Webinar Marketing Tips- 11 Killer Techniques for Making Leads via Webinars

11 Beginners Tips to Generate Leads via Webinars based Marketing


Killer Techniques for Webinar Marketing : Generate Leads that continuously converts.


Webinars were considered to be a medium to educate the audiences in the past like delivering classes by teachers and educating about health, career, business etc by professional counselors and speakers.

Now however, webinar marketing has emerged out to be one of the most eminent methods of content marketing. Most of the small businesses today use it as a powerful weapon for Local Advertising.

Reaching out to the new audiences and skimming though the prospects have never been as effective as per the statistics.




Webinar Marketing Techniques!


Webinars have proven to be extremely useful to not only get traffic but also leads that convert. However success depends on the two keys that is content and marketing of the webinar.


7 Key Techniques for Making your Webinar Marketing Campaigns a Real Success:



1. Exclusive Content


Internet is flooded with content. So what you need to offer to the prospects which attracts them to your content. Offer an exclusive content which hits the bull’s eye.

No beating around the bush as no one has time to listen to hundreds of honey swirled words to find out no solution at the end. Your content should be a complete solution what your topic of webinar stated because that’s what the attendees have registered for.


2. Keep them Engaged


Have some guest presenters and influencers from the industry to make it more interactive. People need to see variety and not get bored of you speaking at stretch. Also biggies have their own impact and following.

Take the engagement offline. Organize offline marketing meetups or do something exciting and innovative.

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3. Keep Evolving


Let the session evolve and reach a higher step after every few minutes. So that the attendees are kept hopeful of a better learning and interest is maintained.Let them not think of leaving at any point of time. Add humour and spice up according to the taste of the audience but maintain originality.

Utilize the inbuilt benefits that comes with almost all hosting solutions like chat, polls, feedbacks, analytics etc.

this will help you understand the audience more closely and deliver accordingly.

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4. Enrich and spice up


Enrich your content so as to cover all the aspects of the topic chosen by you. At the end of the webinar you want people to take the action for you to generate sales. So if you make them fulfilled the more chances they will convert.

Feedbacks from the previous webinars, pre webinars short survey to understand what attendees are expecting is prerequisite to a successful campaign that continuously converts.

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5. When to Start


The most important aspect of your webinar marketing strategy is deciding upon when to start your marketing and promotions. Usually people might register in a moment of incurring demand but if the webinar is happening after too long their demand must have already been satiated or the enthusiasm must have gone down and consequently they tend not to attend.

So it is required that you start marketing not too much in advance.

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6. Reminders


Send reminders as people register and tend to forget or lose interest. Spice up the reminder to reveal a little more to keep them interested yet again.The biggest failure is if you lose a registered lead. For this you need to send reminders to warm them up.

The reminders should be all the more intriguing and promising than the topic itself.

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7. Not ‘Me’ but ‘You’


Don’t talk about how big you or your brand name is. People already know you if they are listening to you. They want to hear more about what you are offering to them. They are there for some benefits in terms of learning or anything else but not learning about you for sure.

So keep aside all bragging and deliver the solution. Keep your content revolving around and covering every possible aspect of your topic.

8. Webinar Length


Keep the length of the webinar short and crisp. Most of the time the attendees are watching while doing something or the other and their attention span is low. A good opening can only help to gain more attention from them out of their other tasks. If it is in a form of a long boring speech you will lose it all. Nothing can ruin it better than this.

9. Alliances


For promotions, partner with other webinar organizers for mutual benefits. It can be from another industry but audience of your interest as well. For example, if your webinar talks about health and fitness you can partner with sports gear company organizing their webinars or a health and fitness instructor with good number of followers.

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10. Record your Webinar


Don’t keep you webinar only an exclusive day, date and time to see you talking ever in your life. Record your webinar and make it available to all those who missed it. It will get you additional leads and followers. This will also help you gain more selling time. Those who missed out will not be missed out this way.

The purpose is you not let any lead drop out or any marketing money wasted.

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11. Team up


If you plan to do it all yourself you might lose the control. Have people managing the whole show. Changing slides, to taking up questions, demos and asking questions clicking for a video or answering on live chat.

Properly organize for a smooth webinar where nothing and no one feels missed out. Divide the tasked beforehand and conduct a mock if it is your first attempt or you are not confident.

Send recorded video of the seminar to all the attendees. Also get their feedback and suggestions.
Give them something extra to feel more benefited and remember the gesture. Thanks them for attending and send thank you note for writing feedbacks and reviews.

Keep improving on every next attempt and leaning to improve from every previous one.

Your success depends on the success of the attendees. You need to think about how you are going to benefit them and your success will come as a result.

Regardless of your sales and prospecting goals your focus shall be customer-centric webinar. That only can be the webinar of success.

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