SEO or Content Marketing: Which One is Best for Online Website Ranking?

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Search Engine Optimization or Content Marketing: Which Way is best for Online Ranking?

Proper allocation of time between two advancement technologies is a long-term dilemma which any web marketer faces. There are so many things to do within the framework of a marketing strategy, but there is also lack of time for their implementation.


According to the famous saying “Time – is money” – let’s transform the question “What to spend time on?” in the following form:

What method – SEO or content marketing – will provide a better return on investment (ROI) for your business?


SEO Vs Content Marketing: Which is better?


There should be no doubt that both technologies are important and valuable for the marketer, but each in its own way. Moreover, if a commercial success of the project depends on the amount of incoming traffic as the basis for highly efficient lead generation then SEO and content marketing are critical components of such a resource.


The Value of Technical SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) is aimed at the successful positioning of the landing page or site in search engines. Proper search engine optimization can also avoid various penalties by the search engines.


A few years ago all you needed to succeed in Internet marketing – was just a technically optimized web resource. Some pages with good quality, good structure, page titles with keywords – and your life is successful in terms of search engine optimization. But times have changed and the old tricks no longer work.


All the obstacles are well known, all reefs marked on maps and the path to the perfect technical SEO is known to everyone. Now every marketer is relatively easy to get a perfectly optimized sites for searches. Most of competent professionals remember all the important elements of SEO and successfully implement them.

So, here is the problem: now you won’t get top places just by making a technical SEO. If almost every your competitor uses this technique, how many advantages over them do you have?The correct answer is: none.

Basic standards of search engine optimization are defined, and you have to respect them. The importance of technical SEO is not about attracting and increasing the incoming traffic, but it’s a sort of “road works”. You must have a “road” which will move the incoming flow of traffic.


Nowadays, technical search engine optimization is no longer equivalent to an increase of traffic, but it’s a guarantee that your web resources will cope with it.

There are some web resources with errors in html-code, broken links, non-optimized titles and utterly useless metadata. But these sites provoked dramatic traffic growth and destroyed all its’ competitors by a fantastic conversion increase and reference weight.


You may ask “How and why?”. The answer is content marketing.


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The Value of Content Marketing


Content marketing is a real source of traffic. If all your competitors comply with the technical standards of SEO, then you should do something else to distinguish yourself from the rest and get the necessary flow of the target audience.

Content marketing – a proven way of getting targeted visitors and effective method of massive branding through a sequence of continuous dissemination of useful and engaging content.



value of content marketing-600x277


Every year, the cost of this promotion technology increases, and today more than a quarter of the budget is spent on generation and distribution of good content. At first glance, this statistics looks daunting.

It’s the same as in case of SEO, nearly every competitor uses content marketing. However, there is a fundamental difference.



You will not be able to attract more traffic by search engine optimization, simply because of the fact that strict web standards incorporated some level of possible achievements in SEO, that you will not be able to beat.

But your content marketing can be better than others. People cannot produce the same content. It all depends on you: if your content is better – you win.

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How to Split Time between SEO and Content Marketing?


Content marketing and technical SEO are not competitors, but allies. So the question posed in the title, should not sound like “What to spend time on?”. The question is “How should I allocate my time?”


Here is the approximate distribution scheme:

1. Set up a technical SEO, bring it to a possible perfection.


Get used to do everything technically correct. SEO – is the “way” for the targeted traffic. If you need a durable success in content marketing, start with the technical (internal) search engine optimization.


2. Start and maintain your marketing strategy: spend your time to create powerful content.


There comes a time when technical SEO can do quite little: all standards and conditions are met. It’s time to create the greatest in the history of web marketing content.


But you have to deal with content marketing constantly. This process should never stop. Of course, you always have to spend time on dealing with the technical SEO – optimize the titles of pages, change the set of keywords, and so on. But you’ve already understood what to spend more time on – content marketing. It’s not even negotiable.


At the beginning of this article, we wondered: what – content marketing or technical search engine optimization – offering the best ROI? Here is the answer: both technologies are important. Technical SEO preceded content marketing, and high return on investment they can provide only by working together.



SEO or Content Marketing: What to Spend Time On?


This is an established fact that Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing both are very important for ranking your website, blog, or content over the Internet. Now, web ranking means not only Search Engine Ranking, but it also includes Social Media and Content marketing as well.


I think the best way to get higher rankings for your web properties is to keep a healthy balance SEO, social media, and Content Marketing!


Over to you:


What is your opinion? Where do you put in the most efforts in ranking your content: SEO, Social media, or Content Marketing? Participate in the Poll or View the Poll Results: Where do you spend more Time on?

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