Promoting Personal Brand for Entrepreneurship Development- Do’s & Don’ts of Branding

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Entrepreneurship Development and Branding Tips- Keep up with these Do’s and Don’ts of Promoting Personal Brand making

More than anything, promoting your personal brand is more about originality. The image of our brand can be discovered in a very short time. People can check the status of any brand online – the most obvious and easy way to know about any brand.

Promoting your brand is indeed necessary so as to make the customers aware of your existence and grow your business. But what way of promotion you opt is to be looked into.

As they say too much of anything is not good. Similar goes with promotion of your personal brand. Too much self-promotion will ruin your image in the eyes of public before you could have created any. [ Check out these Branding Tips for the New Business ]
Promoting Personal Brand for Entrepreneurship Development- Dos-Don’ts of Branding

Personal Branding : Do’s and Don’ts


Therefore, before you step into promoting your personal brand, certain do’s and don’ts must considered. Here they are as follows:


Do’s of Personal branding

1. Participate in your communities and organizations that are not within your circle and industry.


This will help you expand your reach to various other influential people which otherwise you would have missed on.

Develop contacts with people outside your industry by joining general business groups, charities and other associations.


2. Offer value to people you meet


This will help you establish relationship with them.

Help people by suggesting them some article or blog which could assist them in solving their problem and other such ways. Try to make your first connect unforgettable by making yourself useful for others.


3. Become an Expert in your work domain


In your area of work or say in your field, become an expert and make sure this expertise is shared with all. Social media has made things easier for you.

Share your expertise via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites. Write blogs and share them. Read comments that you receive.

Also do comment on other’s post that you read. Express your thoughts on the topic. This will create your image as you will be identified as someone with a great insight and understanding about the topic. Learn how you can use Storytelling to grow your Brand.

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Don’ts of Personal branding

1. Promoting is different than selling

See to it that you are not selling while promoting your personal brand. Do not become those annoying self-promoters who just want to serve their selfish purpose of selling their offering without understanding what audience demands.

These do not miss any chance of promoting their brand and sell their product. But this is not the sign of a good brand. A good brand focuses on offering value in the form of information to its audience.

How the brand can solve their problem, how useful it can be for the audience and so on. A good brand is one where everything is realistic and logical and the decision is left up to audience without forcing them to purchase.


2. Be yourself and do not rush things

Everything takes times and so creating the image of your brand will. Promoting your brand is no doubt important but this doesn’t mean that other things are not important.

You cannot just keep just exploit every opportunity be it events or others to promote your brand.

To constantly push yourself to extreme in promoting the brand is not wise. In stress and hurry, things often damage. So take it easy. Go with the flow. Take your time and do not rush into, overdo or stress about promoting the brand.

3. Do not overspeak about yourself

It looks good when other people discover and praise your innovation, work and creation.

Do not call yourself a guru or expert in certain area as there would be a lot of brands existing who might be better than you. Also it doesn’t sounds good when you keep on praising yourself.

When others do so, it definitely becomes a matter of pride though. Therefore, highlight the benefits that your brand has to offer and let the audience decide whether they consider your brand a good one or not.

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