The Trump Triumph: What every Marketer can Learn from Donald Trump

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What Tactics Marketers can Learn from Donald Trump


Donald Trump has gained a lot of attention in recent days with his bold and audacious talks. With his presidential run he has become extremely popular all over the world. And you an see a lot of glimpses of a marketer in his politics talks. Let us see what every marketer can learn from him to gain success and popularity.


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What Marketers can Learn from Donald Trump


What are the Top 5 Things that every Marketers Should Learn from Donald Trump (currently, the USA President)


1. Death or Glory

Everyone even the supporters of Donald Trump unanimously agree that he is reckless and bold. He talks with an attitude to constructively destruct his haters and empowers his supporters.

Audience take pride in the way he is so blunt and blatant about his opinions. He is not afraid to make bold statements and to gain all limelight.

Marketers have a lot to learn from him even if they are not a big fan of him . By taking pride in the product that you are selling and being open and blunt about all your policies and services you can sure snatch more limelight and publicity.

Marketed shall not fear to take bold steps in their business and calculative is not always good is what Donal Trumpo teaches. If its blunt it sounds more real. It will either give you glory or death but risk is everywhere so why not take bolder chances to attain glory and death is destiny for all mortals so be fearless.

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2. Media is Powerful


Power of media has been accepted and acknowledged by many, time and again ever since its existence.

Media is powerful and has a capacity to turn tables. Good can be made bad and bad can be made good if publicized that ways. So its important for marketers to keep themselves in media and that’s what Donald Trump has been doing:

Donald Trump never misses a chance if media coverage and publicity. In fact he has a lot of content ready for media in his every other speech.

People have been listening to him in past years as well when he used to talk business and
even at that time he was as audacious as he is now but now since he is talking politics and candidature for such an important position in the country that he is being greeting more media attention.

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3. Know your audience and your Brand

He does not wish to sound good to everyone. He is speaking to his audience, he knows there are masses who exactly feel what he is talking about and he is not concerned bout the whole world and being good to all.

He is focused and know that the masses he connects to are enough to make him win the election if rest all goes right. He does not leave a chance to speak anything  what he knows his audience love to hear and this is exactly how he has been commanding the show.

Even his haters are stunned the way he speaks his mind. He does not sound rehearsed and made up is what is getting him more attention. People like crude so if its is crude they find it more credible.

They tend to trust it more. They feel more connect with it. What other candidates lack is the connect by presenting in a reversed and formal manner while they deliver to the audience while Donald has so much to speak but he seems to speak as in an extempore with all his heart and mind.

Marketers can run to be more real and present in a crude manner all information about their business. They shall learn to connect to their audience in a way that they feel for the brands. They need to be less formal and more real to gain credibility and trust for their brand.

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4. Controversies are Good

He is mindfully or unmindfully spinning controversies is a question which is not so easy to find a right answer right now but he is gaining a lot of attention and popularity from these controversies goes without saying.

From his racist remarks, to his  handpicked sensitive topics in all his speeches are a big media and limelight gainer for him.

He is not even being easy with his words while talking about the sensitive issues which others even fear to talk about. He is talking what he wants but still unstoppable.

This shows that even controversies can land you in a sea of opportunities and its not always right when we say that controversies will land you in trouble. At least with Donal Trump it is happening right. And there is a reason behind it.  Media loves what has more content and right content. ‘Right’ not in ethical sense but ‘right’ content which sells.

Marketers can learn to sell their business by learning about the right content that sells these days and meddle with controversies.



5. Unapologetically Correct

With so many haters and opposer’s to Trump he still does not care to what they hate him about. He has given more remarks than any other leader who has even served and been at such a position but Trump had never played a heed to apologize ever.


What he says is correct at least for whom he says. He knows he is talking to his audience and the world outside his audience is not for him. He is aloof to the sounds outside his periphery and does not have any speak to aprwl to anyone else other than his audience. He stays focus and know he is talking what is correct according to his views and does not need to apologize.


Marketers a can Learn to be more unapologetic and more confident even with the flaws of their product and sell with all confidence. As every product has flaws but what sells is not a flawless product but whatever sold with a confidence. If you have confidence on your product then only buyers will have confidence in your products. If you only are fearful about what you are selling you will not be able to sell it.

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