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20 App Marketing Steps to Rank your Apps and Increase Downloads

How to Increase App Downloads? Full Marketing Guide for Ranking Apps in Google Playstore.

How to Increase Android app downloads on Google Playstore which is one of the most popular app marketplaces among Android phone users.

If you are a beginner and looking to market your mobile app or plan to design an app and wondering how to rank it on Google Playstore so that you can increase App Downloads then you have reached the right place.

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We have always come across some very popular apps on Googleplay and some very similar apps that don’t rank that well.

Many a times we come across kinds of apps that are Very good yet they are still not very popular.

It is only due to the sole reason that some have been able to increase mobile app downloads by increasing the playstore rankings and popularity of the mobile app.Developing a good mobile app is just the tip of the iceberg, it is all the more important to back it up with a full fledged mobile app marketing strategy.

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Mobile app marketing Strategy-640x480
Improve Mobile App Ranking in Playstore and thus Increase Mobile App Downloads


Marketing Guide for Ranking your App and Increasing number of Downloads:

Read below the full step by step guide on making marketing strategy for your app. It will provide you details on what and where you need to pay attention in order to make your app stand out in the search results on various app stores, including Google Play Store and iPhone App Store.

Mobile Apps and Google Playstore Ranking


Find out how to optimize and market your apps so that they can rank higher in Google Playstore rankings for apps.Today is the trend of apps. Apps have become the need of people. Who would have thought it. There are more than 1 million apps for almost all the categories.

You think of any issue and there you have application for that as a solution be it shopping, banking, taking notes, meeting, reservations and whatsoever you think of about, you have an app for it.

In such a highly competitive app marketplace it requires a very solid mobile app marketing strategy to keep ahead and increase mobile app downloads and Google Playstore ranking.

Now amidst so much competition how you can stand out and market your app and how to get more app downloads for your android app is what the focus of this article. What all it takes to create a sustainable app is strategizing well enough in the area of marketing and distribution that your app reaches to your target audience. Many app owners even opt to buy app downloads to increase the app downloads but it is altogether a different topic which we will share more insights on in our next posts.


Internet is full of ideas for increasing mobile app downloads and everyone is trying to do a hit and try without proper understanding of how Google Play-store algorithm functions.

➤ If we understand the functioning of Google play-store algorithm we will be able to select the best ways to boost Android apps downloads on this platform.

➤The apps developers often are seen facing the problem of less downloads and poor playstore ranking status of their apps in the search results. It is not a feel good thing to see your efforts are not reaping results as expected.

A Complete Guide for increasing mobile app downloads in Google Playstore: App Marketing Tips for Beginners

Developing an app is no doubt a tiring task but equally important is to get people discover your creation, appreciate and accept it. A good mobile app marketing plan can take you places and get the most installs and increase mobile app downloads in required time.
We are going to compile here all possible ways that you should be following to rank your app on Google Playstore and get more downloads as the visibility increases:


The concept of ASO – App Store Optimization


Like you have heard and are aware of SEO i.e Search engine optimization, same is the concept of ASO which is App store optimization. As SEO is about improving/increasing the  ranking of website in the search engine results, similarly ASO is about increasing your mobile apps playstore ranking in the Search Engines results.


Tips to Increase Mobile app Downloads-700x420
Google Playstore Ranking


> The whole aim behind this concept is to optimize your app & get it on the top position in the Playstore.

> People tend to get more attracted to what’s on the top be it search engine or Playstore.

> They download the apps that appears on the top in the search results. This automatically will increase your mobile app downloads on Google Playstore.

That’s the advantage of it. The top position you hold, the more are the chances of it getting downloaded.

So this is the first and foremost step of getting more mobile app downloads on Google Playstore.

First we need to understand how Google Play-store Algorithm.


The Google Playstore Ranking depends on the following elements:

1. Number of Installs
2. Engagement Level of The Installed Apps
3. Reviews and ratings
4. Number of Uninstalls
5. Download Growth
6. App Retention Time Period
7. App Demo Video 
8. Regular App Updates
9. App Description
10. Keywords


We need to keep our focus around these elements and spend time each day to improve upon these elements to rank better on Google Playstore and increase mobile app downloads.

Mobile App Ranking Elements


Below we will discuss in detail how to go about working with these elements to improve our rank on google Playstore:


1. Number of Installs

As said in the concept section of the article, “the top position you hold, the more are the chances of it getting downloaded.” Now let us just put it in a little different way, “the more your app gets downloaded, the better you get ranked in the Playstore.


The thing is that the download numbers reflects how popular your app is and therefore at the first place it is downloads that people count and judge on. As we reach a certain threshold of playstore ranking and installs then we start getting more installs and it increase mobile app downloads with lesser efforts.


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2. Engagement Level of The Installed Apps

If the app has been downloaded and forgotten in the users devices it generally does not spur the ranks as much as an active user base effects the playstore ranking of the mobile app. So, it is equally important to get as much as active users and not just the number of installs which do not bring much value.

3. App Reviews and Ratings

Believing that quality doesn’t matter here is wrong. Quality has always been the most important factor in almost every sphere. The proof that Google gives importance to quality can be judged by the results in the search engine. So the more positive reviews the better the mobile app downloads gets as it get ranks in the google play.

You will always find good quality holding superior position in the search engine. Similar is the case when it comes to Playstore, more the positive reviews and ratings, the better your app gets ranked.

You can notice that no matter if the download figure is less, but if the ratings and reviews are better then it will lead over the apps with more downloads in terms of playstore ranking.


4. Number of Uninstalls

If your app gets uninstalled by the user instantly after getting downloading or be it uninstallation of the app after the new version gets released, it is very certain that this will hamper the playstore ranking of your app in the search results.

5. Download Growth

A steady growth rate in the number and quality of downloads affects the google play-store algorithm. It is essential to maintain a continuous effort as this will add to your playstore ranking.

Keep a close eye if the graph dips and bring it up and keep upscaling through out.


6. App Retention

Google do consider as for how long does the app remained installed by the user on its phone. The timing from the app installation till it gets uninstalled is taken into account by the Google it seems. On the basis of it the points are given by it to the app.

The longer the time period of installation, the more positive the points an app receives which also affects the playstore ranking status of the app.


7. App Demo Video



A good explainer app video not only increases the in-store ranking but also has a great impact on quality downloads. The user makes a more aware decision of installing the app after they have watched a demo video. As a result this increases the quality and engagement of the app as well as the retention.


8. Regular App Updates

Reviewing the feedbacks and fixing minor or major errors or updating as well as upgrading with more functionality for the users help with the playstore ranking by affecting the app engagement, retention and other factors.


9. App Title and Description


Apt & relatable title can work wonders for your app. To a great extent it is keywords that play a role in ranking the app on top of the search results consequently getting us more mobile app downloads.


The title you come up with for your app will either lead to positive results or negative. For better results moreover try to use the main keyword in the title you choose for the app. This will help your app get discovered by the user.


Do not select the name that is similar to or resembles the app, which is already famous in the market as Google might not be able to figure out the difference between the two and rank popular one higher.

Lengthy descriptions are avoided by the users. Put yourself in the position of users, will you prefer reading lengthy stuff? No, you would never. So keep the description of the app short yet strong enough to leave an impact on the users.


Do mention your achievements in the form of awards & recognition by leading agencies etc. Make sure you add the target keyword more than twice in the description.


When it comes to search engine results, keep in mind that the initial 167 characters of your app description works as the meta description, therefore try to frame the initial portion of your description covering your keywords and other important things you believe the users will search you for.


10. Keywords

Just as you need to optimize your website for appearing in the top results on search engines, similarly here also you need to use proper keywords in the title as well as description so that the people looking out for your product can find you easily.

Good keywords contribute to the Playstore ranking at large and thus increase mobile app downloads by ranking higher.

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How to Optimize Apps for Better Playstore Ranking:

To get people discover about your app it is important that you get placed in top search results. Some of the steps that must be considered while uploading your app on Playstore are as follows:


Other Important Things that Make your App Rank on the Top in Playstore:

>> Uploading high definition screenshots, videos & graphics.
>> More Google +1 recommendations ( Better social connection.)
>> Targeting the right audience & developing targeted mobile apps.
>> Developing apps responsive & compatible to other devices like tablets.
>> Apps that take less space/memory (small size apps.)
>> Using App Annie.
We list out a few Quick Tips to up your marketing game for as far as your app is concerned.


Let us go through these easy to follow steps:-



# 01. Grow User Base

Increase Mobile app Ranking-400x300
Grow User-base

Releasing your app early is imperative to attract the attention of the investors and attract more and more users.

Unless you have a user base, you won’t be able to know whether the product you are building (in the form of app) would be wanted by people or not.


You must grab the early adopters and grow your user base in order to know what kind of customers are preferring your product and then target accordingly.





# 02. Target Specific Niche

Target Specific Niche to Increase Mobile app Downloads-280x280
Niche – Targeting


In order to stand out in such a crowded market and differentiate your app amidst so much competition what you need to do is to infuse the features in your app that cannot be found in other apps.

The other way out could targeting the specific market segment focusing on niche segment moreover.

This will allow you to survive in the competition as well as compete with major players by your USP and thus increase mobile app downloads. To put it straight basically, you must find your niche and lead.





# 03. Be Unique

Be Unique with your Mobile App Marketing Strategy-1024x640
Be Unique



You can have the power when your are exclusive and unique. You must spread the word and create buzz around your app.

Let people know about your app, talk about it. Spotify is one great example that can be quoted in this light.

It was able to stand out in the crowd when there were companies like Rdio and Rhapsody existing by gaining advantage from word of mouth marketing.





# 04. Consider Pricing

Consider Pricing to increase mobile app downloads-300x225
Consider Pricing

You often tend to forget that pricing is a very important factor that plays a great role in making or taking your business.

You would definitely like to earn well from your app and you might feel like pricing it in a manner that gives you major profits. Isn’t it?

But the fact is various researches have indicated that people tend to download the apps that are low priced or available for free. Low priced apps or the ones for free receives maximum downloads.



You must consider whether you will make your app available for free or use a premium model to earn via your in-app purchases or some other option. Selection of pricing model is one major concern to increase mobile app downloads. Decide wisely.

# 05. Social Call To Action


Use social call to action to increase mobile app downloads-275x183
Call to Action


If you want to enjoy a large user base than social word of mouth can be the best way out. Social sharing would allow the users to talk about and share what they have accomplished. It could be achieving a milestone in any game or reaching a certain level, etc. People like to share and brag about things that makes them happy on social platforms where they have their network Allow social sharing to let your users talk about you directly or indirectly, let other people come to know about you & grow your user base.


# 06. Continuous Promotion

Keep doing continuous promotions for app promotion-721x500
Keep Doing Promotions Regularly for your App

Chances are people might end up using your app for merely 6 months. If you want people to stick to your app, promote it continuously.

Talk about the newly added features or upcoming features of the app and how it can benefit the users.

App retention is a battle in itself just like building a useful one. Therefore, it is important to keep on developing new ways of customer engagement be it by retargeting, rewards, improved features etc.

Retention is all that matters. Keep promoting and don’t let them give up on your app.

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