus from desktop users to mobile users.


2. Daily deals and sales

E-commerce consumers are now very sure about some or the other daily deals going on their favorite shopping sites.

From slashing prices to free shipping to everything now e-commerce players are offering flash sales every day for some or the other product or product categories for their consumers.

While some e-commerce companies promote some specific product on daily basis others promote some or the other category on everyday of the week. Like, Fashion Monday with flash sale on apparel, electronics sale on Tuesday, Wednesday for home furnishing and decor category.


3. Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets at shopping sites-300x200
Mobile Wallets are becoming Popular among online shoppers

More purchases are been made through mobile wallets and more and more people are looking forward to digital currency. They find it convenient and hassle free to not even have to carry their credit or debit cards for every transaction and directly pay through mobile wallet.

The ease of use with one click payment has made it quite a popular payment method among the shoppers.

There is no need to remember the passwords or enter card details every time you shop. Even if you have left your card back home you can always shop on the move with digital wallets.


4. Automation in Online Shopping


Automation has help marketers to reach out to highly targeted niche by automated email marketing and report analysis, showing relevant products based on the previous search history and ready to avail instant discount and coupons etc.


5. Multi-channel shopping


Shopping has not been limited to desktop but with multiple devices, like mobile phones, tablets, etc. The multichannel shoppers are more frequent shoppers than the single channel shoppers.


6. Social Shops


With increasing social media and networking across all other online mediums the social media platforms have introduced e-commerce friendly tools and even Facebook e-commerce store apps have been a huge hit for e-commerce business.

Other platforms like Pinterest have collaborated with Shopify and introduced buyable pins for capturing more sales leads or driving more sales.14 Best tools for social media marketing


7. Loyalty programmes

To increase repeat purchase and retain consumers in this highly competitive environment loyalty programmes have been a huge success among the online retailers.

It has also helped the consumers control their per customer acquisition cost which is ever rising with increasing competition. So instead of investing in the acquisition if the same customer for every sale it is better to offer a good loyalty program to the customer and be in a favorite list of online consumers shopping sites.Holiday Marketing Tips for Instagram


8. Beyond Low Price

The market has evolved and marketers have risen beyond low price selling techniques. Slashing price to get an edge over the competitors is no more working well and neither the customers are so much price sensitive.

Unless your niche is price sensitive market you should drop this idea and do some better things as discussed above.

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