21 Facebook Beginners Tips for Social Media Marketing for Promoting a Small Business

Last updated on February 7th, 2022 at 11:26 am

Facebook Marketing Tips 2021 for Beginners: 21 FB Marketing Lessons for Small Business Owners


Improve your Facebook Marketing with these Quick Fixes that you most Probably be doing Wrong.


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Facebook Marketing: 21 Things You are Doing Wrong
Facebook marketing is these days one of the most trusted channels for promoting products and services online. While on the one hand we have great sources like online tutorials to some of the great social media mentors, the crux lies in implementing the taught strategies and having a better clarity of the functioning of Facebook marketing to yield results in the dynamic ecosystem.


We cannot rely on even the best of the sources or the best of the techniques without having a detailed understanding of the platform and the complete ecosystem of Facebook marketing.

Most of us tend to go wrong with the implementation of an excellent strategy due to the lack of the understanding of the basics. Most marketers are new to social media and have learnt it in due course along with the other marketing channels that they were specialized in.

As the social media started gaining popularity it became a need to adopt a new skill and everyone rushed in to have their pie of social media techniques.


21 Facebook Social Media Tips for Marketing Small Business

In this article we would try to bring into the limelight ‘The Facebook marketing that we are doing wrong”

1. Everything Takes Time

We need continuous efforts for sometime to start seeing results. Many of us give up soon because they are looking for quick fixes while we need more patience time and efforts to start churning out the best results.


2. Slow and Steady Wins the race

One thing at a time and not drooping out things in midway is the key. You do not need to rush in initially and then stop or become complacent. Steady and continuous efforts works best in long run.

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3. Happiness comes in Small Packets

Set up small targets and accomplish it. Do not make unrealistic goals and get demotivated at the end.


4. Do not neglect the Comments

Every comment on your page matters. Reply and engage to everyone who is commenting on your posts. Proactive reply and feedback works wonders.


5. Seeing is Believing


Let the audience see more of what you sell in different forms and shapes and get inspired. You need not do selling but just show off a bit more everyday.

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6. Hashtags are for Instagram or anything else

Hashtags? Everyone knows it is no use on Facebook. So use it anywhere else but not on Facebook. Try Instagram Instead. It is absolutely indispensable there.

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7. Post what they like not what you like:

Know your audience and understand what they like and dislike. Post accordingly and you will earn more brownie points like this.

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8. Study your Audience:

Do a proper research of your audience, their demographics, their behavior and more. The more you know them the more you will be liked by them.

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9. Make Audience Participate:


Ask questions, feedbacks, quizzes, contests, giveaways or anything that it takes to make your audience participate and engage with you.


10. Let the Audience Wonder:


Do not reveal everything. Keep things for imagination is a good old trick, which works here as well. Let the audience wonder about some interesting things that you come up with. Be it the product launch or anything else.

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11. Invest in Facebook ads:

Facebook ads are getting the marketers more profit than anything else. Invest in Facebook ads and learn how to get the most out of it.

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12. Don’t do Selling here:


Do not sell here! A Big No No.Unless you are running a Facebook Store exclusively for selling don’t push down your products down your customer’s throat. It will choke them and you will be abandoned sooner or later.

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13. Speak less, Listen more:

Good listener is always liked more than a good speaker. Speak good but listen real good. Pay attention to every details of the engagement happening on and off your page about your brand.

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14. Give Solutions:


Problem solving will help you gain more attention and acceptance across your audience. Lend a helping hand. Offer solutions and project yourself as an expert.

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15. Call to action:


A good post without a call to action is an effort gone waste because the audience even when they like it and are willing to take an action they feel lost and therefore abandon. So do not miss out!

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16. Images are Important:


Content only posts are not popular among Facebook audience. With a picture a post makes an impact.

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17. It’s an era of videos:


Images gain more attention than plain text and videos are all the more impactful when it comes to capturing audience’s attention. It’s an era of videos. No one likes reading a lot when they can easily listen to it over in a video.

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18. Infographics grab more attention:


Infographics convey more information in a compact manner to the audience, thereby making it more useful to be used often in our posts.


19. Mobile Optimization (Use Mobile friendly Images ):


With more and more users using Facebook over mobile phones as compared to laptops or desktops it becomes crucial that we keep our Facebook page optimized to the mobile users for better user experience. In this context the most important thing to think about is the best sizes of photos you upload on Facebook.


20. Cross Promote on other channels:


Cross Promoting on other channels is paramount to gaining more visibility and improve promotions across other mediums. Share on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc to gain maximum from your each post.


21. Appeal to one and all:


Your audience can be varied but your posts shall be such that it appeals to all of them. Everyone has to be kept happy with all that you post across over and over again.

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